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Marmaduke's food diary

Today is my first day doing slimming world, I though a food diary might help keep me motivated. I'm planning on doing extra easy as it's the easiest to get my head around but I don't eat much meat so might be better switching to green when I get my head around it.


2 x weetabix with hot water & skimmed milk & granulated sweener


Chicken & mushroom pasta n sauce with 1 laughing cow extra light


sweet & sour noodle mug shot
laughing cow extra light
2 x apples, grapes


sw chips, egg, quorn sausages, beans, tiny bit of ketchup


tea, sugarfree squash

I think I've eaten quite a lot today, been thinking about food a lot but hopefully I'll get used to it. The only syns I've had are the little bit of ketchup. I like a drink on weekends so I'm planning on not using too many syns during the week.

I'm planning splitting my healthy extra a's using half the skimmed milk allowance and half the cheese allowance on laughing cow extra lights which my consultant said was ok to do. My healthy extra b will usually be weetabix as I'm a bit all or nothing with bread x
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2 x weetabix with hot water and skimmed milk & sweetner


Fry-up - bacon (fat removed), eggs, mushrooms, potatoes, beans all fried with fry-lite


stir-fry - noodles, stir fry veg, quorn pieces, soy sauce


apples, grapes, mullerlight, quorn ham, laughing cow extra light


tea, coffee, sugarfree squash


ketchup on fry up (2 syns)
Noodles (as they are the pre prepared ones from tesco) (2 syns)
small glass of rose wine with diet lemondade (4 syns)
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2 x weetabix with hot water, little bit skimmed milk and chopped up banana and granulated sweetner


noodles with quorn pieces and stir fry veg and soy sauce

jacket potato with and laughing cow extra light, beans and mushrooms with side salad and syn free dressing


apple, pineapple, grapes, mullerlight


tea, coffee, sugarfree squash, a couple of glasses of wine with diet lemondade


wine 2 glasses (10 syns)
noodles (2 syns)

2 x weetabix with hot water, skimmed milk, chopped banana and sweetner


noodle mugshot, salad with egg and low fat dressing (1 syn)


probably sw chips egg and beans


banana, apple, plum, muller light, grapes

I might have some wine tonight, will see how I feel, haven't used too many syns so I know I can have a few if I want to without feeling too guilty!
Hi sorry to butt in ,but i see you like mugshots and just wanted to share,a really filling lunch is a mushot with 2 small slices wholemeal toast ( HEXB) with laughing cow on it!! i know when i was starting out i was grateful for all suggestions!!


Strutting her stuff
Hi! From what I can see you're pretty much doing green anyway so why not go for that. You'll get an extra HEA and HEB! On your second day you could have taken bacon as your other HEB. I'm veggie and do green all the time so if you have any questions just ask. You only really benefit from EE if you're going to be having meat or fish regularly - more than once a day. :)
Thanks for the tips, the mugshot idea sounds lovely thanks :)

Yes I am basically doing green aren't I, I'm not much of a meat eater so maybe I should just do green days and then the ocassional extra easy when needed.

On saturday I did end up going out and having quite a few vodkas so I'm not going to work out the syns but I'm sure it was over 30 so I'll just write that off!

Sundays food diary

cooked brekkie - quorn sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomato all fried with fry lite (with a bit of ketchup)

cous cous cake with muller light

stir fry veg with noodles and quorn pieces and soy sauce

mug shot

banana, apple, grapes, plum

lots of tea and squash
Mondays food diary


2 weetabix, with hot water, skimmed milk, chopped banana and granulated sweetner


salad - cucumber, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled egg, tiny bit of low fat dressing, couscous


jacket potato, beans, extra light laughing cow x 2, salad & dressing, mushrooms, quorn chicken burger (2 syns?)


banana, apple, plum, mullerlight, maybe a mugshot later if I need it
Tuesday's food diary


2 x weetabix, sliced banana, granualted sugar, skimmed milk & hot water


noodle mug shot, mullerlight, banana, apple & plum


Not sure yet, will edit later


quorn ham, laughing cow light, fruit

Tonight is my first weigh in so I'm trying not to go mad today, meeting is at 6 tonight, which is around the time I'd normally have tea so I will try to eat afterwards but I will have a big snack this afternoon to keep me going :)
Well I must be doing something right as I have lost 6 and a half pounds at my first weigh in tonight. Can't tell you all how happy I am at the moment. It really gives me the motivation to carry on with it, I didn't expect such a big loss but I have been good (apart from my night out!)

