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Mels New Food Diary (feel free to comment)

Green Day

Breakfast - oats so simple (5), milk (hex a), frozen berries

Lunch - jacket potato with side salad

4 oclock snack - weetabix (hex b) milk (hex a) and banana

tuna pasta - pasta, tuna (Hex b plus 1.5) - 3 rounded tbsp extra light mayo (4.5) baby sweetcorn, onion

HEX a - x 2 milk
HEX b - x 2 weetabix and Tuna
Syns - 11

may edit later if i get peckish!!
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Green Day

Breakfast - oats so simple and berries (5) milk hex a

Lunch - jacket and beans with side salad - 2 mikodos (1)

Snack - x2 alpen lights (hexb) and muller cherry layer (1.5)
1 slice wholemeal bread with scraping of peanut butter (5?)

Dinner - spagetti carbonara made with (100g ham, pasta, onion, garlic, mushrooms, quark, egg and parmasan hex a)

snack (for later) - bowl of berries and yoghurt

hex a - milk and parmasan
hex b - alpen lights and ham
syns - 12.5?

I feel awful!! i have eaten way too much. i let myself get really hungry at about 4pm and just ate until the feeling passed (hence the alpen and sandwich). i then ate waaaaay too much at dinner and did not have my third. so next time i am going to halve my dinner and do some veg to go with it.
Hiya, just seen your other post so came to look at your diary - I don't think that's too bad a day at all. You're right that there could have been more veg with your dinner, but you have had fruit and beans and a salad today so you're nearly there. The bread was probably 4 syns on Green if it was from a normal loaf, and a level tablespoon of peanut butter would be 4.5 but it sounds like you didn't have as much as that.

But even if it was, you would still have only had 16 syns - just make sure you only have 14 tomorrow and then you've averaged it out.

To be honest, I have been stuffing my face with food since starting SW and still lost weight. I'm eating a greater volume of food than before but it's better food, and I only eat until I'm full, which is what is reccommended.

Don't be disheartened, you're doing fine! Xx


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Your day looks fine........ bit similar to my day really.
Today i have had.....................BREAKFAST ready brek with (1/2 HEA left from yesterday) milk and some honey. bananna as snack. LUNCH mushroom omlete with cheese HEA and SW wedges, yogurt for afters.
DINNER pasta carbonarra with quorn bacon, peas, cabbage, mushrooms, made with eggs and quark and cheese HEA and have just had blueberries, yogurt and meringue nest. and i had a options chocolate earlier

So i still have a HEB and 3 syns left ( i stick to 10 syns a day)
Hi, read your post over on 'struggling with guilt' and thought I'd check out where you had gone wrong and basically- you haven't! Although you may be feeling a bit full and bleurgh you haven't done anything wrong, so don't worry about it! If you really feel like you've over eaten today why not try having slightly fewer syns tomorrow? Say- 10 syns rather than 15, but you really needn't worry. What did you do before SW? I'm wondering if whatever way you lost the weight so far (well done by the way!) is still a bit in your head so you feel like you're being bad but really you're not?
Good luck anyway :)


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Thanks for support guys!! It really helps to stay on track.



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stolen from laura - i love the way she does her food diary.....you can see at a glance that you have had all your healthy extras, 1/3rd ect and then at the end of the week you can put your weight loss and see wht works!! Genius! my weigh in is wednesday, so i will start a new one thursday for a full weeks diary! IM LOVING IT!! (little pleasures lol)

Superfree/free on all plans
Free on Original
Free on Green
Healthy Extras

LOST 5.5LBs on this weeks diet
Breakfast Oats so simple - 250mls SS milk - mixed berries
Lunch - Jacket potato - Mels Chicken Topping (roast chicken, mayo 2, greek 0%, leek, red pepper, garlic), lettuce
Dinner roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, cabbage x2 aunt bessies yorkshires 5, gravy 2
Snacks banana, strawberries with natural yoghurt and 1 tsp honey 1
syn free houmous and cucumber
Drinks - water and diet coke
Total syns= 10 syns

Breakfast oats so simple - milk - berries
Lunch Jacket potato - Mels Chicken Topping (roast chicken, mayo 2, greek 0%, leek, red pepper, garlic), lettuce
Dinner chicken tikka 1, roasted potato, loads of cabbage, 2 tbsp ketchup 2
Snacks houmous and cucumber
strawberries, banana, natural yoghurt, alpen light sprinkled over the top 3
Drinks diet coke, water
Total syns= 8 syns

Breakfast oats, milk and berries
Lunch jacket, beans, salad, ham
Dinner small portion chips and chicken and mushroom pie 37.5
Snacks pineapple, strawberries natural yoghurt
kit kat chunky 13
Drinks diet coke, water
Total syns 50.5
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I had THE BEST roast yesterday!! Hubby cooked it slimming world stylee and even with 2 yorkshires and lashings of gravy it was only 7 syns. I think it tasted even better because it was guilt free!!


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I have to say, I'm really enjoying this new eating plan. Whether I have lost any weight is a different story!!


