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Maybe baby, who knows....

Welcome to my weight loss diary where hopefully, this will end in me being able to announce to everyone that I am pregnant ***sigh*** until then though I will focus on reporting my slow and steady weight loss.
And that is it actually, I honestly do want slow and steady. Well, not too slow of course, being an impatient woman :p, but i am sensible enough to know that it will not be super fast. It has taken me just over 6 months to shift 7 kg but then again things have been very crazy (my dad got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, nearly dies during a major op.... I tell you I have certainly got some long stories......)
Starting tomorrow though I am going to try and remember the way back to the gym. Maybe they will throw me a welcome back party or something :D. Going to start out with a 40 minute plan I think. I have a week off so i think I will try and start the habit now so that I don't use work as an excuse.
Hmm, rambling already! Still, I think this might actually help to keep me on track, probably drive anyone that cares to read crazy but hey ho!

Yup, that is the plan....tomorrow, gym, 40 mins.
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Hey Lyn,

Fine thanks. I did feel a little off ish in the beginning but that soon wore off. I got upped to the 15mg because of the too slow a weight loss but it appears to be heading in the right direction now. Still, don't think it is all due to the pills actually. I am not totally convinced that they do anything as sometimes i forget to take them and feel no different - lol!

I managed to find my way back to the gym!!!! I did 50 minutes and hard ones at that. I was such a red-faced sweaty mess it was great :D. Ok, I reckon I can do the same tomorrow as well. forgot to take my stupid tablet until lunch time again but hey ho!


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Woo-hoo, back at the gym. I was on 10mg which kept me awake at night, and reacted badly to the 15mg. Had trouble breathing which was pretty scary. I have asthma and wasn't 100% sure it was an asthma attack so stopped taking them.:confused: Not sure they should've been prescribed as I've high BP.

Have you pcos too? I have it but they won't treat me unless I want help to conceive but was warned not to back as heavy as I am now. Soz if you don't but thought I read somewhere you have?
Yup, I do have PCOS. Diagnosed for 10 years now and is the reason for why I am unable to conceive as I do not have any cycles at all which is kinda important in this game :p. Not able to get IVF on the NHS until I have a BMI of 32 max which I do understand in one sense but I do think that it is unfair in others. It is easy to restrict the funding based on BMI as it is easy to see with your eyes. Maybe other things are more important and more indicative as to whether you are a healthy person and will make good parents but they can't see seen with the naked eye. Or maybe I am jus bitter and twisted :confused: who knows!!!

I have found a local private clinic which looks good and not as expensive as I thought it would be. My husband and I talked about it last night and we might consider trying a go at IUI this winter if they do not restrict due to weight. I would not think that they would as private clinics don't care as much as long as you pay them the cash. Just waiting for a call back though to find out if they have a weight restriction or not. That could mean that it is even more important to keep on the straight and narrow with the weight loss to try and get down as much as I can before then. Wow, very exciting!!!!!


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That's a good plan, good idea to keep on the straight and narrow just incase though.;) I'm not ttc (need a man first lol) but I want to be a healthy weight long before I start. Not going well atm though.:rolleyes:

Good luck with it all honey. :vibes:

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