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Melanie's Diary - I've lost 4 stones!


Over half way to target
Well remember I said I was sticking to plan over Christmas? Didn't quite happen like that I'm afraid so I've decided that from today I'm back on track, writing everything down again, and will keep a diary on here to try and get the focus back.
I wasn't too bad, certainly didn't eat the amount I normally would, but there's been too much alcohol, one or two chocs (not many though) and a bit of a dive into a plate of cheese and biccies (stinky blue cheese - it was sooooooo good). So I definately need to rein it in now and try and redeem myself a little before WI on 5th Jan, damage limitation and all that.

So today's food - Mix to max day

B - hi fi bar (I know, but I got up late) Hex B
L - SW chips, beans, egg
D - chilli con carne, spicy potatoes Hex B

Milk for brews Hex A
Syns - may go without syns for a few days so I can bank some for the inevitable alcohol intake on New Years Eve...

Santa was very kind to me this year (I must have been a really good girl) and brought me an ipod touch! I think he's trying to get me back in the gym. I also got some yankee candle tealights from my daughter (love 'em), some great stuff from lush and loads of other bits and pieces.
Hope you all got what you wanted too.

Well I've read a few posts about weight gains over Christmas. Don't despair, it will all drop off and more once you jump back on plan, at least that's how I'm viewing it and since I don't WI until 5th Jan, I'm hoping that any additions have been and gone by then.

Have a lovely day everyone.
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well done for taking back control, i think i'm waiting for the shock off class to do that xxx
so, come on, hows it going? x


Over half way to target
Well I have stuck to it 100% since Sunday (mind you, its only Tuesday) but I don't WI until 5th Jan.
I was a little worried about New Years Eve as were were going to friends for food and drinks and I wasn't sure what I would be eating so I (cleverly!) offered to do half the food - in a SW way. I was also worried about the enormous amount of drinking that would inevitably go on - its hard not to keep up with everyone else isn't it?
Anyway, all plans have fallen through now as her and her little boy both have stomach bugs so we're staying in (no!!). But that means I can just have my half of the buffet (yay!) and control my wine intake a bit better.

Well I've been off work since 23rd Dec, but have been going in on my days off to do my studying - essay deadline looming in a scary way - as I find it hard to concentrate at home and get easily distracted. No rest for the wicked!

I've tried the new plan today:-

B - Alpen light (!) and skinny latte (A)
L - jacket, chicken, bacon, salad
D - (nearly ready - OH is cooking) salmon, potatoes, veg.

Looks like I can have another Alpen light later if the mood takes me.

Syns? - may not have any in anticipation of wine intake tomorrow!!

Thanks for the encouragement folk - its nice to know someone's reading.

Im still reading! we're staying in tomorrow night, having a meal and drinks, just dont fancy facing th pubs or clubs which is what some of our friends are doing (think Im old before my time!!) What are you studying Melanie? x


Over half way to target
I'm doing a degree in Fraud and Criminal Justice - its quite hard as I work full time as well so fell the pressure of it all....

Well I've resigned myself to staying in tonight and have the makings of quite a nice and generally healthy buffet for me, the lovely Paul and gorgeous daughter. Not sure I'll make it till midnight though, I'm already tired and it's only 3.30!! (and I've already got my pjs on - the shame of it!).

Hope you all have a really great time whatever you decide to do, and that you all get the weight losses you deserve in 2009 - loads of targets being hit.
...and here another one staying in tonight :rolleyes:

Sorry to hear the party was cancelled Melanie. I am sure you are having a great time tonight with Paul and daughter :)

I wish you all a fantastic new year and huge weight losses in 2009!
B. xx


Over half way to target
Well NY Eve eating started off really well - salmon, ham, chicken, salad, but then it all seemed to go a little wrong. I got a bit brave after a few glasses and managed to munch my way through some french bread, a spring roll, cheese and biscuits and a good few roses choccies. Was washed down with a few glasses of champagne (the good stuff) and vino. Midnight found me asleep I'm afraid until the fireworks woke me up - at which point I'm afraid I was really rather grumpy!
Oh well, back on it 100% today, and I'll try not to have any syns unless they come naturally with a meal such as gravy. So today:-

(mix to max)
B toast (B), beans, mushrooms, egg
L chicken and ham salad, laughing cow triangles (A)
D roast beef, veg, potatoes (B) gravy (1 syn, didn't have much)
snack grapes
milk for brews

that's me done for today food wise.

