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Melly's new me food diaries


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I started a diary but I think it will be easier to just keep a food diary, so I'm combining them onto this one.

B poached egg on 2 toast HEB smidgen of flora light 2 syns
tea with sugar 2 syns
L mexican rice - syn free
grapes,nana and a ML yogurt

D spag bol syn free
2 small glasses of Vino, 10
HEA milk in tea
B pack of mixed red fruits, with I crushed up weetabix 1/2 HEB and a cherry muller light on top,
tea with sugar 2 syns
L chicken jalfeizi (sp?) and rice, follwed by a banana

D Hunters chicken HEA with 'fried' potatoes and veg
2 glasses of wine 12 syns

B 2 morrisons eat smart sausage with 2 bread HEB, sauce 2 syns
tea with sugar 2 syns
L Left over hunters chicken and potatoes 1/2 HEA
D Cheesy meatballs, SW chips and peas 1/2 HEA
mixe red fruit with ML yogurt
not eaten hardly any fruit or veg today, must try harder tomorrow!
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tea with sugar 2 syns
egg on toast HEB 1tsp flora light 1 syn
milk in tea HEA
L veg chill and pots
D pork casserole 2 syns, mash 1 syn and broccoli & carrots
7 syns up to now....whats that? I can hear a can of Fosters shouting for me...I'm coming!!!
14.5 syns total
It all went wrong at the weekend, so new start
beans on toast HEB, 2 syns flora light
mexican rice with some chicken
mixed berries with ML yogurt
chicken jalfrezi and pilau rice 3 syns
only 5 syns, what else can I have prob a can of fosters or maybe a milky way?
breakfast was 2 morrisons sausage and 2 bread HEB
Lunch was left over chicken jalfreizi and rice 3 syns
grapes and pear
dinner was steak with mash 1 syn and roasted veg, did pappercorn sauce wih a recipe on here, but it was gross, threw it away!
only 4 syns? think its time to add some more!
Internet went down last night, and can't for the life of me remember what I had yesterday, although I was good.
B toast with beans and poahed egg - 2 syn flora light
L 2 morrisons sausage with left over mash pots, grill in my George F
D Lasagne with 'sauted' potatoes - 2 syns
Going to break out the rum tonight, instead of lager, been in cupboard 4 years, so I hope its ok?
b banana and grapes
L veg chilli and pasta
d smoked haddock gratin and potatoes

also had to have half a fun size milky way that my little boy offered me, I kept saying no and he started crying, so had to have it to shut him up! Honest! not sure how many syns that is? maybe 3?
just going to have some jelly and vanilla ML
cooked breakfast, fruit, lunch was homemade burger and dinner was Jacket pot and chilli
2 rums 5 syns
just fruit and yogurt for breakfast.
L pizza, MG it was good! 6 syns
D a chicken dish like chasseur, it was really yum!
just had a celebration choc, 2 syns
Hi, just wondered if you know what syns are in a can of fosters? I love it but not drank for ages but going a gig on Sunday and I know they only sell lager and cider!! Help!! xx

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