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mucked up big time today!! i got caught in traffic. the kids were starving, i was starving i had nothing at home that would have made a quick dinner. i had every intention of stopping and getting the kids some dinner and cook my own....but once i was in that shop. i ordered a pie and had their left over chips.

ho hum. now i know tuesdays are going to be a problem, i can prepare and make sure there is a slow cooker dinner on the go in the morning. i suppose this is all about learning.

i have also learnt today that i can have my chinese and still have 6.8 points left for the rest of the week. SO....my new plan is....

start again afresh tomorrow (its weigh in tomorrow as well) and only allow myself 6.5 syns a day. this means i can have exactly the chinese I want on a saturday and stay on plan.

heres goes....


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week beginning 6th October 2010 - lost 1lb

Superfree/free on all plans
Free on Original
Free on Green
Healthy Extras

Breakfast oats,milk, berries
Lunch - jacket with beans, berries and yoghurt
Dinner - lamb casserole with brussells and cabbage 2
Snacks - alpen light 3 - mikado 1.5 - kids chocolate piece - 5
Drinks - water
Total syns= 9.5
weekly syn - 9.5/105

Breakfast - oats, scanbran, berries, milk
Lunch - Jacket potato, beans, salad
Dinner -chicken pie (from ee cook book), roasted asparagus, baby corn, sweet potato, courgette topped with 8g parmesan 2
Snacks - strawberries and pineapple with muller yoghurt
pineapple with muller yoghurt and alpen light 3
Drinks - water, diet coke, cup of tea, options 2
Total syns= 7
weekly syns - 16.5/105

Breakfast - oats and scanbran with milk and berries
Lunch - jacket potato with tuna, mayo/fromage frais mix 2, onion, sweetcorn served with roasted asparagus, baby sweetcorn, courgette, sweet potato (i dont think i had my 3rd with this, but over the day i am sure it would be okay)
Dinner - beef stew (carrots, garlic, onion), sw chips and runner beans
Snacks - banana and muller yoghurt
pineapple, strawberries, naural yoghurt alpen bar 3, box of mikado 8
Drinks - diet coke, water and tea
Total syns= 14
weekly syns - 30.5/105

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, milk, berries
Lunch - left over stew with jacket and beans (completely forgot to have my 1/3rd!! - i will have some extra fruit later to make up for it)
Dinner - shish kebab 18, sw chips, roasted veg, ketchup 3, mayo 3
Snacks - strawberries, pineapple, muller yoghurt
box of mikado 8
Drinks - water diet coke
Total syns= 32 (this was a planned blow out)
weekly syns - 62.5/105 (42.5 left)

Breakfast - 3 quorn sausages, 2 wm bread (400g), tub of snack pot beans, mound of dry fried onion and mushrooms
Lunch - jacket with chicken, mayo 2, greek yoghurt red, pepper, leek, garlic, lettuce
Dinner - fish pie from ee cook book - 2
Snacks - galaxy crumble 12.5
toblerone - 9
Drinks - diet coke - water
Total syns= 25.5 (oops - not planned)
weekly syns = 88 (17 left / 3 = 5.5 per day)

Breakfast - oats, milk, berries
Lunch - mug shot and mound of frozen berries with natural yoghurt
Dinner - spag bol made with chopped tin tom, garlic, onion, mixed herb, liquid stock, worcerster sauce, pasta on bed of baby sweetcorn, roasted pepper and asparagus, 8g parmasan 2
Snacks -
Drinks - water, diet coke, tea
Total syns=

Breakfast - oats, milk and berries
Lunch - mugshot and berries with natural yoghurt
Dinner - chicken roast - potatoes - carrots cabbage gravy 2
Snacks kit kat chunky - 12
Drinks - diet coke, water, tea
Total syns= 14
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Yay - I lost 5.5lbs!!!


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i am seriously loving this diet
im sure im eating too much!


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Hi, just saw your other post and have come to have a look. I dont think your eating too much, but there could be a little more variety added. You seem to have Jacket potato virtually everyday for lunch and chips a lot too.

Presume you have gone on to EE??

But you said you lost 5.5lbs so it must all be going ok :)

Have a look at other food diarys for more inspiration and search recipe forum, i post my weekly food plan for the week every sunday for other ideas.
I also look through all my recipe books, SW and normal and online recipes and see what i can adapt for more variety.

I try not to have the same evening meal 2 weeks running, and try to have different food at lunch every day.
We also dont have pasta 2 days running etc.
try to balance the whole week up
We do stick mainly to GREEN days with hubby having a B group of Meat somedays.

But i wouldn't panic about the quantity, unless you start to GAIN.

wow, congratulations on your loss, that is fab!!!!
i only lost 1lb. i realy really hoping for at least 2lb but minimum 1.5lb.

this week i am going out for dinner tomorrow and have a girlie night saturday. im going to try to stick to 5 syns per day and then take my own dinner saturday night. but if i fail to keep the motivation, i have the syns available. im also going to try and cut down on the potatoes and pasta.

here goes......

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