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Mel's all new food diary .....


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After my little Christmas & New Year blip I am back as from today with a 2.75lb gain :cry:. No more blips for me and will be religous with this food diary....

Today (green day)

Breakfast - Banana and mullerlight

Lunch - 2 x slices of Nimble wholemeal (hexb) with baked beans, 1 fried egg (done with frylight) and mushrooms.

Snack - pomegranite and 2 x satsumas

Dinner - Spaghetti carbonara made with quark and egg, 84g low fat cheddar(2 x hexa) and 84g lean bacon(hexb). Mushrooms.

Pudding - Stack of syn free pancakes with sliced banana and 5 tablespoons of maple syrup (10 syns) - OMG these were gorgeous!!!!

2 x hexa and 2 x hexb used
Total syns - 10
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How do you make syn free pancakes
Copied and pasted from a recipe posted by somebody else (sorry can't remember who but I saved it in a Word document as I knew I'd use it loads!!) -

Syn Free Pancakes:

1 Egg per pancake
2-3 Teaspoons sweetener (depending on own taste)
3-4 Drops of vanilla essence

First separate the white from the yolk and put into separate bowls, Whisk the egg white until fluffy and add the sweetener, In the other bowl add the vanilla essence then fold the yolk into the egg white
Heat a frying pan with frylight, add the mix and spread as you would a normal pancake after a few mins flip over (But do be careful they are much more delicate than a regular pancake) And then Hey presto scrummy syn free pancakes.


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And today's food (green)-

Breakfast - 28g porridge (hexb)made with water and sweetener

Lunch - Homemade vegetable soup with 2 slices of Nimble wholemeal (hexb). Mullerlight, satsuma, pear.

Snack - banana

Dinner - Creamy cheese and mushroom pasta (using 84g low fat cheese as 2x hexa and some quark).

Pudding - Mince pie (12 syns) with 15g brandy butter (4 syns)

2 hexa and 2 hexb used
Total syns - 16
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Your menus sound great...may try some of these myself! Don't worry too much about the gain. Good thing is you are back on track!


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Today was a green day -

Breakfast - porridge with water and sweetener (hexb)

Snack - banana

Lunch - homemade veg soup with 2 slices Nimble wholemeal (hexb), mullerlight, slice of melon and a pear.

Snack - 3 x babybel light (hexa) & a satsuma

Dinner - had a bit of a problem as thought I'd taken a portion of homemade vegetable curry out of the freezer and warmed it up and served with couscous. Was half way through eating it when I found a piece of chicken and realised that it was actually chicken curry and on a green day! Other than the chicken it was syn free and i counted just 5 smallish bite sized pieces so I reckon no more than 3.5 syns although I had intended it to be a completely free meal!!

Pudding - was going to have a mince pie and some brandy butter but had to change my plans due to the chicken incident!!! Had a pot of 0% Total yoghurt with frozen berries and 2 meringue nests (2.5 syns each) instead!

2 hexb and 1 hex a
Total syns - 8.5


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Extra easy day today -

Breakfast - mullerlight and banana

Snack - another banana

Lunch - Tinned salmon sandwich made with 2 x nimble wholemeal (hexb) and 2 tbsp extra light mayo (1 syn). Large mug of homemade veggie soup, mullerlight (lemon cheesecake one so 2 syns), slice of melon.

Snack - 2 satsumas

Dinner - Salmon and brocolli risotto with 42g low fat cheddar (hexa)

Pudding - syn free pancakes with banana, maple syrup (10 syns) and total 0% yoghurt

Later - 2 almond cantuccini (3 syns)

1 hex and 1 hex used
Total syns - 16
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Extra easy today

Breakfast - porridge (hexb)with water and splenda

Lunch - syn free sausages, bacon, eggs, baked beans and mushrooms. Activia fat free yoghurt. 2 x satsumas.

Snack - Mug of homemade veg soup

Dinner - Salmon and brocolli risotto with 42g low fat cheddar (hexa) and a rocket and tomato salad with caesar saladlight.

Supper - 437mls red wine (exactly 15 syns) with some roasted sweet potato chunks to pick on.


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And yesterday's food (extra easy)

Breakfast - Activia yoghurt and banana

Lunch - Syn free quiche made with 0% greek yoghurt, eggs, red onion, dried herbs and 42g low fat cheddar(hexa). Served with rocket and tomato salad and a few sprays of caesar saladlight.

Snack - Honeydew melon and a couple of clementines.

Dinner - Chicken and king prawn sort of chow mein type dish with loads of garlic, chilli, fresh ginger, soy sauce, chicken stock, 1 tbsp tomato puree, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp cornflour and Amoy straight to wok noodles which are 4 syns for the entire 2 sachet packet-much lower than the Sharwoods ones!). This was between all 3 of us so I've totted up about 4.5 syns for me. All this served with homemade egg fried rice (cooked in frylight) and stir fry vegetables. Was lovely but I did add a bit too much chilli and my hubby wimped out and couldn't finish his (although my 10 year old did)!!! lol

And later - 150mls vodka with diet coke (15 syns).

Only used my hexa and not my hexb today but ate so much of everything else I couldn't possibly have fit it in! lol

Total syns 19.5 (will use a few less tomorrow to make up for the extra used in alcohol today!) Weigh in tomorrow - aarrgghhhhh!
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And todays (will add to it as I go along today) - Extra Easy

Breakfast - none as didn't get up til 10am!!!!!!

