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maybe marigold?


just wanted to ask you knowledgeable folks a quick question about Marigold Bouillon. I have a pot of the reduced salt stuff and wondered if it would be ok to have an occasional cup of this as a hot drink whilst on SS. This is my first week (second day in fact) and the last things I want to do is jeopardise ketosis or generally bugger up my diet. However the marigold is nice and seems to help with hunger pangs.
Per serving it has 2g carbohydrate (of which 0.06 is sugars), 0.6 g fat and 0.5 g sodium.
What do you think? Also what about drinks like Bovril or marmite? Are they permissible?

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I can do this.
Hi i'm sure i've heared some of the other girls say that they use it. Can't see how it is not allowed.
Thanks Linda :)
'Officially', NOTHING other than CD products are allowed but plenty of people (including myself) have the occasional mug of Marigold without it affecting the diet.

I don't think marmite or bovril get the thumbs up though (maybe it's the high salt content?)

Officially you should not have Marigold while on SS.

Have you looked at the Cambridge Vegetable Flavouring as this is similar but without the high salt content which can cause water retention ? You can have this from next week.

I had 2 cups of marigold one day & gained 4lb!!!! I know its fluid retention but I wasn't risking it again! Everyone handles things differently but I'd say try not to if you want the best results.
If you are on LL the savoury drinks powders, which are extortionately expensive, are virtually the same as marigold, so marigold is a cheap and safe alternative for VLCDers

Mike- you are referring to the high salt version of marigold- the low salt version is no saltier than any of the CD products, including CD savoury drink, which is also a lot more expensive than marigold.

On LL we were limited to no more than 2 sachets of the savoury powder a day which is the same as two level teaspoons of marigold (I weighed them!) and will not do anything to you except help you stick to the diet when you get cravings- somehow they make you feel very satisfied.

I think we should be encouraging people to take up whatever is available to help them sole source!

I would avoid the marmite as it is full of yeast and will knock you out of ketosis- not sure about bovril, but I know that is way saltier than is recommended for good health so would avoid that too.
Very well expressed Kathy
Across the range the Marigold Bouillon has this sodium content -

Vegan - Purple tub - is the lowest at 0.5
Standard - Green tub - is 0.8
Organic - red tub - 1.0
Organic reduced salt - 0.5
Miso - blue tub - 0.8

Sodium - 0.4

Bovril - 0.6
Bovril - 0.6
Marmite - 0.6
Wow C'n'Q that was thorough! Thank you all for the advice. Good points Ellie about the salt and yeast in other products, I'd not thought about that. I will try and hold out another week before having any low salt marigold (or, if I get rich, some CD veg flavouring). It's just that (as I am sure you all remember!) during the first days on SS a person does feel pretty hungry and desperate and I wanted to take the edge off the pangs in my belly. Still, must be strong etc *whimpers quietly*.
Thank you all very much for the input. I might take a look at the CD veg flavour at weigh in next week and compare the ingredients to low salt marigold.....just to see if/how they differ.
Until later,
k_o (and her amazing grumbly tum)
Blimey C'n'Q! I just noticed your signature, 17 lbs in week one! What a star! Well done:)
Across the range the Marigold Bouillon has this sodium content -

Vegan - Purple tub - is the lowest at 0.5
Standard - Green tub - is 0.8
Organic - red tub - 1.0
Organic reduced salt - 0.5
Miso - blue tub - 0.8

Sodium - 0.4

Bovril - 0.6
Vegetarian Bovril - 0.6
Marmite - 0.6
CD vegetable flavouring only has 0.1 sodium content which is which is definitely the lowest. With CD veg flavouring you are limited to 1 teaspoon a day and it should only be used after two weeks.

Regarding the other flavourings it has recently been agreed that after two weeks if you want to try the other flavourings listed above you can after two weeks SS, however, it does come with a warning it could cause plateauing = slowing down or stopping of weightloss and can kick off cravings.

The waterflavourings were only introduced to CD a couple of years ago up until that time it was water, water and more water and I still believe that is the best way to ensure continued weightloss.
I haven't tried the CD Savoury Drink since, apparently, it tastes ghastly!!

One of the CDC's recommended Marigold Bouillon to me because it tastes wonderful!! I only use half a teaspoon not a whole one anyway.

I have had either one cup of Marigold or one cup of oxo every single day I have been on CD with no effects. It depends on the person though.

I was thrilled to lose 17 pounds the first week - it was incredible.

Weigh-in on Wednesday so we shall see what has happened this week!
I personally love the CD veg flavouring and have several clients who use this product, more winter than summer though.

Why not ask your CDC for a sample of the flavouring so you can taste it yourself.

Well done on your first week weightloss.
Both hubby and i have been using the Marigold mix,

neither of us has actually gained weight with it, and hubby has lost an incredible 6 stone 4lb in just 15 weeks.. so im sure the odd cuppa wont hurt you

Thanks canaryellow :) and congrats to Mr Yellow on the wonderful losses.

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