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Mexico Anyone?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by pixie-gem, 21 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Hey guys, sorry to post this here but the main board holiday thread seems to have a died a death lately.

    As the title would suggest, has anyone been here, and if so did you like your hotel and would recommend it please? Also if you would really urge people not to visit one that would be welcome information also..

    The wonderful Texty has said her hotel was beautiful but didn't have much evening entertainment, which was the Occindental Xacerat (i doubt the spelling is right lol) and the one i am drawn to is the Occindental Aleggro Playacar (apologies again if that's wrong) but mostly because it has a margarita bar ;)

    Also what time of year did you go? I will be looking at February if it makes a difference.

    Thanks for any help you could give, also if you know somewhere else that will be nice and hot in February, and All Inclusive with day trip oppurtunities (can't lay on a beach for two weeks, i get bored the second week :p) then i would be eager to hear those too :)

    **if this is not allowed here, sorry x
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  3. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    I went a few years ago and stayed at the Azul Sensatori. Fabulous hotel..huge grounds with various pools and lots of different themed restaurants including an a la carte fine dining one which is a fab experience. Similarly, evening entertainment wasn't spectacular, but you can easily get to cancun or another resort (I forget the name) about 20 mins away. Would recommend!

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  4. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Lol, I love this post.

    I was looking at Mexico for October, but I've now decided, money permitting, we're going to Peru.

    Anyway back to Mexico, I wanted to go to the Mayan archeological sites, which is just west of Cancun & then south to the beach, can't remember the name of the resort, now, but more archeological site, I know that's not helpful at all, but I feel better for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've downloaded a few travel apps lately from triposo, you can get alsorts or areas, including Mexico & they are free:D
  5. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member

    Hi there :)

    We've been to Mexico twice, both times we stayed in Cancun at The Royal in Cancun. I believe this has now been taken over and is called Hyatt Zilara Cancun. We absolutely loved it there, hence going back for a second time!! Obviously as it's now been taken over I'm not sure it will be up to the same standard, you could have a look on Tripadvisor. It was right on the beach, had six or seven different restaurants, all of them are part of your all inclusive package. The rooms were out of this world!

    We went in February and then April the following year, both times the weather was perfect - I would say about 80-90 degrees every day and no cloud/rain.

    I am so jealous of you going, I would love to go back, must get on at the husband lol!

    Let us know what you decide :)
  6. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thanks guys :)

    I have most of those, and have been browsing trip advisor, it hasn't helped much lol. We're definitely more chill out (me) or history (Kev) type people as opposed to clubbing folk, so was unsure of Cancun, but that could just be reputation rather than reality (spring breakers etc) I think from my research so far, Tulum and Rivera Maya are quite interesting with ruins etc

    Visiting the Eco park sounds really interesting and is easily accessible from Rivera Maya on day trips, unsure from Cancun although I did see a pirate evening thingy from Cancun (can't remember the name, but along the lines of a themed dinner, location being a pirate ship) that looked fun, which I don't know if you could get from Rivera Maya or not but it's not really a good idea to base a 2 week holiday on one evening lol xx
  7. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Ours was in Riviera Maya and you could easily get on the trips you mentioned and stuff no problem :) lots will pick you up from the hotel or a neighbouring one xx

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  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

  9. Pompey77Gav

    Pompey77Gav Silver Member

    I went to Mexico for my Honeymoon, we stayed at the moon palace resort which is just slightly south of Cancun.
    This is a great hotel and ideally located if you want to visit the riviera maya and Cancun/Isle Mirables (spelling) just off Cancun as is central to both.
    A choice of about 12 al-a-carte restaurants & a golf course, only downfall was no crystal clear blue sea like up in Cancun.
  10. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Thanks guys, just what i wanted, ideas and names! :) There are just sooo many! xx
  11. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    Hey. I stayed at the Grand Palladium in Akumal in December 2012x Weather was stunning the whole time. Hotel was brilliant - but it's massive! Easily 40 mins to walk from 1 end to the other. Lots of food options. Entertainment was a bit Butlins-eque but I actually thought it was fun!

