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Melting Angies other half

Hi all the time has come for me to get rid of my other half...No not a husband just all this surplus baggage I am carrying around wtih me.

I call it baggage because I think that every pound of fat has been put on during times of emotional stress with eating and drinking too much. That and my natural preference to indulge myself and my aversion to exercise.

Harsh...maybe but I just want to be honest with myself about where I am at.

I started CS on Saturday.... It hasn't been easy. I am hungry and have had to allow a few more of the allowed snacks a couple of times but boy is it worth it because the weight loss so far is incredible.
Some may believe losing more than 2 pounds a week is dangerous but what about the danger of my heart carting around another person in weight !

All support and comments appreciated as I am hoping to post at least once a day during this first 8 weeks

Starting weight 19stone 9 pounds (oh my god I feel naked exposing my weight to the world! )
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Hello and welcome :)

good luck, you will receive lots of support and advice on here. we are a friendly lot, and we all understand :)

I too have a lot to lose, and had my lightbulb moment in feb this year. I am 'going it alone' this time and it appears to be working! :)

I have tried and failed too many times to count over the years ;)

I too am doing it for health reasons first, and looks second!!!!

I agree about the danger to excess weight and your heart, you are totally correct, I also believe that a steady weight loss is also practical, but many people do have quick weight losses, we all get there in the end :) ha ha..some sooner than others!

Look at how far Pauline Quirk has come in 7 months..i'm very envious lol :)

I would love to lose all my excess overnight, but am happy enough at the rate it is coming off at the moment.. ( at least it is coming off at last) i'm dreading hitting the 'stuck stage' though..i'll just need to work harder then :)

Talking of hearts, i calculated my heart age..and due soley to my weight and age, mine is 14 years older than my birth age!!!!!! :(

When do you next weigh in? Please remind me what CS is?

Keep posting, i look forward to chatting with you :)
Hi Rainbow what a lovely response you made me smile. I am a bit late posting today but wanted to make sure I did.
CS is a partial meal replacement it basically gets you to eat little and often as such so shake for breakfast. small snack for mid morning, shake for lunch, mid afternoon snack, balanced meal for dinner and then a snack for supper. Low carb, very small portions so a VLCD low carb partial meal replacement....I like this as it enables me to start thinking about portions and still includes food so that I don't start to think of it all as bad.
I will weigh in on Saturday and am looking foward to it. I had a couple of challenging nights where I became a fridge picker although all things within my allowable snack list just too many of them.
Today I have been 100% and I think for the first few weeks I just have to keep that mantra in my head all the time...I have a plan and I am sticking to it..........hour by hour
Good morning :)

sounds like a good plan Angie. Keep that determined outlook and you'll sail through this.
Have you thought of pinning of any 'now' photos of yourself in the temptation areas, e.g. kitchen? I've got a couple of before and after pics from magazines and newspapers..and recently took some pcs of myself :eek: they are the most unflattering pics ever, but fantastic motivation to keep on going..and resist temptation!

Good luck with tomorrows weigh in, i'll keep my fingers tghtly crossed for you :)
Well there it was all over and done with...my first week. It wasn't easy...I wasn't 100% becuase I guess I had to get used to the programme, smaller portions, low carbs and generally being disciplined plus a stomach that was probably very stretched needing to be shrunk.
Boy was it worth it I am now 10 pounds lighter which means I achieved my first goal.:)
My second goal has to be to have lost a stone so to be 18stone 8. I wonder if I can do that in a week...Here's hoping for more 100% days.


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Well done Angiee :happy096:
I lost 10lbs in my 1st week too, its great isnt it?
I lost 3.5 2nd week and 4lb down this morning(week3):)
Have another fantastic week, wont be long til you get to 18.:)
FANTASTIC loss Angie :) Very well done!!!!! you must be on cloud nine today :)

I would say a 4lb loss is do-able especially in the early days, so you'll have that first stone off in double quick time :)

So pleased for you, enjoy that 'lighter' feeling :)

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