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Marie's food diary

Ok, I'm joining the 'food diary gang' if that's ok...I don't want to be the odd one out do I ;)

I'm sure no one will actually read it, because my menus are very boring (at the moment - maybe not after I start pinching ideas from all your food diaries :p)

This could be embarrassing - I don't have a very healthy diet, and I tend to eat a lot, but here goes!


1/2pt skimmed milk for tea coffee (1 point)
Cinnamon and raisin bagel with x/light flora (3.5 points)
Wotsits (1.5 points)
Alpen light bar (1 point)
2 bowls of homemade veg soup (0 points)
1/4 cinnamon and raisin bagel with marg (1 point)
Sugar free jelly (0 points)
Potato, x/light flora and ww baked beans (4.5 points)

So that's 12.5 points so far today, which means I have 7.5 points left.

Not sure how I'll use them yet, but there's wine in the fridge, so....:giggle:

I'll update later when I've used them.
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Oh - I love bagels, especially the cinnamon and raisin ones - I have 2 bags of the NY bagels in the freezer from Tesco's last bogof promotion but I rarely eat them cos I'm not sure if they're worth the 3 points each!.
Oh, they are definitely worth the 3 points in my opinion - I love them - they feature highly on my menus, lol.

I just had a nutrigrain bar (2 points) and another packet of wotsits (1.5 points) so now I only have 4.5 points left. Haven't touched my wine yet, I'm having a cuppa instead.
Have you ever tried toasting your bagel and having it with a laughing cow extra light (0.5 points)? It's yummy (well, the plain bagel or onion ones are!).

Arrgh, now you've got me doing it too......... talking about food that is
I haven't tried that no, but I will now :)

I have the cinnamon and raisin ones just with low fat flora, because they are so yummy they don't need anything else on them. But, the plain ones....mmm....I have those with extra light garlic soft cheese and ham....or, plain extra light soft cheese and bacon....

ok im going to be honest,if i buy bagels i have to av 2 so i dont tend to buy them as that really takes my points.
I love bagels with philly and smoked salmon .bloody hell im drooling and its only 8.38 am here lolx
My menu today has been as follows...

Milk for tea (1 point)
Alpen bar (1 point)
2 x satsumas (0.5 point)
Home made soup (0 points)
Wotsits (1.5 points)
Doner kebab with pita, salad and extra light mayo (10 points)

So, not much today I'm afraid.

I do have 6 points left to use yet, so I might use another couple of those on a nutrigrain bar later, but then I'll hopefully save the other 4 towards my treat on Friday :)


finding my way again !
al sounds good !
with you on the love of Cinamon bagels, but like Paula says, 1 just isn't enough :rolleyes:. As i don't eat cheese the philly ideas don't hold any appeal for me.
hope tommorrow is another good one
oh yum Marie, your menus sound gorgeous!!

well done on saving the 4!!
try keeping your bagels in the freezer - it' takes so much time to defrost one, cut it and toast it properly you can't be ar*** to do a second one....
I managed to save my 6 points yesterday (not intentionally, I just got carried away online last night and forgot to use up 2 of them, lol).

Todays menu is as follows...

1/2 pint of skimmed milk (1 point)
Nutrigrain bar (2 points)
2 satsumas (0.5 points)
Crunchie (3.5 points)
Homemade soup (0 points)
Wotsits (1.5 points)
Chipsticks (1.5 points)
Sugar free jelly (0 points)
Cod, mash potato, baked beans, baby corn and mushrooms (5 points)

So, so far that's 15 points out of my 20 points allowance :) I can't believe how easy I'm finding this at the moment!!

I've run out of homemade soup now though, so my points aren't going to stretch so far from now on, heehee
Haha, I think I will have to make some more - otherwise I'll have to cut back on my snacks, and I don't want to do that do I :)
And on todays menu, we have (cr*p mostly, lol)....

Skimmed milk for tea (1 point)
Alpen light bar (1 point)
Plain bagel with extra light flora and marmite (3.5 points)
Wotsits (1.5 points)
1/4 cinnamon bagel with marg (1 point)
More wotsits, lol (1.5 points)
Nutrigrain bar (2 points)
More wotsits! Lol! (1.5 points)
Small/medium takeaway pizza (points unknown!)

So, a bad day food wise - I haven't really eaten anything 'proper' all day apart from the bagel, I've just snacked my way through the day. Now I'm really not feeling well (neither is OH) so we've order dinner and are now waiting for it to arrive :eek:

I did try to make a sensible choice by opting for the pizza place with the smaller/less fattening pizzas, and I do have 17 points to go towards it....fingers crossed it won't affect my loss this week!
I forgot about this section of the forum! Today is day 1 (again, hahahaha) back on track, and my menu was as follows......

Crisps - 2 points
Homemade soup - 0 points
Milk for tea - 1.5 points
Crisps - 2 points
Chicken madras with rice - 9.5 points

Oh poop, I've forgotten something....erm....doh, this is why I usually write things down!

Ok, well, I've used another 1.5 points somewhere, I just can't remember where, haha. So I've saved 3.5 points today :)