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Maundy Thursday - hour x hour


longs to be average!

So tomorrow sees the start of the annual choc fest - make sure you stock up on Chocolate shakes, because that's the closest we're going to get to an easter egg this year!! BUT IT'S ALL WORTH IT!

I've got an easy day today - not going in as early as I normally do, but will still be in for about 8:45 but finish at 12:00, off to see my Grandparents bungalow this afternoon and then have my WI tonight!! Really don't care how much I lose tonight as long as it's heading in the right direction, a lose is a lose after all.

If you have a WI today, good luck.

Enjoy your last day before that all important loooooooooong weekend.
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I thought it was today you saw your GrandPs house. I hope you enjoy it, whichever way it goes! Just be preaperd as things may have been changed. But its still the same. Ya know?

I would love that - to get my grandparents house - I absolutely loved that house when I was achild - but its now turned into a war zone!!! Not the safest place anymore which is a shame.

But yeah, have fun!!! Let us know how it goes!! And good luck tonight too!

You know the lousy experience I had th hospital last week...concerning my neck?

Well, I forgot to say the head of the departments secretary actually called me back and said he wants to see me. So I have another appointment today with the top dog. So fingers crossed he will be better then the muppet I saw last week! Even if he says the same thing - I will be happy as long as he too doesn;t say it with a shrug and a grin. A little compassion and bedisde manner go a long way! Fingers crossed, he can actually do something about it. :)

And my hubby is doing a service on my Harley so I should be able to ride her again after today without her spitting flames out the pipes!! lol


longs to be average!
I'm quiet nervous about going to see it, but am thinking now that I just want to be nosey! I know it will be too small, but will be good to go and relive some good memories. We were talking about our house last night, and having seen an old, old house of ours on the market for just over £100k more than we sold it for 5 years ago, kind of makes us realise that we are moving to frequently and as a result are losing money - so might just grit my teeth, battle ASDA and report them to the council everytime they break restrictions imposed (which is daily) and stay here for a few more years, hopefully we should be out of this property slump, will be able to sell the house and hopefully for more than we paid for it. That would be nice. But time will tell I guess. Will keep our house on the market just in case, but as my estate agent said on Tuesday that he has had no interest in the house yet (3 weeks on the market now), it doesn't bode well. I really don't mind.
Well Corey - I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason".....so it sounds like you have some good plans, either way. You are right, the sooner you sell, while you should almost always make a profit - you won't see the real profit for several years, so the longer yous tay the better. But if you find the perfect house for you two and the littlun on the way, then I would say go for it, and make that your long term investment. Or as you say, stay where you are a few more years, and then make the move

you will know in your heartswhat the right thing to do it.

Thats going to be fun for you today having a wee nosey around. Does the agent showing you the house know it once belonged in your family? How long has it been since you have been in it?
Morning everyone,

Well went to my WI and it was a real struggle to go but managed to force myself. So glad I went though, the bad news is I put on 3.4lbs - oh I knew it was coming, but the good news is the meeting was about slipping off the wagon and how to get back on and was so relevant to me you would of though I had requested that topic. I am feeling positive but very nervous and I now know I am like a re starter and have to go through the crappy beginning to get back into ketosis, but what the hell I am still contemplating it. At least its Thursday and I have all weekend to snuggle in bed if I feel rough and hopefully will be back in Ket by Tuesday.

Hope your hospital appointment goes ok BL and good luck at your grandmothers house, and remember dont be disappointed as it is bound to have changed masses.

Good luck everyone on their WI's, will probably be on more as the boss is away today - horay.

By the way I need to get back on track as I am going to the Ponies UK Winter Champs at Towerlands, Essex on Thurs - Sun and it will be easier if I am on shakes and bars, getting excited about that.
Never mind Lady! You will get back there - just refocus and get stuck in! Once all the AGM stuff is behind you it will be easier. You are a star, and can do it. We're all rooting for you!! Just give yourself lots of TLC this weekend, and then you will be soaring again on Monday.

All the best hon!!

morning guys, well its a bit wet and windy here in scotland but ive been checking out all your weight losses, theyre amazing!! Im telling everyone about lighter life cant believe im doing so well ive never stuck to any diet for long so im gobsmacked I can do it, my grandmothers house is 4 streets away from me and its a war zone now too, ive got lovely memories tho and would have loved to have bought it years ago but not now, have a great day xx
I had my weight in last night and had only lost 1lb:sigh:

I have to take some responsibility for that as i did have one or two minor blips.:whoopass:

But one woman in my class went out for a full blown dinner of steak and cabbage and 4 vodkas and tonic and lost 5lbs!!!:mad:

Well, must do better next week.