Hope you all had a good time last night and there aren't too many sore heads.

Looking forward to WI on Monday now - first one since before Christmas. Hopefully I'll get the new plan, there seems to be a bit of conflicting info on this at the moment, especially with regard to what may be a reduced list of HexBs to choose from. Will also find out the damage done and be well on my way to repairing it.

I'm off work until Tuesday - although I've been on leave since day before Christmas Eve, I've been in every day it was open to do my studying there and I've managed to get my essays done now so can relax for a few days before I gear up to the next module.

I may take lovely daughter to pictures over the weekend to see Twilight - its her latest obsession and although she's seen it once she wants to go again and is busily working her way through the book series. Anyone seen this yet?

Well that's me done rambling for now. I hope you all get the losses you want in 2009.


Over half way to target
Well it was all looking so promising, but I have found it really hard to get back on track and stay there. The days have been fine, then it's all gone wrong in the evenings. Look's like the festive period has awoken the fat lass in me and she's making it as difficult as possible!
I managed to stick to plan yesterday and also so far today (mind you it's only 2.20pm!).
I desperately need tomorrow night's WI to give me a good old shove in the right direction. I am determined not to blow it but am finding it so hard at the moment. Any words of wisdom out there?



In it to lose it
It is difficult to get back on plan isn't it. I've finally started today and the food still keeps caling to me. The thing is when I was eating non sw food like take aways and the like, I was feeling rubbishy.

Maybe thats what you should concentrate on. The way you feel when you eat better food. Get your backside back onto you 100% thread.:whip:


Over half way to target
Thanks for that - I do feel better when I eat properly. The junk stuff leaves me feeling tired, bloated and generally yukky. Also, I don't know how many others experienced this but it didn't really taste all that good and I just found myself mindlessly munching away and not really tasting anything at all.

Plan for today is EE day:-

Brunch (got up late!) toast (B), beans, bacon, syn free sausages, mushrooms, egg, tomatoes.
Dinner Beef goulash, veggies, new potatoes.

Milk for brews (A)

Syns - dunno, glass of wine with dinner? Or maybe none in anticipation of tomorrow's WI.

Snacks - bit of fruit (got a big pineapple to chop up and some strawberries, blueberries and grapes).

Looking good if I can only keep off the rubbish tonight.
I can't clear the house of it as it's my daughter's and the lovely Paul's. They need to get it eaten though!! (And out of my sight!).


Over half way to target
Well, its my first WI since the Monday before Christmas and, quite frankly, I don't want to go!
My inner fat lass has now started speaking to me and is saying 'don't go to WI Melanie, have a chippy tea instead'! She's evil and needs a good hard slap! I've stuck to SW faithfully since Saturday now with absolutely no cheating in the hope of regaining a little ground and ridding myself of some of the damage I've surely done, but it's not been easy. I just want to eat, eat, eat and all the wrong stuff.
Please someone tell me this will go away very very soon......


In it to lose it
It will Melanie, you know yourself it does. Now consider this a kick up the arse and get yourself to WI. Have you given Extra Easy a try yet. I'm trying it today and I'm having chilli and rice, then tomorrow I'm making goulash and putting potatoes in it as well. Much nicer than greasy take away and no horrible bleugh feeling after it.


Over half way to target
A*se has been kicked (thanx Sue!).
Well dragged said a*se to WI and was really pleased I did in the end - I lost (drum roll) 2.5lbs so no gain at all over Christmas. See, there is a Christmas miracle after all.
So check out my stats - I am no longer obese, I am merely overweight now, yay!!

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