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marigold bouillion Not allowed Officially I know but how much is Ok?

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Hi everybody,

I know lots of you LL'ers and Cd'ers use the Marigold bouilion powder instead of the very expensive official savory drinks, and I know its frowned upon by the LL counsellors (probaly because they would prefer you spent £6.OO for a box of theirs:rolleyes: ), but how much can you safely use?
I have been peping up my soups with about a small level tsp, and when really hungry having a heaped tsp in hot wter with tabasco and it is a real help to me. Even though I use the organic version which is reduced salt , I'm still a bit worried that it may have some detrimental effect on Ketosis or cause water retention because even the reduced salt one is quite salty(the LL savory drink is also).
I wondered if anyone has ever compared the ingredients like for like, the Marigold seems a little more oily to look at than the offical one, and my counsellor said dont use it because it has fat in it:( . I did check ingredients quickly and they both contain palm oil, but cant find my glasses at the mo (blinkin age:sigh: ) so cant make out the tiny writing too well to compare how much.
Be interested to know how much other people use and if they have been Ok with it on thier journey so far.
C xxxx
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I've heard loads of people saying they use it too. I tried but just 1 little drink of it gave me unbelievable hunger so if it works for you great, but be careful with it


has started again!!
I use no more than 2 tsp a day, either in my soups or as a drink. Its quite salty, so take loads of water too!!

SO far, I am aware of no adverse effect on my weight loss.
G: 12st0lb
Oh bugger!
Knew there would be a down side really, better reighn it in. I know that you are limited to two of the LL sachets a day so I suppose I should restrict it to once a day. Thanks all.
I have it for a treat (like the flavours) & have 1/2 tsp max twice a day if that helps....never knocked me out of ketosis & great for those times when you want that bit more & it make me feel like I've had a pack! Amazing how soon we change isnt it!!

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