Lady - you have had a bad time recently and one blip in all that you have been through is a credit to you. We both know where we have gone wrong and LL has given us the tools to tackle it as time goes on.

Chin up - Carpe diem;)
Cheer up Lemm. AS you say, you know where you went wrong, and each time we face those things, it iwll get easier. You've done well, you haven't gained. And this week will be better! Its still a pound gone, and that is good news!!! SO well done you. Keem smiling!!


longs to be average!
Thats going to be fun for you today having a wee nosey around. Does the agent showing you the house know it once belonged in your family? How long has it been since you have been in it?
I did mention it to the estate agent, but also said that I always wanted to own the property one day myself as it held fond memories.

It's been about 14 or 15 years since I was last in it - so will be an experience. Have got another 30 minutes before I have to leave to get there in time!! Sat Nav has already been programmed with the easiest route so almost ready to go!!!!


longs to be average!
OK - I'm back. I don't even know where to begin. In some aspects it was like going back in time. The tiles in the kitchen which my Grandad put up in 1972 are still there. My Grandad's work bench was still in the garage. But there were some alterations too. The loo and the bathroom had been knocked into one, there was a conservatory added, and other than the tiles, the kitchen cabinetry was new. As it stands currently it would be the right size for us two, but with (hopefuly) a sprog on the way, it would need to be bigger. So gave it a lot of thought on the way back. I would need to knock the kitchen into the dining area of the living room and have a kitchen/diner, knock the living room into the master bedroom to have a bigger lounge, and knock the second and third bedrooms together for a dining room. Extend the bungalow upwards into either a chalet bungalow or into a two storey house, and have 3 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. Then it would be more than big enough. It is definately on the pile of possibles. I really want it.

Even though the people living there had never met my Grandparents they knew all about them, even after all these years, it's the same people living on the street. in fact in the past 11 years, only two couples moved away. Everyone still refers to the bungalow as "Joe's Place", Joe being my Grandad, and the couple that brought it, almost named it Joe's place which was really sweet. Not sure what I would call it if we brought it - would have to be something to do with both my Nan and Grandad though. Joe and Olive, wonder if Jolive would work???? Nah!
Whooo hoo how exciting and quite surprising that some of it was the same.

You will need to have a good think but you do sound positive.
Wow Corey! Thast sounds great! Sounds like you really liked being back there. It's a lot of wrok, what you mentioned, but if you are game, then definately a possibility. What do you think your OH will think? Will you take hi to see it next?

Keep us posted! Exciting!


longs to be average!
Already spoke to my OH, but it'll have to be a lottery win I think!! I still get the feeling we'll end up staying put for awhile. My neighbours were pleased when I told them earlier - they don't want us to move - which is nice!!
Hi guys,

Corey - listening to you talking about your Grandparents place, reminded me of when my old childhood home, where I lived until I was 19 and my parents sold it, came on the market last year. I'd never even consider moving to that area, but the property was on Right Move, so I rushed straight home and had a nosy at it and it brought back loads of memories. It was funny seeing the layout the same, but all the decor had changed (sniff).

Anyway - my first day - I've struggled to get past 36 hours, when I've tried to re-start and I don't have the support of a class, and I only have 100 packs left, so I have to make this count!! 3 hours in, and so far so good. I'm aiming for 2 food packs (if necessary) and 2 litres of water before bedtime (seeing how I started at 2pm) but I've only done about 0.5 litres so far.
Hang in there yoyou dieter.

Well folks I am having a committee meeting tonight we are all going to discuss what our next move is, it wont be stressful as we are all on the same side and I have bought them all wine and pizza, got my bar and saved a choccie drink for me. I think we will all have a bloody good laugh and wonder why we got so worked up about it.

Most of us have decided that we all want to throw the towel in regards the club but we may run a show for our own benefit, but would donate some proceeds to British Heart Foundation.

Hope everyone has a good evening be good - SHE SAYs;)
Well, I don't know what it is, but the last few days I have been watching all the cooking shows, and loving every minute of it. My husband is nervous - and wonders why I am torturing myself. But I told him I am quite enjoying it, and don't feel tortured at all, which kind of does surprise me. I think its because I love to cook so much, and miss that, that I can do it vicariously through them.

Anyone else do that?? Must admit, some of the dishes do make my mouth water, but I just am going to hold those thoughts until July!

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