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Milk or no milk?

Stuck with the black

Have got so used to NOT having milk in my drinks. Couldn't see the point of having it again. Gives me the flexibility to put itin other things. Have porridge made with skimmed milk in the mornings.Just have to do what's best for you.
Good luck.
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I have been using nonfat milk in my coffee/tea. I also use it for cereal, and if I make porridge I use half milk half water. I probably drink at least a pint of milk a day in my drinks. More on some days. I have been fine with it.

I just do not like black coffee or tea at all, and I loooooooove coffee, so I use the milk.

I also have some bone issues, so the calcium is important for me. But its been fine.

It just depends really where and how you want to spend your calories, being sure to get all the nutrition you need. :)


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Milk is good for you, so its not wasted calories. It contains Protein and calcium for example.

Calories in milk - especially skimmed milk - are relatively low, so I don't personally see it as detrimental to me...

I have milk in my tea, and I drink black coffee mostly, only sometimes with milk...

Just do what you like and enjoy your cuppa :)
Thanks for all of your comments, I suppose I will just have to see how I get on and make a decision as and when, as for the calcium etc, I intend to have yoghurts so hopefully will get some of the goodness from them


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Just had milk yesterday in my tea

How much milk are we allowed? Can i have 3 cups of tea a day with milk?

Im in week 1 at the mo.

I feel like a noob all over again these days
from what I can find you can have milk for tea and coffee, there is not an actual amount, someone may tell you otherwise, I have still avoided milk and am having yoghurts for my dairy input, I too feel like I am back to square one again, having to ask what must seem like daft questions, but as always everone has been so supportive.
I am on week 3 now and have added fruit, wow how sweet is it!!, I am going to avoid oranges though, it feels like the citrus burnt a hole in my stomach.
Keep up the good work, this is definately the hardest part so far.


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I think it's something like 200ml of skimmed milk per day? (it's loads to be honest! So don't worry :) ) + 1 yoghurt pot per day? That's how I did it anyway. Skimmed milk has hardly any calories in it, and a Muller Light is like a small lunch with about 100.

And well done for sticking to the program so far! Les us know how you're going along. :D


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S: 17st2.8lb C: 17st2.8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks guys your help is appreciated in all this and you look great by he way :)

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