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metalic taste in mouth


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Any chance you could be pregnant?
i hope not il have to get checked.
Funny everyone goes on about a bad taste in their mouth when in ketosis, maybe you and me a freaks lose-lotts...you get a metallic taste where as mine tastes sweet (not as pleasent as you'd think!).
ruthg uve got me all worried now


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My ketosis taste is metallic, and I'm def not preggers!:D I'm sure that's all it is.:) Mind you - if I'm wrong let me know!!:eek:
right il get a test in the morning and all let u all know
I have a taste too....wouldnt say metallic, just like I havent brushed my teeth for a day.
Flippin hope it aint pregnancy!!!!!!
its got us all thinking


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Oh no, sorry to have got you worried. I know that metallic taste in your mouth can be a pregnancy sign, however, it is more than likely the rank taste you get with ketosis!


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well i know i am defo not pregnant, lol.:)

i cant have anymore children, so its definitely ketosis for me.

debs x
I know it's a been a while since anyone comented on this, but I have it today it's horribel! It's like I have a battery in the roof of my mouth and it's all I can taste. I've brused my teeth at work. And it hasn't helped. Any suggestions? Please? X

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