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Marie's Diary

So, today's the day.....I'm nervous! I haven't got my books yet, so I'm having to eat the very basics, stuff I already know is ok (thanks to a little help from MM's ;)). Trouble is that I've been a fan on WW for the last 10 years or so of my life, so my briain functions on points points points! So I've planned, sort of, what I'm having today, but my brain is screaming at me that it's over my 'points' allowance and I'm worried that I'm actually going to end up GAINING weight this week!!! I can't afford to gain weight, so I'm feeling really nervous about making the switch today :confused:

However, I want to give it a go because I need something new, I need a change, something to keep me interested, so I'm giving it a go anyway.

I'm a serial weigher - on and off the scales every single day when I'm dieting, so I'm going to try not to do that. I think I need to give SW a decent shot, so really need to wait a full week before I weigh myself again - so I'm gonna keep off the scales until next Monday on my official weigh in day (now that will be hard work - I'm addicted to the scales, haha).

So here goes....day 1....wish me luck guys!...I'm gonna need it! Lol
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Going From Flab to FAB!
Yooohooo ! ...........
Hows you missy? Its great to see another familiar face her! Im at the end of my 1st week and its a bit trickier than i thought hehe .......

Im sure you'll get on great with it :) cant wait to start reading your updates in your diary! ..

I'm good thanks :) I was go pleased when I saw you were over on SW now - it is nice to see a familiar face ;)

I'll probably make a few mistakes this week, especially as I don't have my books yet, but I'm hoping to get on with it ok.......fingers crossed! Can't wait to see how much you've lost this week!! :)
Hi Marie,
Great to have you with us on the SW wagon, looks like we have half of the ww section with us now!
How are you doing? Are you starting a class or from home?
Hi Gemma :)

I'm doing it from home - purely because, if I went to classes on my own, I'd just skip meetings anyway, so it'd be a waste of money. I can (hopefully) get all the help and support I need from on here anyway, so fingers crossed it will work ok for me like that.

You're right about having half the WW crowd over here now, haha - wonder if we can convert the rest of them....hmmm....heehee!
Hi Gemma :)

I'm doing it from home - purely because, if I went to classes on my own, I'd just skip meetings anyway, so it'd be a waste of money. I can (hopefully) get all the help and support I need from on here anyway, so fingers crossed it will work ok for me like that.

You're right about having half the WW crowd over here now, haha - wonder if we can convert the rest of them....hmmm....heehee!
I am the same as you i dont really think going to classes make much of a difference for me either. As i do miss them too :rolleyes:
Lets have a go getting the rest of the ww lot here! :D
Hi Marie

Funnily enough I am in almost the same situation. I've been on and off the weight watchers diet for the last 3 years, but feel I need a change, so I started the slimming world diet today. It is a bit of a shock to the system. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast and my mind was screaming - points! points! points! But I am going to give it a decent go. Reading some of the blogs, this diet does seem to work over the long term. I just hope it works for me.

I'm also doing this diet from home and not going to the classes, as I feel a bit nervous going on my own - also some of the WW classes I've been to in the past have been dreadful with the team leader sounding like a hyper cheerleader on crack. so, rather than fall at the first hurdle, I thought I would go solo and look to this site for the support.

I really wish you the best of luck, and I'll be interested in your experiences - especially being a former ww gal like myself.
Hi Marie

Welcome to Slimming World! I'm in week 3 and have never eaten this much for years! I hope to lose weight tonight (it's my weigh in) and my clothes are definately looser :D

I found WW very hard to stick to as I was always hungry AND they have those lovely little cakes which I counted in with the points ....and then ate more :mad:

I enjoy going to class and feel it helps me to get on with losing weight, I have tried this at home and cheated myself really as I had no one to 'report' to as such. Weigh in's to me make all the difference.

Anyway good luck and let us know how it goes.
Lou xxx
There does seem to be a lot of people on here who have moved over from Slimming World...but then there were always people on the WW forum that had gone over from SW...I expect they both work when they're followed properly - it was definitely just for a change that I decided to give SW a go. I love WW, I think it's a fabulous diet and it works wonders for me when I follow it!!....but as soon as I start counting points, something in my brain turns me into a food obsessive and I just want to eat eat eat all the time - think I've been doing it too long and my brain freaks out as soon as it starts thinking about points, haha.

I've already run into problems today! I haven't done a shop for SW yet - I only decided on Sunday night that I wanted to try SW, but I'd already done a WW based shop on the Saturday - so now I'm struggling to find things I can actually eat! I was planning on a baked potato for lunch, but the last potato in the cupboard is bad, so now I have nothing to eat!!!!!

I'm wondering if maybe I should just be sensible today, do a little shop tonight (just for the basics - potatoes and things) and then do SW properly tomorrow....I don't want to not be able to eat anything all day today just because I haven't done my shop yet! But, I really wanted to get cracking while I'm so fired up about it. Hmm...

