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Milton's Food Diary

Hi all,
So today is my first day on the Dukan Diet.
I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of my food in a diary on here - that way, if you can see that I'm going wrong then I'm sure one of the seasoned Dukaners can put me back on track.

Today is the 1st of 6 days of Attack. Food so far:

B: 2 eggs scrambled with a splash of skimmed milk (it was a quick one as I had to go to the dentist this morning:()

L: Tinned mackerel with cottage cheese, followed by a crunchy oatbran biscuit made using 1&1/2tbs oatbran, 1tbs ff yoghurt, 1/2 tsp splenda & a bit of ground ginger. It was yummy, but not very crunchy so I think I'll nuke it for longer next time.

I'll be back to update later...think it's meatloaf for tea!
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Hi Jackie, thanks for posting.

Well I did have meatloaf for tea.
I made a turkey meatloaf with turkey mince, a bit of red chilli, some herbs and black pepper - and it was fab!
I really enjoyed it and there's still plenty left for snacking on tomorrow.

I was going to have some ff yoghurt with sweetener and vanilla for afters but I'm full now so I won't.

I've also had 3&1/2 pints of water and about 6 cups of black tea so I think I'm done for today.

I'll be back tomorrow x
Good going today keep it up
Had a lovely surprise when I stepped on the scales this morning - 2.6lb off...I know it's only water etc but a loss is a loss!

Breakfast was ff natural yoghurt mixed with my oatbran, a touch of sweetener & some cinnamon; it was lovely.

So the rest of the day went as follows:
S: 2 slices of meatloaf
L: Tinned sardines & cottage cheese
D: Finished off the meatloaf and then had a 200g pot of fat-free natural greek yoghurt, with vanilla & Splenda.

Plus 3+ pints of water and some black teas & coffees.

Think it's a beef mince day tomorrow.
Well done :)
Day 3's Attack menu so far:

B: 1&1/2tbs of oatbran mixed into ff nat yoghurt with cinnamon & sweetener - I really like this!
S: 2 hardboiled eggs.
L: Tin of mackerel.

Plus 2 black coffees, some black teas and 2 pints of water so far.

Fancied another snack so tried some orange SF jelly srystals in ff yog - yum!
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Thanks Danii!

Well today was another loss - yipee! I've lost 6lb in the first 3 days of Attack so I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat today!

So last night's dinner was beef mince meatloaf mixed with eggs, a little chilli, onion & herbs. It was really nice but I wasn't really hungry and it was quite late when I ate.
Note to self - get the tea earlier!

So today I had an earlier start so I just grabbed a few tbs of ff nat yoghurt before I went out.

L: 2 hardboiled eggs
S: bowl of ff nat yoghurt, cinnamon & sweetener & my oatbran.

Think it's meatloaf & roast chicken for tea tonight.
Last night's tea was meatloaf plus 2 mini tuna quiches, followed by a bowl of ff from frais and some sf jelly crystals.

I roasted a chicken ready for today and decided to make some of the mini quiches whilst the oven was on. I used quark, eggs, tuna & herbs. They're really nice.

And this morning I've lost another 0.6lb - so that's 6.6lb after 4 days - I'm really pleased.
Day 5 Attack.
Today so far:

B: 4 mini tuna quiches
S: 1/2 a pot of ff fromage frais with splenda & vanilla

2 pints of water & black teas and coffees.

S: Crunchy oatbran cookies - still not crunchy but nice anyway.

D: Roast chicken and cottage cheese.

Plus 3-4 pints of water and teas & coffees.
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Ok, so missed breakfast this morning. But here's the rest of the day, both eaten and to come.

L: Chicken & herb quiche - used up the last of my roast chicki, mixed in with quark, eggs, sage & a little onion.

Followed by 2 crunchy dukan biscuits to fit in my oatbran - cooked them in the oven this time so they were crunchy!

D: Have roasted some frozen salmon steaks with a light sprinkling of cayenne so will have a couple of those later.

Plus water, black coffee and tea.
Oh my goodness!!!
After 6 days of Attack I've lost 8.8lb - am I happy or what!!

So - onwards and downwards as they say! I'm really looking forward to some veggies later.

B: Ff nat yoghurt with 2tbs of oatbran, a little sweetener and some cinnamon.

The rest of the day to follow.

PS: Just a little cheat on my stats - it won't let you put points of a lb in so I rounded up to 9lb lost instead. I usually round down the other way.

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