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midwife thinks i have pre-eclamsia again!

Well like it says really i went to see my midwife today and told her about some symptoms (swolen ancles, headaches, dancing flashing spots and dizzyness) and she told me off for not mentioning it before hand. I have had to have blood test sent off which i get the results for 2mora..if good or bad. but baby is measuring ahead of dates +2 weeks when measuring belly but i no there not very accurate but i supose its good that she is bigger if maybe i have to have her a little early. wish me luck girls x x
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big bear

A bear on a mission!
Hope all is ok with the tests XXX


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Hope your results show you don't have it, but if it does prove to be the case, they will have diagnosed it early and will be keeping a very close eye on you and baby. And as you say she may be bigger than average for dates which is good news should she have to arrive early, take care fingers crossed for you, Jo
thanks girls! still no phone call as yet.....grrr!! but i have a feeling everything is ok just need to no for sure now. if i have tho then like u say its good to have been caught early :) xx


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God hun, you really are doing this pregnancy tough aren't you.

I think they can give you blood pressure tablets to reduce it if your bp is high. Like the others have said if you have it, at least its been noted as a possibility and they will keep a closer eye on you.
Yeah i have had it pretty tough lol but all the bleeds seem to have stopped!! And i got some good news....the results are clear so no pre-eclamsia!! yay!! xx
Thank goodness for that :D,
I'm so pleased for you. What a relief.

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