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::MICASA SUCASA JULY 2009 CHALLENGE:: Everyone Welcome!!!

I can do this.. i will do this... i deserve to to this!!

  • YESHHHHHH DAMM RIGHT!!! count me in already!

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  • No i just cant......

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Hey hey hey!!

Hello to all micasa sucasa members and of course new forum members

This month we have newcomers and returners to xenical forums , so weather its your first challenge or your 70th challenge jump right in and goodluck... we all need motivation to hit our targets and this way we set our OWN personal targets and do our best.. just as simple as that..

it works by setting your own lb weightloss target for the month..

challenge runs from 1st july- 1st August..

GoodLuck Micasa Sucasa



Kiira (PiinNk) = 14lbs
Flowerfae = 14lbs
Karen (slimmerkay) = 10lbs
Hoping4a2nd = 10lbs
JenJen = 10lbs :)
Flabbybumbum= 11lbs
Kae = 7lbs
Hayles = 8.5lbs
Leea = 12lbs
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of course you can join =D

where in north wales are ya im in colwyn bay? xx


Silver Member
Hi - count me in please :D

I'm aiming for 10lbs off in July.


I will do this...
Oh yessss... just what I have been waiting for! Put me down for 10lbs - WI in was this morning... I'm 20st 13 so I want to be 20st 3... Woop!
updated girlies thanks for joining ^^.

and yes denbiegh isnt far at all :)
yay hey jen :p welcome to your first challenge :p x
Im hoping that I can achieve what i intended to lose in june, and thats 11 lb for me :fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed:


gunna be a fatty for ever
Well count me in. My weight loss has been ssssssssslllllllllllooooooooowwww so im gunna say half a stone an take it from there!!


Good luck girliessss
heyy kae welcome aboard .. my loss is slowing down as well , it was like a stone and half a month and now its only just reaching a stone a month... guess as we get smaller it gets harder x
i'd like to join this month if that ok, im going for 8.5 lbs this month :D

H xx
Heya I love to join I want 12lbs off by then ;)

Leea xx


Full Member
I'm bowing out of July's challenge, I'm away from 10th to the 28th on holiday so know I'll be drinking a fair bit and probably eating a bit more than usual, am going to try and keep it healthy but also really don't want to spend my holiday stressing about it.. Will be back in the August challenge though, good luck everyone!!!
everyones added =D... x
Hi everyone. I'm a new start. Have been hovering around since last week. My first week I only lost 3pounds so a bit disappointing. I'm also away for a week's holiday this month but would like to join in the challenge. Ill go for 7 if that's ok.
Welcome Emmasmum!!

I wish you every success x
july start weight = 17 stone 6+ 3/4lbs
goal weight by end of july = 16 stone 6 + 1/2lbs or less.