MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (and <10 stone!!)


:D Merry Christmas everybody!

Has Santa been? I hope so, I hope that all of you have a wonderful wonderful day today!

I know the food thing could be a struggle, but lets just try and make this the first Christmas we weigh less at the end instead of more, thats what I am thinking of at the mo! I'm about to have a cuppa, and am saving my foodpacks for later.

I got my Crimbo wish and my weight this morning dipped to just under 10 stone!(my ticker shows my heavier LL weight, but I use my own for extra motivation!) I haven't weighed so little in years albeit I am still overweight, and I got loads of compliments at my friends party last night.

Santa has certainly been here, but we're all too tired to care after being at the party last night and then I was up a lot as my little girl is struggling with some nasty big back teeth! She's not up yet and we won't start the mayhem until then.

Oh well, I hope you all have a great Christmas everyone, and remember...... its not about the food!

best wishes, and motivational abstaining vibes!
xxx:) :p ;)
Congratulations Mags,

What a wonderful Christmas for you weighing in under 10 stone WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Love Mini xxx
That's great news mags, what a Christmas pressie for you !
way to go girl xx

Much respect and what a brill target to reach - hope to have similar feelings soon