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Milk Diet?

Hi there , I dont know if this is in the right place or not so I apologise if its not.

Im having gallbaldder surgery in 2 weeks and am now on day 2 of the milk diet (as told to follow by my consultant)

Im finding it fairly daunting as I think ahead for the next couple of weeks.

Has anyone follwed a liquid only diet? (am allowed either 4 pints of milk of 3 slim fast, im freezing some so its like a sorbet, sugar free jelly - i sachet and a stock cube drink)

Does it really get easier after a couple of days?

Im in a bit of a state but I think its the psycolgical effects of not eating (as I eat my feelings) so Im also thinking this could be good to help me recognise actual hunger?

Anyway Im sorry for the rambling, just looking for any feed back

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Milk just milk? Surely you have no energy! Alot of us have followed liquid only diets but we are getting 100% of our RDA x

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It sounds a bit extreme. As leedsforever says most of us here are following a liquid VLCD but using meal replacement products that give us all of our RDA. Just milk or Slim Fast doesn't seem that healthy to me. I've suffered from gall bladder pain in the past and I just cut out fat and certain trigger foods to stop the triggers. And since following this VLCD I haven't had a flare up at all. I would have thought that a bland, lean protein type diet would be better for gallstones as that's what I tried to stick to when I had problems. Trigger foods for me were cheese, chocolate and fatty meats.
My only trigger foods were starbucks frappachinos and sweetcorn bizarrely.
But they decided the a full cholecystectomy was needed for me.
Im now on day 4 and have slipped up twice by absent mindedly popping the kids crusts off their sarnies in my mouth but I can confirm its very extreem.

I have massive respect for the proper vlcd out there,
<bloody surgeon making me do this .....grumble grumble> :D
Its only to be followed for a very short time, a matter of weeks before surgery to shrink the liver. It does produce weight loss, but thats not its aim. Its not a diet that is ment to be followed for any length of time, but is deemed safe for pre-surgery, as advised by your surgeon
I had gallbladder surgery about five years ago and have been fine since. I had to follow a low fat diet for six months and lose two stone. I lost about one stone ten. But I've not heard of this milk diet. When I was on the low fat diet I think I only had one attack in the whole six months.


This is really the time!
I am possibly having a bypass and it is one of the possible diets surgeons will put patients on anything from 1 week up to 6 weeks before the op.

1-2 weeks is to shrink the liver and soften is so that the surgery can be done key hole.

3-6 weeks seems to be hospitals that want a 5-10% weight loss before surgery and the liver shrinkage.

Because it depletes the glycogen from the liver, it is not intended to be followed for a long time and can only be done under the supervision of a doctor. Carbs make the glycogen return and will increase the liver size. So if you slip up, it is est for it to be on skinless grilled chicken or similar lol

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