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Maw Broon's food diary - new to SW

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Maw Broon, 2 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Day 1

    Chopped banana
    0% Activia Raspberry yoghurt
    Liquorice & mint tea

    Lidl Wholemeal pitta bread (6.5 syns - damn mistake, thought it was free!)
    3 slices wafer thin ham and sliced tomatoes
    All toasted in sandwich press
    Black coffee

    Two small potatoes baked
    Tin tuna in spring water mixed with 3 tbls natural yoghurt, 1 tbls lighter than light Hellmanns mayo (0.5 syns) and ground pepper
    Salad of chopped cucumber, chopped celery and cooked frozen peas
    Salad dressing made with natural yoghurt, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper
    0% Activia raspberry yoghurt

    1 slice wholemeal toast (HEB)
    30g cheese (HEA)

    Total syns = 7
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  3. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Day 2

    Chopped banana
    0% Activia Raspberry yoghurt
    Tea with semi skimmed milk (some of HEA)

    From here on in, it went pear shaped! Invited to inlaws for New Years dinner. Knew there was no point saying I was trying to eat healthy - everything they eat comes from the freezer or out a packet so would just cause stress! So instead, I thought I'll not have lunch and just try and eat less. By 4pm I was nearly gnawing the table and ended up eating a couple of cheese straws and peanuts they had out.

    Then I had:
    Steal pie incl half a sausage and gravy with 3" square of pastry
    One aunt Bessie's parsnip
    One aunt Bessie roastie
    Two boiled potatoes
    Boiled cabbage (with butter)

    Later in evening I had a few handfuls of salted micro popcorn.

    I am not even going to try to calculate syns but draw a line under it and start again!

    I had no pudding and only drank sparkling water

    Total syns = unfathomable!
  4. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Day 3

    Chopped pear
    0% Activia raspberry yogurt
    Cup of tea with semi skimmed milk (from HEA)

    One slice wholemeal toast from 800g loaf
    Topped with Philadelphia extra light (rest of HEA) and cucumber

    Baked potato
    Quorn chilli

    All this was selected from buffet at friend's house so don't know if any oil used to bake potatoes or to make quorn chilli. This will all get easier once all this entertaining stops! Doing a dry Jan means no alcohol syns and plenty fluid being drunk in form of sparkling water!

    1 wholemeal pitta (6.5 syns)
    Homemade houmous (6 syns - guess!)

    Total syns = 12.5 (approx!)
  5. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Day 4 (Green)

    Frozen blueberries (defrosted night before)
    Shape 0% strawberry yoghurt

    3 cups of tea with semi skimmed milk (HEA 1)
    1 Alpen light bar (1/2 HEB)

    Sweet potato, pea and green bean risotto made in oven (yum!)
    1tbls red pesto (between 4) - 1 syn max
    30g grated Parmesan cheese (HEA 2)
    1 Alpen light bar (1/2 HEB)
    1 Danio 0% strawberry (1 syn)

    Total syns = 2

    Plus a walk of 4.6 miles around a reservoir into horizontal freezing rain!
    Cooked in prep of back to work tomorrow - huge pot soup, potato frittata and there is risotto left over too
  6. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Well done on trying to be good over new year - I would have found it impossible! I'm starting back on SW again today so trying to be very organised, plan all my meals and stick to it!

    That risotto sounds really nice, I've never made a risotto in the oven before, how did you do it?

    Hope you have a good day x
  7. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    It was dead easy:

    Fry chopped onion in a oven proof frying pan, add two crushed cloves garlic
    Add some frozen peas and some chopped green beans
    I peeled large sweet potato and then cooked in micro for 7/8 mins then cubed and added
    Add 2 cups of arborio rice
    3.5 cups veg stock
    1 tbls red pesto
    Salt & pepper
    Stick lid on and cook in oven at 190c for 20 mins stirring at 10

    Add grated Parmesan before eating - yum!
  8. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Day 3 (Green)

    Slice of potato frittata
    1 Danio 0% strawberry (1 syn)

    Homemade sweet potato, parsnip & cannellini bean soup
    1 slice wholemeal toast from 800g loaf (HEB 1)
    30g cheddar (HEA 1)

    1 apple
    Black coffee

    Left over over baked veg risotto
    30g grated Parmesan (HEA 2)

    2 slices wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (HEB 2)
    Topped with Tesco lighter choices cottage cheese
    3 cups of tea with skimmed milk (4 syns)

    Total syns = 5

    Really desperate to weigh myself but holding off till Thursday!

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