I'm feeling really odd today. Usually, on the first day of a diet I feel quite good - because I know I'm on my way to losing weight. But I don't feel like that today, in fact I feel quite fed up! I need to get my first SW week out the way, so I can see it's working, then hopefully I'll feel a bit more optimistic in week 2...I just feel a bit nervous about it at the moment.
Hi Lou :) I know what you mean about the meetings helping - I used to feel the same about my WW meetings - they definitely made a huge difference to me - if I knew someone else was weighing me I was always good!...I was too scared not to be because I knew I'd be seriously embarrassed if my leader had to tell me I'd gained or not lost, haha. BUT, that only worked for me when I was going with someone else - when I went on my own, I'd just have a bad week and not go to my meeting. I don't know anyone else who's doing SW, so I'd have noone to go to meetings with - if I did, I'd probably go, because it does help me, IF I've got someone to go with (because then I can't skip my meetings, otherwise I'd be letting them down). So that's why i'm trying it on my own...for now at least. Good luck at your weigh in tonight!! :) x
Well today absolutely did not go to plan....I didn't have the stuff I'd planned to eat, so I asked a friend if I could borrow her SW books today and stock up properly!! I haven't really done SW today because I just didn't now what I could have of the stuff I had, but I have the books now so I'm going to sit down and read them now and then shoot up Asda for a small shop - just so I have enough to see me through until our weekly shop at the weekend. I'm actually looking forward to having fruit and yogurt for breakfast tomorrow!....just had to go out and buy the fruit first, haha.


Going From Flab to FAB!
Morning Marie :)

You can do great ya know even while your waiting for the books !! ...
easy stuff, Jackets yogs fruit stir frys ;) ...
No excuses missus :p
Lol, I wasn't making excuses, I just didn't have what I needed. I had rice pudding for lunch because I didn't have any potatoes (I thought it would be ok, because it's rice - very naive of me!). Then I found later on that it was mega syns! So I was just sensible yesterday, then went and got all the books etc from a friend last night.

So, today, I'm armed with all the books (starter pack, food directory, cook books, the lot!) and I've stocked up on potatoes, fruit, yogurts - enough stuff to see me through until the weekend.

Today is going well so far - yey! I have my food planned out for the whole day, so I should be fine. I think the key for me will be to sit down in the morning and work out what I'm having for the whole day - that way I don't have to keep referring back to the books throughout the day. I'm sure that once I get the hang of it, it won't take me so long to work it all out, but for now, forward planning is definitely what's going to get me through it, at least for the first week or two.

So, I'm well and truly on my SW journey and so far, so good. I'm actually enjoying it today! I've been picking at fruit all day without having to weight anything out or count any points. On WW you have to point fruit and weigh out a lot of it, so I just never ate any (I refused to 'waste' my precious points on fruit!), but not it's free, I can just pick at it whenever I want without a second thought - love it!!

Ooh, I hope I actually lose weight on this, because if I do, I think I'm gonna quite enjoy it! :)
Hmm, not enjoying SW so much today - I feel a bit restricted today! I know why - it's because I haven't done a weekly shop yet (I do my shop at the weekend...when I say 'do' I mean 'have it delivered' - good ol' Tesco.com, haha). Anyway, because I haven't been shopping, I don't really have in what I need, so today has been a bit more like hard work - I haven't even had any dinner, because all I have is potato and beans...don't fancy that again.

That said, SW must be doing something right, because regardless of what we had in the cupboards, when I did WW I wouldn't dream of having no dinner!! But tonight, I'm not even really hungry, so I'm a bit less bothered about it. Suppose that's probably a good thing.

I tried to do my Tesco.com order today - eeeeeek - so expensive!! All my new food has cost a lot more than I expected it to! I think it's probably because it's all new so I've got a bit carried away and ordered absolutely everything I'm allowed to have, heehee, think I better go through it and delete a few bits :eek:

Argh, feeling fed up tonight - my little girl has been playing me up something rotten today and I could just crack open a bottle of wine.....wish I could :(
I haven't been around for a few days, because I decided over the weekend that I was going to join a SW meeting - which I did tonight. I weighed in at 2.5lb heavier than I did at home last Monday, but I expected that - when I weigh in at home I do it first thing in the morning, naked (heehee!), so I expected a couple of extra lbs, being at the end of the day, fully clothed and after a days worth of food. So, anyway....I am now a member of a SW group and REALLY nervous about it!!

I won't be staying for the meeting because they announce losses and clap everyone etc, which isn't my cup of tea AT ALL - in fact I blush just at the thought of it!! So I will be going for the weigh ins and skipping the meetings. It's the weigh in itself that will really keep me motivated though, so if the diet itself works then it'll be worth the money.

So my signature and ticker have been reset to my new starting weight, and tomorrow is now my new official start date. Eeeeek!! Nervous!!

Wish me luck peeps!! :)
Good Morning Marie.
Well done for going to classes. Thats why i dont always stay as i dont like it when they do i dont think its very fair at all.
But my leader i go to now doesnt mention my losses or gains.
Good luck to a good week.
Well that's one day in the bag, so that's good...but...I'm on such a diet downer today :cry:

I feel like I've got so far to go and I just want to be slim - now!

I cant believe I let my weight get so out of control and I'm really kicking myself over it today. It's taken over such a huge chunk of my life!! I'm just so soo fed up of it!

Feeling sooo sorry for myself - roll on next Monday - maybe after my first week weigh in I will feel a bit better...here's hoping anyway :sigh:

Until then, it's gonna be a looong week...


Going From Flab to FAB!
Marie hun.. dont talk yourself out of it before you have begun! .. Im just under 14 stone and have a long way to go also
(im a short arse) ... Bite size chunks all the way! .. make yourself smaller goals!

Remember write everything down, including your syns! Use your Healthy Extras and drink some water ! .........
Im really pleased you joined a class, for some of us its whats needed to help us on our way, I certainly need it lol


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