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Milestone treats?

Do you treat or reward yourself to anything when you reach a milestone or mini target?

I haven't done as yet, but am beginning to think that I deserve some sort of pat on the back to myself if you know what I mean. I'm 1/2 a pound away from 3 1/2 stone loss, but I'm thinking I should give myself a treat or something when I get to 4 stone loss, or maybe I should wait until the 5 stone loss because that will make me exactly half way to target. Problem is, I don't know what to reward myself.

I'm not a girly girl, so a pamper session, hair, nails, facial etc is not really my scene.

I just don't know what to use as my 'carrot' for when I get there.

Do you reward yourself? and what with?
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Annie, so far I haven't rewarded myself either with anything, previously its always been a meal out or something like that but this time I want to try and avoid food as a reward really.

I'm not exactly a pampering type of girl either, although I have been fancying one of those chemical peels so seriously considering that at some point although I think that would be for getting to my final target!


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I haven't yet but I think I need to make plans to do so. At the moment I celebrate a loss with some chocolate then comiserate a gain with...er... Chocolate! Can you see where this is going?

I need to get some non-food rewards!

Yikes Rachelina, I'd consider that a punishment LOL.

Hmmm seems like we need to come up with some non-food related rewards. Thinking cap on!


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I would have suggested a really nice outfit but if you're anything like me, you're not wasting money on clothes that you know you will only be in a short time.

What about a short break away?
It's not really a carrot dangler though arghh no idea lol


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Some nice underwear! You don't have to spend a fortune on them, and c'mon... who doesn't feel special in new undies??? I bought a really nice pair at Sainsbury's and I think they cost £3. I got them at Christmas and they're still my favourite pair! :D
Mine is always food based and that's not really a good thing is it!!

How about some time for yourself, doing whatever you want to do? Something you enjoy but don't normally make time for?

If you are anything like me, that is in short supply - an hour of peace with a magazine is bliss!!!
I reward myself with some costume jewellery or a nice hair accessory or a cheap scarf something thatll last , i pick them up from Asda or Primark etc so its only a couple of quid but its a visual reward to myself and i can always look at and think I bought that because I lost a stone also as i tend to wear them its a constant reminder that I lost that stone and i dont want to put it back on
I should maybe buy myself a nice scarf, and that way, if I slip, I can gag myself with it to stop me from eating LOL.

tbh, I think it would be nice to buy some nice undies instead of the under-the-armpit belly warmers I've been wearing ROFL. A nice lacy bra would be nice too instead of the hammocks I've been wearing!
Undies is good!

Annie, how about something for your photography? A piece of kit that you've not got yet or something along those lines? Or some motorbike gear?
I love it! I need one now!
Ohhh I know!! I need a scarf with pictures of chocolate on it!! LMAO!! how many syns in a scarf if I start to chew through the pics of the chocolate? LOL

Helli... As much as I agree with you about the camera gear (you can NEVER have too much camera gear!) I don't think hubby would go for it. The next thing (or two things) on my camera shopping list are a bit pricey. I'd love a decent flashgun (£399) or one of two lenses. One is £335.99 and the other is £3,682 (yes that is three grand! LOL. I don't think I will ever own this lens).

I'm still too fat to go on the back of the bike, but the size 10/12 leathers are my present to both me and hubby (nudge nudge wink wink) when I get to target. :D
I treated myself to a Radley Handbag at the weekend for my 4 stone loss. Am now starting to plan/save for when I reach 5 stone :)
I bought a charm bracelet when I first started. Every half stone I buy myself a silver charm and get it fitted.
I wear it all the time and it serves as a reward and constant reminder of success.

That's really nice.

I don't think it would work for me though because 20 half stone charms would weigh me down a bit LOL.
The charm bracelet is such a nice idea. I'd probably buy myself shoes/boots or a bag or have my hair cut. I recently got a new job, and they're first on my list for when I get paid!
I already have a charm bracelet but it's only got 3 charms on so far (30th birthday gifts and a valentine's pressie) so I love the idea of half stone charms! That would give me 4 new ones and then I will be at goal. I am going to do that!!!!

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