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Mexico's Diary


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I have enjoyed reading everyones diaries of weight loss and wanted to make my own to record my journey.

I am hoping to be able to work out how to put the trackers in etc to show my progress.

Starting weight 13 stone 6lb
1st WI Sat 25th April - 13 stone - 6lb
2nd WI sat 3rd May - 12 stone 10lb - 4lb:cry:
3rd WI sat 10th May - 12 stone 5lb - 5lb-1st stone

I am hoping to wear my size 14 dresses that I have bought from Coast for my summer hols. Apparently Coast 14 is more like a 12 so I need to loose quite a bit for July :-(. :cry:

I bought them smaller as an incentive to make me loose the weight!
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I look forward to reading about your progress, if you want to create a ticker i think you just click on someone elses and it takes you to how you create it
Hi Mexico and welcome

Ha ha...you've done what i've done bought smaller clothes to slim into, I do it every year :) :)
Hiya Mexico,

We are at pretty much the exact same weight, height and time on Lipotrim and madly enough I have a size 14 dress from Coast that I bought in 2005 that still has the tags on it that I am determined to wear this year.

Hope we can spur each other on and get to goal together :)

Dee x


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Goodness me - why are you crying at a 4lb loss??? That's fantastic!!

Brilliant results so far. Looking forward to seeing how you get on! x


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Thanks Katy, I will have a go at putting a tracker on. lol, Deemeister what are we like. It would be good to spur each other on to get into the dresses. We will have to put pics on here when we get into them!


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Thanks JanD, 4lb is a good loss. I just read other posts where people usually loose a stone in the first couple of weeks. Its silly but my hubby has been working away for 5 weeks and I just wanted him to see a big difference when he gets back (next week).
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I understand - I think you may well find though that those people had lots more to lose than you or are MALE (grrrrrr!! ;)) x
Welcome Mexico, stick to the diet and you will be in that dress in no time. !!! Keep us posted :553:


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Thanks Hellie Eds, I need to get in my dresses cos i bought my full holiday wardrobe from there in the sale at Mcarther Glen I would def recommend going as I got 2 dresses for 60 quid! (should have been 300 for two). Cant afford to go out and shop again, and I really want to wear them cos they are lovely.
Oh Mexico, you make me laugh
we are on the same road as well. with weight height etc......and i also have a brand new holiday wardrobe in a size 14 that i HAVE to get into.....
your losses are fab....mine are no where near as good as you, think i'll be using your example as my motivation, well done:) :) :)


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Thanks Golden Girl, yeah we will def have to keep each other motivated.

Just been told by a friend that coast sizes are really small so I need to get down to around a 12 to get into them.

Hopefully I will get there before refeed and hols on the 10th July. Mind you might have to cancel as my hol is in Mexico, lol :-(

Had weigh in today and lost 5lb so I am going in the right direction.

Totally addicted to this site, it's what distracts me on an evening when usually I would be munching 'something nice'.

Keep up the good work everyone
Thanks binger. You have lost so much, how long has it taken you? (October on LT?).

I cant wait to be wearing smaller summer clothes instead of hiding under larger tops and being red hot.

Good luck on your journey binger, although there isnt long left for you-well done. It keeps me focused knowing that other people are going through what I am, but are still focused and strong.

Thank you
Hiya mexico, well done on your loss....that is great.
Where abouts in mexico are you going? i went 3 years ago, it was great, hopefully it won't get cancelled :)
what date do you go as i notice you refeed on the 1st of July? i've not planned my refeed yet, but i think i might have to.
i'm struggling at the moment to justify the money for a 2lb weight loss each week.........:) :( but in the other hand at least its going down.......i'm going to see how the weigh in goes this week and get some fibreclear to see if that helps and up the water and see how the next week goes.

Well done again
Hi mexico, just popping in to say congrats on your weight off so far you're doing fab plus I reckon you could get another couple stones off in time for your hols :)
Good luck on your LT journey, Mexico....is that your holiday destination???
We fly (hopefully) on the 10th July. We are staying in Riviera Maya, we stayed there last year and loved it so are returning this year with family.

I am wanting to refeed so that I can eat (sensibly) on holiday, does this give me enough time?

You will probably be ready for a large weight loss soon goldengirl, the fibre clear should help. I have started having decaff now cos' I read that coffee can affect your weight loss.

Try another week and see what happens
We fly (hopefully) on the 10th July. We are staying in Riviera Maya, we stayed there last year and loved it so are returning this year with family
i really hope it doesnt get cancelled... such a good target to work towards... im keeping my fingers crossed for you:)
Stick with it Goldengirl cos' it will come off-it has to with only 450 cals a day! Everyone recommends loads of water, so I have increase my daily amount too.

Good Luck, I am sure that you will have a big loss soon

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