Just had a lovely tea of sw chips, quorn chicken burger and beans and might treat myself to a glass of wine or two!
Well done!!! i was just reading your food diary for a bit of inspiration as im sat feeling hungry - not actual hungry - bored hungry... but congratulations on a great loss
Thanks both, I'm so happy !

2 x weetabix, skimmed milk, banana


egg, bacon, quorn sausage, beans, mushrooms, tomato cooked with fry lite (little bit of ketchup 1 syn)


homemade pasta quiche with beans and lots of salad with hard boiled egg and a little bit of low fat honey & mustard dressing (1 syn)


fruit salad (pineapple, kiwi, apple, grapes), mullerlight, quorn ham, batchelors savoury rice.

I'm so hungry today as it's my day off work and I'm always hungry when I'm sat around at home so I'm filling up on free foods!
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2 x weetabix, skimmed milk, chopped banana


pasta quiche with salad and tiny bit of dressing, pineapple, grapes


Probably jacket potato with beans, salad and a quorn chicken burger (2 syns) will edit later if this changes


mullerlight, fruit, I have been really fancying some chocolate the last day or 2 so I'm going to treat myself to a curly wurly tonight if I still want it.

I made a lovely quiche last night, I really can't believe how yummy it is. I'm pleased I made it too as it's my son's birthday on the weekend and we are having a little get together for family and friends and I was looking for something sw friendly and yummy to make for me and my sister who is also doing sw. In case anyone is interested, this is how I made it:

Made up pasta n sauce - (cheese, leek and ham flavour but sure it would be nice with others) poured this into bottom of dish,
Chopped up and gently fried in frylite spring onions, mushrooms and ham and placed on top of pasta,
Whisked 3 eggs with 150g very low fat cottage cheese and poured the mixture over top of pasta/veg and then placed chopped cherry tomatoes on the top
placed in hot oven for about 35 mins

I just checked and the quiche is only 1 syn for the whole thing, woohooo!
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big bowl of fruit salad - pineapple, banana and apple


bacon, quorn sausage, tomato, mushrooms, beans (little bit of ketchup 1 syn)


sw pasta quiche, hard boiled egg, apple, mullerlight, hi fi bar (he b)


Not sure yet but thinking maybe sw chips, quorn chicken style burger and beans

I really enjoyed my curly wurly last night, it was the first bit of choccie I've had since starting and it was lovely! I have some more there so I might have another one tonight, if not I'll probably have a glass of wine (about 6 syns)

he a is milk in my tea/coffee
I only ended up having half a curly wurly last night (3 syns) and no quorn burger just home made potato wedges and beans. I thought it was wise to save some syns for this weekend.

Well this weekend is going to be a challenge for me I think, it's my son's birthday and we are taking him shopping to choose his birthday present today and he wants to go to mcdonalds or kfc so my plan is to have something big to eat before going and then hopefully I will just do some shopping while they are eating! I think it would be just too tempting if I watch them eat!

Then tonight I'm going out with some friends. I'm not too worried about the drinking as I had quite a few last weekend and still had a great loss and I haven't used too many syns in the week so I'll just make sure I stick to wine or vodka and avoid the kebab shop on the way home!

Then tomorrow it's my sons party, which I'm doing at home. So lots of party food to tempt me but I'm going to do a few sw friendly things (quiche etc) so that I have something to nibble on.


big bowl of fruit (banana, pineapple and apple)


tesco couscous (1 syn) with salad and dressing (1 syn) hard boiled egg


grilled chicken salad from mcdonalds without dressing (2 syns)


hifi bar (heb), fruit, mugshot

milk in my tea/coffee (hea)

drinks - vodka and wine (lots of syns!)
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this was my sons party so I spent a lot of time making party food but I managed not to pick at any naughty stuff at all.

I didn't have proper meals today but this is what I ended up eating:

sw quiche (1 syn)
mini quorn sausages - not sure of the syns but will be very low if any
bbq quorn fillets - again not sure of syns
hard boiled egg
pickled onion and pineapple
quorn ham
laughing cow light triangles (he)

and ended up having a few more wines mixed with diet lemonade
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mullerlight, fruit


quorn sausage, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomato, ketchup (1 syn)


mug shot, fruit, hi fi bar, syn free quiche, quorn pieces


sw chips and beans and syn free quiche

will probably have half a curly wurly later (3 syns)
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My plan for tomorrow (weigh in in evening - so I will try to not have tea untill after my weigh in)


fruit, mullerlight


sw quiche, quorn pieces


apple, banana, kiwi, hi fi bar (hexb) , quorn ham, laughing cow light (hexa)


slimming world chips, sw quiche, beans and quorn nuggets (2 syns) ketchup (1 syn)
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