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Mirena coil or Implant


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I've been have irregular periods then sometimes heavy, then off again etc etc. OH has had the snip and I don't want any children ( I haven't any), I'm 41, currently taking Cerazette and my Gyna has now recommended the coil. I'm thinking maybe the implant to try and regulate me (or stop me completely) or the coil - until I hit the menopause whenever that may be. Any replies on what effect the coil or implants have on your bodies would be greatly appreciated x:cry:
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I am on my thrid mirena coil. I do get some spots with it, but the biggest plus is no periods at all!

My 2nd coil wasnt fitted rpoperly though, and I do have my gorgeous baby boy thanks to that ha ha. But it is extremely rare.


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So am I right in saying you had one fitted before you had your baby boy? I don't have any children - this is purely to 'control my irregular periods / bleeding' according to the doc xx
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i have the mirena coil to and havnt had a period in 4 years however a friend had the same and she had really heavy ones. So it works for some and not for others. She now has the implant and gets on better with that but she did gain a bit of weight
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They wont fit them, ususally, into women who have not had kids yet. Id had 2 babies already before I had my coil. Its the risk of causing infertility through infection etc.
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The implant shouldn't be used to regulate periods, there are absolutely no guarantees of how it will affect them!
I have two friends who had the implant put in and stopped having periods (though one only had them stop after 6 months of continuous spotting).
Personally, I've had my implant in for almost 3 years (need it changed soon), and my periods still aren't anything like regular. Then again, they never have been. One thing I will say for it though, it helps with the cramps.
I had a mirena coil before my daughter, this is the one coil that they will fit in women who haven't had children (unlike the copper coil). I had no periods for 5 years and no problems at all with it.

I've had this coil in for 2 years now as I can't take the pill due to high bp. I've not had any periods again but get very very occasional spotting. I do get the pmt symptoms though, sore boobs and bloating but no actual period. This time though I suffered badly with spots and need long term antibiotics to counteract the effects. Not good but the only alternative is sterilisation.

As for not using it to regulate periods, I'm not sure this is correct as I know they use the mirena coil in pre menopausal woman to reduce womb lining and regulate or reduce periods.

Hope this helps!


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I've just had my 2nd Mirena coil fitted last week after 5 years of no periods after ones that were do heavy they actually flushed the old style coil out!!

Other than a bit of spotting after i lost weight which coincided with the end of the coils life, I've had no problems whatsoever


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SarahSez - did you have yours put in after you had children?
yes I did have it put in after children. My first one was put in at hospital under general anaesthetic as my periods were so bad, but the 2nd one was put in at the doctors surgery.

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