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Mind the fat on now channel 5


Gone fishing
I've watched half of this programme. Will watch tother half later. It really rung some bells with me. Especially the 26stone lady talking about emotional eating.

I've always maintained that I am not an emotional eater. I used to eat whenever. Didn't need to be sad to eat, would binge whatever the mood.

I like that doctor guy (specialist in obesity). He's been on a few programmes lately and talks a lot of sense.

Many years ago, I remember saying to DH, that one day they'll say it's something to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Of course, at the time, people who were overweight were just considered greedy and lazy. They are finding out so much more now.

They should have asked me 20 years ago. I knew :D

Really feel for those super morbidly obese people. What a waste of a life. I can't imagine how awful it must be to be in the 40-50 stone bracket.

Just lying there, slowly eating yourself to death.

Had a bit of a problem following the programme as it wasn't the same one as advertised, and the subtitles were for another programme about changing childrens diets. Made for interesting viewing;) Watched two programmes in one there :D