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Minimins - the rivals!!!

Have been pretending to be working on laptop :( - but really have been on this forum and looking around the net!
I didnt realise there were so many weight loss and dieting forums around. They all do the same kind of thing but really .....

MINIMINS IS DEF THE BEST ONE!!!! :) I could never defect!!

Any one else checked them out?

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i was on a different forum before this one. but it was crap. although i did meet a girl on there called Lorna who put me in touch with julz who told me about mini's. so its julz's fault that you all have the pleasure of me!!!!

why are you throwing things at her?


Says it as it is!!!
hehehe vickie x x
Yeah i tried one ...but tbh it was boring..all they ever talked about was dieting!!!! lol
I love LT forum on minis beacause we arent stuffy, and talk about everything, not JUST dieting!!!!!


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I googled lipotrim way back when & Minis came up - hung around & watched the board for a bit then registered & never looked back :)
I started LT on Friday 23rd May 2008, came home and started googling LT. I came across handbag and there was a thread on it about LT so I was reading this thread with interest, and there was this one girl who quite literally was throwing her weight around and a lot of other people who were being so negative to anyone who was on LT or even considering it. I found it to be a very negative place indeed. As Vickie says though - one good thing from that site is that I met a girl called lorna who put me in touch with Vickie! And this place just wouldnt be the same without u vickie! xox :)

I then came across this site and joined up straight away - so from Day 1 of LT I have been here and I have to say it has been a great source of motivation, information and inspiration. I like what i have here and I cant imagine even looking anywhere else cos everything I need from a forum is here... great people, great support and good craic! :)


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My neice is waiting for weight loss surgery in the States and she told me about this site www.obesityhelp.com/forum/ ! I lurked on the site and the weight losses are amazing (100lbs++) and although its geared towards surgery its about weight loss so its worth a pop in.

When I'm in the pity pot feeling like I'm the biggest person on this site with the higest BMI and the most weight to lose in the whole wide world it puts it back into perspective.

If nothing else it so so American....:giggle:

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