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Minor surgery and the CD diet

Hiya all,
I'm gonna have to have day surgery soon - it might be on short notice.
Can anyone tell me if, for day surgery where I'm only under for a short while if I have to give up the diet or what? (have looked on CD website for official info but nothing there).
I think I did read somewhere that you have to come out of ketosis even for a minor op and can't go back to SSing or 790 for several weeks afterwards.
As I'm getting married in the Summer it's important to me to lose the weight in time. Also, if they only give me a days notice for the op (which is an endometrial ablation where they basically burn by microwave the lining of the womb away), how will I come out of ketosis that quick???
Help please - I'm really hoping that, due to it being a minor op, that I can just take a week off SSing and go onto the 810 or 1000 plan then back to the diet.
THanks in advance
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i m on LL and was told 48 hrs either side of surgery .......... but had shoulder op a week ago and have only just started back today ss as i was taking so many painkillers ......... it upset my stomach .... so i ate ,,,,,,,,,, ok and feeling sorry for myself ........... good luck with op ..........xx

Lisa Marie

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My gp told me can't be in ketosis 12 days before and 3 months afterwards something to do with the healing process, I have put back my op until August because I want to lose the weight more than have the surgery at the moment. My op was for endometriosis too.

I had a Novasure ablation under a general as a daycase back in January. I had already got to goal months before the op so was just keeping to 1000 calorie healthy eating anyway (after xmas overindulgence). If you want to ss its probably best to check with either the hospital or Cambridge head office just to be on the safe side.

I did go back onto cambridge a month after the procedure (it was such a minor op with no incision scars etc that I forgot to mention it to my cdc), but I was doing the 1000 plan as I had only half a stone to shift (a mix of xmas and no gym for a week or two after the op).

Good luck with your ablation - if you want any info about it just ask. :)

I found this forum an excellent place before and after the ablation.

Endometrial Ablation Discussion - Message Board - Yuku

Linda x
HIya and thanks for your replies - that is quite a difference from 48 hours either side of the op to stopping 12 days before and 3 months after!
I am on a short notice list as it is day surgery and they might phone me the day before or even ON the day of surgery.
I can't really see how I will need 3 months recovery time for this op - they said it will only be a few days and then all will be back to normal.
But thanks again for letting me know what your experience is. I had to put the surgery off last year cos of other health problems and don't want to do that now. I've still got at least 2 stone to lose - more preferably but I don't know what to do now.
Maybe I will email CD website peeps and ask what they think.
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dont bother checking with the hospital some of their staff give bad advice!

check with cd hq!

but i would come out of ketosis atleast a week before seriousley and then get back into a week after!

Hiya Linda,
We posted at the same time! Thanks for the information. I'm really nervous about this procedure - it sounds a bit barbaric to burn you inside but I can't live with the flooding, clots, pain etc any more.
I guess I would still lose weight on the 1000 plan anyway but will have to take more advice. As you said - it's not an incision thingy. I was wondering if it was to do more with the actual general anaesthetic????
Anywayz - thanks for your advice and the forum - I'll check it out.

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