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As the May challenge proved so helpful to me I would love it if all that want to join in for a June one.

Kirra hun, hope you dont mind me starting this off, but as have no more WI's till June wanted to set a target to aim for.

I hope to lose 10 Ibs in June {ambitious as I am holiday for a week of it...gulp}

Chocolateandskyblue 10 Ibs
flabbybumbum 11 Ibs
Plums 8 Ibs
shazboo 10 Ibs
clueless78 8 Ibs
chickadee1976 8 Ibs
giraffegirl 7 Ibs
iamme 10 Ibs
iona.1985 7 Ibs
KiiRwarrr 15 Ibs
xJMx 10 Ibs
VixB 14 Ibs
babymable 10 Ibs
Kaymarie 10 Ibs
billygroat 5 Ibs
Nee 10 Ibs
Brightdaze101 10 Ibs
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I'd like to join in please, my first minimins challenge!
I'd like to lose 11 lbs in June:greenapple:


'this time i'll do it!'
id like to join too, i'll aim to lose 10 lbs by the end of june,
great to have a bit of pressure!
I'd like to join in too please :D I want to lose 8lbs in June, I'm quite new to Xenical so hopefully will lose more but don't want to disappoint myself by setting my target too high.

Also, feel a bit silly asking but what does 'Micasa Sucasa' mean? :eek:
Ill join id like to lose 8lb in June, ive only got 3 weeks to do it as im off on holiday on the 21st
clueless, micasa sucasa is a name that was put forward by kirra and voted on by the regulars bout a month ago, there is a post if you wanna see how it came about

Just seen on another thread that you lost 5.5 lbs this week, well done you:happy096:
Think it said you stepped up your exercise, which is something I'm trying to do but its hard when you are heavy and ache from head to foot!! I dont know how the contestants on biggest loser keep going! What sort of exercise are you doing if you dont mind me asking?

Ive been mainly walking, as like you I found it difficult being bigger and also my knees used to suffer just walking.
This week I have found walking has being causing no aches so I spent a few hours in the garden on sunday burnt about 1000 calories just on that alone.

Am gonna start putting 2 min runnin in exery so often when walking then gradually increase the running time and decreasing the rest time{the walking in between runs} as I am able.

Read somewhere its a great way to build up to running.

I agree they must be so achy and in pain. Amazing how far they've come though.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.
me too!

think i would like to lose 10llbs in june too! if everyone else is going for a biggy then i am sure as hell not gonna be left out!

a whole 10llbs.....hope i dont regret it in the morning!:p
i want to lose 7lb in June.. well, at least 7lb! but i don't want to set a target too high!

also mi casa su casa means 'my house - your house' (as in treat my house as your own) ;)
oooo i will forgive you for starting this :p its ok really!! :p...

im Aiming for 14lbs again this time i will smash it.. so 14lbs off my weight at the 1st on june lol.

micasa sucasa means my home is your home.... meaning we are al one big family and everyones welcome =] xx
please put me down for a 10lb target, no bank holidays, no half terms so I should have no excuses :)
of course not its nice tht i can relax :p.. xxx


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I would like to lose 14lbs in June. i go on my hols on 10th July and had set myself a target loss of 2 stone by then, have lost 16lbs of it already.... Good luck everyone!! (My next weigh in is Wed. 10 June)