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Minime's pregnancy diary: infection after birth

Thought I'd join you over here, been around minimins for years.

I'm 8 + 3 today. Pregnancy was a massive shock as had coil fitted. Already mum to 2 girls aged 12 and 10 and little boy who is nearly 8. Thought I was done and dusted, but obviously bubs was meant to be.

Had some bleeding after coil had been removed and pain on right side, scan showed baby at 7 + 1. Back to work as a nurse following week and had some more fresh bleeding on 3rd day, rescanned following day and all is well. So feel I can't relax until I get to 12 weeks.

Have only told my closest friends. Intending to wait until xmas day to tell our kids as I'll be 13 weeks then. At least I can talk about it on here before then.

As for weight I had lost 21lbs but had gained 7lbs back, then over last 5 weeks or so I was gaining but couldn't understand why. So altogether I've put on 1stone of what I lost. Determined not to lose the plot with food this time, so will be following SW plan for the majority of time.
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Yay another newbie to join the others!
Welcome aboard the best board on the forum! lol There is a thread to add your due date etc to if you fancy it ;)

Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy :)


My husband = My hero
Fantastic news! congratulations!! What a shock hehe, but a lovely one at that!!

Hope the next few weeks are worry free, everything crossed

Hey guys, thanks for all your lovely replies.

I'm off to midwife this afternoon for referral to hospital. I'm so hoping I get my 12 wk scan before xmas as we want to tell the kids on xmas day that they are having a new sister/brother, but only wanted to do that after the 12 week scan.

Been off sick for past week due to bleeding/spotting and pains. Going back tomorrow to see how I get on and hope I have a good day and that its not too heavy.
i am planning on starting sw once this sicky business is done with, but it's showing no signs of sodding off yet, ha. and in the meantime i can only eat what i fancy at any given time, most of which is rather unhealthy and i have ballooned. but i have all the sw stuff ready and waiting for me so i'll be giving it a shot in the next week or two with luck :)

it will be such a lovely christmas surprise for them. how do you think they'll take it?

abz xx


My husband = My hero
Sounds like the best christmas ever!

any news on your scan date??

I think they'll be delighted, but my 12 year old may be a bit embarrassed as obviously she knows how they are really made now.

No word on the scan date, need to wait on the letter to come through.

The midwife thinks my aches and pains may be my symphis pubis dysfunction (SPD) starting again. I had this pretty severely in all pregnancy, but the last one I was on crutches from 15 weeks and they wanted to hospitalise me for bedrest and pain control at 30 weeks. I'm so hoping its not the case as being a nurse and on my feet all day, will mean that I need to go off on sick leave really early.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Hi Mini
lol at your 12 year old - bless. ;)
Also ((hugs)) on the Spd returning. not nice, but hopefully not as bad as last time. fingers x'd.


Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
Hiya, congrats on your pregnancy hun, and fingers crossed you get the scan date before Christmas, I think it's possible you will though because of how far along you are. Sending happy vibes your way hun xxx :D

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Might be worth ringing your local scanning hospital unit if you don't get a letter.. they often give appointments out over phone if paperwork hasn't been received etc. ;)
Forgot I had started a diary in here so will update it again.

I'm nearing 17 weeks, 12 week scan went well, just waiting on my 20 week scan date now. So hoping I can find out the sex of baby as think it will make it much easier for my kids.

Got really bad SPD, been attending physio since 11 weeks, got support belts, tubigrips and muscle strengthening exercises. I work as a nurse on 12.5 hr shifts and was pushing myself to keep on going. I was really struggling, especially if I was working with some of the lazy folk and by the end of the shift it was a struggle to drive home. The ward sister seen me Monday morning and told me she didn't think I should be working and wanted a GP review. GP has now signed me off for 8 weeks and told me its unlikely I'll get back to work before baby is born. See physio again on monday to pick up my crutches. Feel guilty that I'll be off for so long, but know I need to look after myself.

Worried this will make the pregnancy seem like its lasting forever. I don't like being cooped up in the house, but considering I can't walk far I've no real choice. Worst thing is seeing the things that need done in the house and not being able to do them. OH is gonna be busy lol.

Got a nice wee bump, but still not managed to find a good pair of maternity jeans, the ones i've got fall down. Any recommendations appreciated.


wannabe yummy mummy
I'm in exactly the same position as you! I'm a nurse and been off since week 13 coz of SPD :( I think I'd enjoy the time off if I wasn't as physically debilitated but I know if I've done too much one day I can hardly move for the next 3 so it's just not worth it! My house is getting on my nerves coz I can see what needs doing but can't actually do much of it so I empathise entirely with you!
its a bummer isn't it. Always want to be off, now we are and can't do anything we don't want to be.

Is your ticker right, your getting married in 13 days, you must be excited.


wannabe yummy mummy
Exactly! That said I know i just physically couldn't do the job at the minute so in a way I'm glad I'm not struggling on with it. Hope you're having more good days than bad at the moment ((hugs))
Yes my ticker is right, 2 weeks yesterday we're getting married! :eek:

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