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soon to be minnie mouse

rainbow brite

Yay! Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself :D
you have done sooooooo well a very big well done

the end is near x


Staff member
Well done on your 5lb off this week!!!:happy096:

Refeeding can be worrying and I would say follow it to the letter...as those that do have the most success long term:)

Love Mini xxx


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Well done hun! Amazing 5lbs! Nearly there now! Tracey and Oxally have posted their refeed diaries and menus in the refeed section and I am finding them a great help!
Well done thats a fab loss!!!!

Dont worry about refeed - its scary but its only a week and if you follow it to the letter you wont have a problem


soon to be minnie mouse
thanks guys just spoke to pharmasist and he's very supportive and going to make sure i follow it to the letter. so maybe i have nothing to worry about
can't get my head around this GI/GL so going to investigate other threads for info
thats a great loss dont worry about the refeed but maybe start thinking bout what plan you're gonna follow I find the gi diet is working the best for me!Get to the shops and start book buying!
WOW Scouse that as flown by, well done on your loss, nice one! x


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wow well done how many weeks have you been doing lt? I dont undrstand this refeed do you just start when your at goal ? xx


soon to be minnie mouse
i'm thinking 7 or 8 weeks on the program, to tell you the truth KS it's flown by and i'm still so amazed at mine and everyone elses losses and it's kept me really focussed.
have to try and put some before and during piccies up but i'm a bit dim really lol


is going to loose!
Hey SM


That's such a great achievement darl, how happy are you. Dont worry about the refeed. Set yourself some goals about how you are going to maintain your new fabulous body when you get to and have finished the refeed, i.e. exercise. Perhaps start initiating it a little now.

I'm so proud and inspired by you. Do you start refeed when you enter your goal range or do you set it yourself?



soon to be minnie mouse
don't know my plans yet going to be guided by he pharmasist (or gaz) i'm scared and excited for the future but with support i know i can achieve my goal weight


soon to be minnie mouse
WOW Scouse that as flown by, well done on your loss, nice one! x
thanks gaz
can you please start refeed and maintainance soon as i want to follow your lead during the next phase (no pressure then) lol


Says it as it is!!!
Fab loss hun ........well done xx


soon to be minnie mouse
Well done Scouse, how long has it take you to get this far?
8 wks i'm thinking but it's been such a rapid weight loss it's flown by and thanks.
good luck for your 1st week and keep the water flowing for a good result

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