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Men's Lipotrim Thread.

Hello Mr Creosote

And welcome to the wonderful world that is minimins :p

atm, im on week3 - weigh in this wednesday

week 1 - lost 11lbs
week 2 - lost 4.5lbs

first week is always the biggest loss then it gradually slows down (from the storys I've read anyway)

but yeah men do lose it quicker

enjoy your stay
and good luck :p
Thanks Mikey. The only thing that gives me a nagging doubt is, how safe is all this but as I read in a previous post it must be safer than stuffing our faces with cr*p and having a BMI of 35 plus.


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Mr Creosote,


Good luck with your diet journey!

Women lose on average around 8lb to about a stone a month and men lose from around a stone to a stone and half.

Love Mini xxx
best thing since sliced bread
My hubby is on it & lost 21lbs in his first 3weeks. It definately comes off faster for him than me but I aint complaining cos I get a sexier hubby more quickly lol
Good luck matey :)
Hi Guys,
I'm quite chuffed at that bit of info - that men lose more quicker, suits me fine. I've got 20kg to shove and I'm really determined to do it, however, I'm on a bussiness trip next week so can't afford to feel lousy , so I'm all set up to start LT on the 23rd. Can't wait!. FTT, you have lost one helluva bit o weight, good for you. Someone said to me that men have less willpower than the girls, thats why there is so few blokes on here, well lets prove them all wrong.

I'll be checking in here regularly, so lets keep posting!
BTW Creosote, regarding safety, LT has been prescribed by doctors for ages, so it can't be that bad and its certainly better than obesity related illnesses.

Good luck pal,
Hey Creo, Like Mikey18 i'm also into my 3rd week.. Losses in signature, i've heard men lose prolly about 20% more than women each week.. or thereabouts....

I personally prefer the idea of only having 2 shakes aswell.. If I structure it correctly, and I don't run into overtime I can have a shake at 7am and another at 6pm soon as I get in the door.

Works for me. And no hunger pangs all day which rocks =D

As for Safety... I an on LT as a result of a consultation with my GP.. I can't think my family GP of 35 years would put me on something harmful to me :)

Good luck mate, there are a few guys here, so if you need to come on and vent about something i'm sure we can listen :)

His start weight was 17stone 2 (we were exactly same but he beating me now lol)
Hi Mr Creosote (love the name by the way - hopefully you've started Lipotrim before the inevitable happens!),

My hubby started at just over 14 stone and has lost 25lbs in the first 4 weeks.

Good luck,
Peggie xx
Mr Creosote.

Been on for the last 8 weeks. The programe is a dream

Lost a massive 26lbs in the first week, which Ive been told is one of the biggist 1st week looses. been running at 7lbs on average for the rest of the time.

Just keep drinking the water and thinking of your goal.
Signature below show my loss rate, dead chuffed as have lost 3 1/2 stone and now a normal BMI for the first time ever. Stay with it Mr Creosote, definitely worth it. And as for being healthy, I have to say I have never felt better, I put it down to having the correct daily intake of vitamins and minerals, possibly for the first time ever.

Only downside, is that it has cost me a fortune in new clothes - but not complaining!!
Milk Man, great loss, similar to what i have to lose, only I'm still at the thick end of it, good 4 u, did you take any extra nutrients? also were you on 2 / 3 shakes a day?
Welcome and good luck. My GP recommended this diet and it is full of all the vits and minerals you need. Just one thing, for the first few weeks don't try to do too much coz your body needs to adjust. (In other words, don't attempt the gym for a few weeks!)

You'll do brilliantly.

Hey Guys,

I've been doing LT for 1 month and have lost 30lbs so far. This diet really works so keep at it!

PS. I'm a freak that loves the chicken soup :D
This site definately helps, in the early stages [ I'm on Day 4]. I come in here when I'm gagging for food, which I am now.
I have 4 young kids and share the bringing up lark .

At the moment I am having to prepare Fishfingers, Chips and Peas as my wife is at work. Imagine, Bloody DAY 4 and I am faced with French Bread straight out of the oven, normally I would stick a huge amount of Lurpak on that and eat the whole stick but I won't tonight as I have got the craving out of my head by writing here...Funny how it works

Oh yes , listening to The Smiths also helps [ oddly ], probably reminds me of my student days at Loughborough Uni when I didn't have an ounce of fat on me !!!

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