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might have gestational diabetes .. what the hell do i eat now, lol


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had my 20 week scan yesturday, all seemed well but there were some concerns over babies abdominal circumfrence measurements (too high) although just on top line of centile thing, didnt go over .. i have now been referred for a glucose testing in case i have developed gestational diabetes - appt isnt for another week and im assuming will take another week or so to get back results - apparently they write to you.
i have been following mostly green days on sw which obvioulsy includes lots of carbs - potatoes, rice etc (in fact had both of these yesturday!) which if i have gdiabetes i should be cutting down on.
just thinking until i know my results either way, i should perhaps be eating as if i have gd to be on the safe side - have any of you developed this in pregnancy and what were you told to eat .. i love my fruit, should i be cutting back on this also?
many thanks x
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Sorry to hear that, fingers crossed you're okay. I assume you treat GD as you would normal diabetes? If so then usually it's a low GI style eating plan that doesn't raise your blood sugar ie. avoid refined foods such as white bread, sugar etc., or carbs that have been broken down for you eg. mashed or jacket potatoes and go for the more complex carbs such as wholegrain bread, new potatoes, rice, pasta. Plenty of fruit and veg as always, and plenty of water.

The GI diets are based on the idea of how diabetics should eat (such as the Rosemary Conley diets) so maybe have a look through those to see suggestions on what to eat.

Here's some more info on food for it - Foods For Gestational Diabetes | LIVESTRONG.COM


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fingers crossed you havent got it although its not the end of the world if you have. the diet is nothing drastic, just healthy and plenty of fruit and veg is encouraged.

put it this way - if its discovered and controlled early on at least you have less of a chance of gaining loads of weight (i gained 6st before it was diagnosed last pregnancy!)

it should also go away after the birth so look at it as temporary only xx