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Michael had his hospital hearing test today


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Michael had his hearing test at the hospital this morning - he'd had 2 'failed' tests done at school hence his referral.

They did tests and then we were told he has a lot of fluid behind the ears (GLUE EAR) and will need an op under GA to insert Grommets into both ears.

Dean and I panic at sound of GA - I know for Michaels sake it is best but as all parents do - we worry..... I have been 'researching' and so far am pleased to report only good reviews of people whose kids have had grommets inserted and some have even stated an improvement in their childs speech (Michael is having speech therapy within school) and in their attention span.

I told Michael that his ears are poorly and that a nice Doctor is going to help him hear better AND that when we go in he can choose ANY Balloon from the hospital shop AND ANY comic he wants.... he seems happy with that. I just don't want him to worry.....

We've been told the waiting list is about 2 - 3 weeks.... have told his Teacher and she's going to ensure she speaks clearer to him and more from infront of him rather that to the side or behind incase he is having trouble (but she'll do this subtlely) (sp?)

Not told the girls yet as both at school but will talk with them and get them to follow my 'story' of poorly ears so isn't confused or panicking.

When Amber had to have a lot of problematic baby teeth removed she had GA - I was with her till she fell asleep.....I remember the feeling of worry and upset when I saw her eyes roll backwards.... am dreading it with Michael again - with Amber I had to rush into loos to have a good old boo!!! I KNOW Michael will want me to go with him rather than Dean - he's a Mummys Boy bless him.....

I know he needs this doing......just will be sooooooo glad to see him awake again following the op.


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Dont worry poppy - My son had these done last year and was fine, his hearing is great now too.
it is a worry when GA is involved, all 3 of mine have had at least one!
My daughter had to have glass removed from her hand when she was 5 and my eldest son was burnt and needed skin grafts when he was only 13 months old!
Bloody kids and worry!!!
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Best wishes for your family. It's an awful thing to deal with as a parent when they go for op's but they're generally over so quickly and all's well again. Both my son's have had op's and I was so scared but everything was fine.

My youngest had dreadful glue ear along with some 'normal' hearing loss but we opted for the hearing aids. He had very delayed speech from the hearing loss which thankfully has righted itself now. He wore them on and off from about 3 to 5 and then everything just cleared up. He's had no problems since but I do wonder if grommits would have been easier, we just went with the doctor's suggestion and it worked luckily.

You're right to keep it as a normal sort of thing to happen with your son. No need for him to worry and it'll be sorted before you know it.:)


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My son had this done when he was 6 (15 now). When he woke after the GA he got up started running round the ward asking for McDonalds. He was fine. And he has been fine since. His hearing was 20% and 10% and after the grommets i think it was 90% and 98%.

your son will be fine. xxxxx


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Thanks for the advice everyone.....
Feel more relaxed over the issue now and just hope the appointment comes through sooner rather than later.
Glad to hear of everyone elses children's progress



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My daughter was 5 when she had grommets. It was over in a hour and we took her home to rest but it was a lovely day in August and all she wanted to do was play outside. I made OH go to theatre will her because I knew I wasn't strong enough not to cry in front of her and she was already scared enough. As it was there was problems with the anaethetic, so I was really glad I didn't go. But she was absolutely fine and has had no problems ever since.


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Of course you're worried! He's your baby! But paediatric anaesthetists are the most skilled Drs there are, it's a quick and simple op and they will take the greatest care of him. It will be over be for you know it and he will be bouncing around in no time xxxx


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I nursed for a number of years on a childrens ward and believe me grommets is a very common op...Micheal will only be in theatre for a short time, and he will be fine, and he won't be in hospital for long either, sending best wishes to you both.

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