    The ruins at Tulum that Michelle mentioned are a 15 min Collectivo ride away - costs 35 pesos each way. The beach at Tulum is amazing too.
  12. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Everyone has stayed somewhere different!
    Is there something I should look for it to have? Maybe that will help narrow it down?

    I do think Maya would probably be the best as sort of in the middle of Cancun and Tulum and you can do equal exploring and relaxing as there seems to be a lot to do there x
  13. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    I always look for free wifi in all area & breakfast, a bar & pool are a bonus.

    what do you want out of a hotel? Do you like larger or small hotels?
  14. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    I'd probably look at Playacar if you want to be in the middle. It's about an hour to Cancun & Tulum in each direction. There is a big complex of Riu hotels in Playacar - you can use all the facilities in each I think. Also, being All inclusive is less of a requirement if you're in Playacar as there are loads of places to eat & drink

    Whatever you do, go to Coco Bongo for a night!!!
  15. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Will probably be all inclusive as it means can save spending money for days out :) free wifi would be a bonus, when we went to Cuba there was none just a little room with two ancient computers in and it was $11 for 5 minutes...it was so slow it took that long just to log into my email, let alone read any lol

    drinks to be included, pref cocktails because We only really drink on holiday so tend to make the most of it :)

    thanks guys xx
  16. xJoanneJJx

    xJoanneJJx Gold Member

    Sensatori was 24hr drinks included with all inclusive, including cocktails ;) xx

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  17. kingleds

    kingleds Gold Member

    I think you'll find most of them are 24 hrs Hun! They all have cocktails & some (the Riu in particular) have mini bars with spirits in the rooms for free. Dangerous!
  18. LuhLuhLoser

    LuhLuhLoser 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.

    Just to echo what the others have said, Tulum beach is beautiful! We went to Mexico for our honeymoon in September last year. Unfortunately, we got caught in the tail end of the hurricane season, so the weather was pretty terrible. It didn't matter too much though, we had an amazing time! And it made for some very memorable moments!

    Coco Bongos is amazing! It's not your usual night club, it's just insane. All drinks are included in the price and it's awesome for people of any age. My mum went in November with a couple that were in their 60s and they all loved it!

    We also did one of the adventure excursions, which involved zip lining through the jungle, snorkelling through a cenote, getting blessed in a candle lit cave by a mayan shaman, a visit to tulum beach and the mayan ruins and 4x4 off road driving. It was by far our favourite day! I was really worried about it before hand but it was amazing. Would definitely recommend it! You also get to zip line into water, which is a lot of fun! All the tour guides are brilliant too.

    Our hotel was really amazing, but it was an adults only couples hotel and to be honest, even though it was stunning and the beach was really beautiful, it got a little boring after a while. My mum stayed at the Riu Tequila, and I think location wise it was much better. It's in Playa Car, so you're close to all the shops and bars there, and it's also a brilliant location for going to either Cancun or Rivera Maya.

    Hope that's some help, I'm sure you'll have an amazing time wherever you stay! Mexico is amazing! x
  19. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    I stayed in 2009 at Sensatori - it was amazing! But that was the holiday that on my return i was over 18 stone and joined SW!!!

    However - we had a great 2 weeks and went in sept and oct. The weather was lovely and there were often storms - but they tended to be at night.

    The azul sensatori has one buffet restaurant and about 6 al a carte ones - including one that was very 'heston' - it had a 7 course menu and it was lush!!!!

    I also loved room service and most days had a chocolate brownie and ice cream sent up to the room whilst i had a jacuzzi hot tub bath watching the sun go down......

    Oh and we went to see Chichen itza and i swam in a 48m deep freshwater lagoon with the fishes!!! Amazing day!!!! We didnt go to havana due yo a tropical storm.


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