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Milestones treats!


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Just wondering if any of you had any special treats when you hit certain milestones? i.e those gorgeous jeans when you go down a size, or a takeaway when you go down into the next stone bracket.

I thought it might be fun to all set one, something to work towards! I decided that for every half a stone I lose I will let myself have a takeaway:)

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When I did SW origionally i had a charm bracelet and got myself a new charm for every 7lbs :) x
Yeah I dont do that now...I dont really have many non weight related treats atm x
I'm just working towards reaching target and getting my reward then! (Im getting new engagement & wedding rings cause my fingers are getting too skinny!)
Our All you can eat near me, does loads of healthy stuff, so even if I go with friends, the only thing i have "naughty" is pudding! :eek:) x
I treated mum to a spa weekend for her birthday last year, and OMG we had a body scrub was AMAZING! x


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Delleh - I love the charm bracelet idea. Something you can see all the time !

Shrimpy - that's brilliant. Well done :)

Gail x

sweetie darling

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Hey how spooky is this thread, as I was just thinking about setting a few treat/goal incentives!!!

I think when I reach my target I might be brave & try & get my hair totally restyled!!!!! That plus there's a fab necklace I want that's about £100 & I don't feel worthy to wear it as I am. As for incentives & treats on the way down to target, well I have tonnes of lovely clothes that I'm so looking forward to being able to get back into!!!

Might treat myself to a proper mani & pedicure when I get 1/2 way to target :)

Well done on the takeaway idea, I don't think it'd work for me tho, if I had anything ''non diet'' that'd be it, I wouldn't stop!!

I really want to get into my ''middle sized'' jeans for my birthday - which is 4 weeks away. Think that's about a stone or so to lose tho, so might be a bit over ambitious!! :sigh:


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I think your ideas sound fantastic sweetie darling. They are really exciting goals to aim for.

And I know what you mean about having loads of clothes to get into ! Good luck.

Gail x
When I did SW origionally i had a charm bracelet and got myself a new charm for every 7lbs :) x
Thats what im going to do however for my 1st loss of over 7lbs im going to London in 2 weeks for weekend! So starting at the 1 stone im getting charm bracelet and charm!
after hubby treated me to a personal shopper at debenhams for christmas last year i am putting £1 in a jar for every lb I lose, then when I get to each 1/2stone I'm going to put in £5 and for each stone £10. By the time I get to target I should have a decent amount to go buy new clothes with the personal shopper again. Plus the clothes i got last year will go on ebay as they are mostly designer (1st ever lot of designer clothes) so should get some money back from them too and that will go in the pot too

about £250 if i've done my maths right :0)
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I have a list of small treats for each 1/2 stone lost, such as a manicure, new bag etc. My main treat will be a new tattoo after I have 3 stone.

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