Lunch - A big bowl of left over egg fried rice with spring onions and peas mixed through.
Activia FF yoghurt and 1 Alpen light (half my hexb)

Snack - Alpen light (other half of the hexb)

Dinner - Cottage pie with sprouts, parsnip and cauli

Snack while cooking it - 3 x light babybels and 1 clementine

Later - 42g Lindt orange chocolate (10.5 syns)

1 hexa and 1 hexb used
Total syns - 10.5
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Today was extra easy again.

Breakfast - 28g Porridge (hexb) with water and splenda.

Lunch - Left over fried rice with left over stir fried veg and a tiny bit of left over cottage pie ( I hate wasting anything)! Activia FF yoghurt and a large wedge of melon.

Snack - 2 x satsumas

Dinner - Cottage pie again (made 2 yesterday as had to work late tonight) withloads of red cabbage. Lemon cheescake mullerlight (1 syn).

Supper - Think it must be the cold weather as I'm constantly hungry at the moment - in fact I feel a bit of a pig seeing what I have eaten today written down! -
3 krisprolls (6 syns), 42g low fat cheddar (hexa), 1 extra light laughing cow (1 syn), a slice of extra lean ham amd 175mls red wine (6 syns).

1 hexa and 1 hexb used
Total syns - 14


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A green day today

Breakfast - 1 weetabix with hot water and sweetener ( 1/2 a hexb)

Snack - Apple and a banana

Lunch - Cheese (42g low fat = hexa) and mushroom omelette with a jacket potato, 2 tsp butterlicious (3 syns) and baked beans. Activia FF yoghurt and a large orange.

Dinner - Egg mayonaisse and rocket sandwich (2 tbsp extra light mayo=1 syn and 3 slices of Nimble wholemeal = 1.5 hexb). Baby plum tomatoes and some roasted beetroot. Bag of Quavers (4.5 syns)
Mullerlight yoghurt and a banana.

Snack - 1 Polar chocolate sandwich biscuit (Sainsbury's version of a Penguin! = 6.5 syns).

2 hexb and 1 hex a used.
Total syns = 15


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Extra easy again today -

Breakfast - 28g porridge with sweetener and water.

Snack - Apple and large orange.

Lunch - Jacket potato with tuna, 2 tbsps extra light mayo (1 syn), 1 tsp butterlicious (1.5 syns), rocket and baby plum tomatoes. Activia FF yoghurt.

Dinner - Homemade syn free chicken curry (made with onions,garlic, carrots, a tin of mushy peas, seived tomatoes, hot curry powder, 0% greek yoghurt and a few frozen peas chucked in at the end) with rice and 1 be good to yourself mini naan bread (6 syns).

Pudding - 2 meringue nests (5 syns) with sweetened total 0% yoghurt and mixed berries.

Only used my hexb today. Didn't really have anything to have cheese with and I don't drink milk so left the hexa just for today.
Total syns - 13.5


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A green day today -

Breakfast - 28g porridge (hexb) with sweetener and water

Snack - banana

Lunch 3 x light babybels (hexa), grapes and an apple

Snack - mug of homemade vegetable soup and Activia FF yoghurt.

Dinner - Vegetable soup with 3 slices wholemeal Nimble bread (hexb + 2.5syns)

Pudding - Mince pie (12 syns) and 15g brandy butter (4syns)

Used 1 hexa and 2 x hexbs

Total syns - 18.5


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A green day today -

Breakfast - 28g Jordans superberry museli (hexb) with fresh pineapple

Lunch - 84g low fat cheddar (2x hexa),mushroom, tomato and onion slimming world quiche with baked beans. Activia FF yoghurt and 2 clementines.

Snack - jacket potato with 1 tbsp butterlicious (4 syns)

Dinner - Homemade veg soup with 2slices Nimble wholemeal bread (hexb)

2 x hexa and 2 x hexb used

Total syns - 4


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Extra easy today -

Breakfast - fresh pineapple and a banana

Lunch - Vegetable soup, Activia FF yoghurt

Snack - Apple

Dinner - Chicken curry with some rice and a few slimming world chips. Weight watchers lemon cheesecake yoghurt (don't think these are synned but will check later - if they are will be minimal).

Supper - 3 Pagen Krisprolls(hexb) with 2 extra light laughing cows and 2 light babybels (hexa)
350 mls red wine (12 syns)

1 hexa and 1 hexb used
Total syns - 12


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Extra easy today -

Breakfast - banana

Lunch - 2 slices Nimble wholemeal toasted (hexb) with 2 fried eggs ( in frylight), 2 tsp I cant believe it's not butterlight (2syns) and 1 tbsp tomato ketchup (1syn). Activia FF yoghurt.

Dinner - Sausage casserole (made with 3 low fat sausages 0.5syns each, baked beans, tinned tomaotes, stock cube, herbs and salt and pepper), couscous and brocolli.

Supper - 3 babybel lights, fresh pineapple, quavers(4.5syns) and 350mls red wine (12 syns)

1 hexa and 1 hexb used
Total syns - 21


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Green day today -

Breakfast - Activia FF yoghurt

Lunch - Roasted veg and cous cous with 1tbsp balsamic salad dressing ( 1 syn). 3 krisprolls (hexb) and 1 extra light laughing cow (1syn).
2.satsumas, apple and activia ff yoghurt

Dinner - Jacket potato with 1 tbsp I can't believe it's not butter light (4syns), cheese omelette ( 2 x hexa) and loads of salad and 1 slice of Nimble wholemeal (half hexb) and a scrape of I cant believe it's not butter light (1syn)

Snack - 2 pieces of light choices carrot and orange cake (10syns)

1.5 hexb used and 2 hexa
Total syns - 17

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