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Men doing sw

Hi all! My hubby is joining me in my weight loss venture and I've planned out his first week's meals with him to start today! But...I'm a bit worried if there's enough to keep home full.

Are men allowed anything different to ladies on sw (like syns wise of hex wise)?

Today for breakfast he's having either fruit and a yogurt or an omelette with tomatoes etc, then this is what I've packed him for lunch (Muller milkshake in the Thermos)...

Maybe I should make him an extra roll and syn it?

Anyway, any advise out there or men who can share their experiences / meal ideas would be greatly received!
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I think men are allowed 20 syns instead of 15 per day?

If he gets hungry then maybe try pasta salads or rice salads instead of (or as well as) the roll, which are both free on the EE plan so he will have some extra carbs to fill up on :)

Also maybe you could give him one of the low fat mug shots which are also either free or very low syn
Yeah mug shots are a good idea! Unfortunately, he's really not a salad kinda guy, which makes it harder! I'd also planned him in a jacket potato one lunch time, but he wasn't keen on that idea! Think he's just gonna have to use syns for extra bread/cereal sometimes!

20 syns would make things easier for sure!!! Can anyone confirm this?
Sorry, I don't know about the extra syns but I would also add a hard-boiled egg to his lunch, and you could put in a piece of SW crustless quiche or pasta n sauce quiche (both syn-free, and you can pack them with speed veggies too). Crabsticks are another good portable option. If he has fridge/microwave facilities, you can always give him a container of dinner leftovers to take with him.

I doubt that fruit and yoghurt would be enough for his breakfast, I know when I try to have that I'm hungry again in no time! I suppose that might depend on what he's used to having for breakfast though.

IMHO he should be filling up on free foods rather than syns, and adding more protein should keep him fuller for longer. Personal experience tells me that men have a much better chance of getting away with not having 1/3 speed foods at each meal and still losing weight, so I'd say ramp those protein levels for him and just make sure he gets plenty of speed foods with his meal in the evening.

Best of luck!
He ended up having an omelette for breakfast and what was pictured above and said he did get hungry at all! He wasnprckish in the evening, but we eat dinner at 5pm with the kids so that's typical anyway.

I think protein is a good point. Unfortunately I font think I'll get him to eat any of the things you mentioned though! This is making me realise just how fussy he is!!!
regards the syns, he should have 15 a day unless he is over 20 stones (this goes for women too). For people over 20 stones they increase it to 20 syns and then drop it to 15 when weight drops below that.
Lovely, thanks for the info flashharry! He's 15 stones, so not entitled to more. I'm really proud of how he's doing so far...he even turned down salted caramel fudge cake at work yesterday (I'm not sure is have managed...didn't tell him that though!!!)!
I think I would be hungry on that lunch, and I'm a woman! Sadly, I don't think the SW plan is very conducive to a sandwich lunch, because so little bread is allowed. I have switched to salad during the work week - eg. salad bag, big pack of chicken breast, or ham, or similar, with a combination of chopped boiled egg, boiled new potatoes, sweetcorn etc etc., as well as a couple of pieces of fruit. Sometimes I have a hexa of Babybel cheese with lunch too. I do find lunch the trickiest meal...
I work 7-4 on a fairly busy site too - i find foods such as boiled eggs, different meats filling! But my best tip would be for porridge, use water instead of milk (keep milk for tea / coffee etc) - Porridge isn't that bad on syns and it also keeps me fuller for longer! Plus look at the free foods too - Muller light yoghurts! There are a blessing! They fill me up too!
Thanks! I think porridge for lunch might actually be a good idea...he could have an omelette for breakfast and then porridge at lunchtime, along with fruit, Muller light etc!

Today so far he's had:

Scrambled egg and bacon (he was meant to had an apple as his super free, but think he might have forgotten that!!!)

Lunch - cheese on toast (hex a and b) and super speed soup. Then a whitworths shot.

However, he works from home on Tues and tgurs so those days will always be easier I think!
I always find cooking at home much easier than a packed lunch for work. At home I'll often have eggs and beans on toast for lunch, sometimes with bacon or WW sausages as well. If he's not a salad sort of person, this is what I usually have on my non-salad days for work:

Batch cook soup and take it in a thermos, soups with potato in are especially filling, and then I'll have my HEB bread with it or put some small "soup pasta" or pearl barley or lentils in to make it more filling. I love pea and ham! And I can home make it so its free.

The other thing I do is a box with rice or pasta at the bottom (for the filling part) and then lots of veg and salmon or chicken or something, I can heat through in the microwave at work.
Definitely! Much easier working from home!

But it would be good to keep in touch as some of the things that you make for him may be useful for me too!

I'm always up for trying new things so keep in touch!
I quite like the WW sausages, they're only half a syn each as well. I haven't tried the new slimming world ones yet though, I've yet to make it to Iceland!
haha you can blame me :D

as low syn sausages go they're as good as any. I can't stand the quorn ones yuk
Thank you very much :) :)
no not at all. There's a bit about me on my profile, and some pics in the inspirational photos thread.

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