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mercadona chicken seasoning mix


Trying - very!
S: 105kg C: 75.3kg G: 75.8kg BMI: 26.4 Loss: 29.7kg(28.29%)
Rough SYNS is about 4 for the whole pack. Work on roughly 20-25 kcals - 1 SYN.

Try making your own as follows (it's SYN free).
1 tsp Rock Salt
1 tsp Black Pepper Corns
1 Clove Garlic

Crush the lot in a mortar (or wizz in a spice mill or small blender).
Then add some fresh grated lemon zest, mix and rub over your chicken portions.

You obviously need to remove the skin first or else you won't get the flavour into the chicken (and you don't want to eat the skin do you?)

You can vary the last additive (ie the lemon) and put in various herbs or spices.
Try . . .

Chilli flakes (go easy) gives it a zing.
Rosemary or Sage for a herby flavour.

You can also add a drizzle of Olive Oil (1 tsp = 2 SYNS) to really make it stretch and put it over a whole chicken for roasting. Leave the oil version to stand for about and hour before use so the flavours blend into the oil.
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Trying - very!
S: 105kg C: 75.3kg G: 75.8kg BMI: 26.4 Loss: 29.7kg(28.29%)
Easy BBQ Marinade

Here's a simple marinade that isn't as SYNful as it looks.

1 tblsp Olive Oil (6 SYNS)
1 tblsp Soy Sauce (free)
2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped (free)
Shake it all up in a plastic container to mix well.
Marinade your favourite barbie food for roughly 1 hour. Give it 2 or 3 shakes whilst marinading.

This makes enough to marinade about 500 gms - so enough for 6 servings if you're doing with other things - for 3 or 4 if you're not having anything else.

We've used it on chicken strips or chunks, pork strips or chunks, raw (peeled) prawns and it's great.

Lift your food out a piece at a time, and let the marinade run off. For chunks put onto skewers for the BBQ. For strips, just place straight onto the BBG griddle.
You'll find there's over half of the marinade left behind in the container so you've only used about 3 SYNS between the lot - so less than 1 SYN per person!

To zing it up you can add a dash of Worcester Sauce (free), a dash or 2 of Salsa Picante or 2 small Guindillas finely chopped. Works well to make Chilli Prawns.

ENJOY !!!!!



synful soul
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
Would anyone know the syns in the above product.

It is mercadona own brand chicken with garlic and lemon seasoning

per 100g
kcal 259g
carbs 51g
fat 1.1g

total size of pack is 30g

many thanks
I love this and used it on Sunday. The amount on the slices you would eat is very little. The syns are for a complete pack and that is rubbed into the whole chicken. So the syns are negligible.

I am going to try the Mediterranean herbs this weekend.

So far I have lost over 60 lbs and it hasn't inhibited my weightloss.



synful soul
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
I have just checked out the calories, the calories for one portion of the powder , roughly 5 grams per serving, is only 13 calories so not even worth thinking about. That is half a syn. The whole pack only weighs 30grams so they assume a chicken will do 6 portions....... not in my house , in my house it is more like 4 adult sized portions, but never-the-less it not any substantial amount of syns per serving.

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