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Extra Easy Misleading literature?


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When I first joined SW I was very keen to do everything by the book and read the books through carefully and followed the 7 day meal plan you can get on the website.
Even after all this, I still managed to miss the 1/3 superfree part of the diet. A lot of the recipes on the website and in my books (curry one esp) do not seem to follow the 1/3 superfree rule.
I thought it was just me, but another 2 new members managed to miss this point too.
Once I realised I changed things straight away but then after contemplating things I felt a little cheated.
They don't push the point, so make people think they can have as much as they like, when really they can't. You are limited in the amount of pasta, meat etc on your plate by how many veggies you have on there also.
So what do you think, is the literature (especially on the website) a little misleading?
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It's more up to the Consultant on your first day to push the 1/3 superfree rule, rather than you pick it up on your own... it was literally rammed down my throat on my first day!!

Not only that, but if a recipe in the magazine/website says that a meal is EE, it will usually mean that within that meal is enough superfree food to count as 1/3 i.e. putting celery in everything!! :)

I don't think it's particularly misleading, I think your post just highlights the importance of reading everything thoroughly after group, and refreshing every now and then.



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I must admit if it wasn't for minimins I'd be plodding along on potatoes galore! Xx
I do think they could emphasise it more in their literature, but that said, it is in the book.

In the magazine recipe they tend to have a bowl of salad or something superfree in the background of photos, but i think it could be stressed more that it's required as part of the meal, not an optional side dish. This latest magazine is better in that respect, but still could be better.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the consultant, and we're unfortunately at the mercy of their own understanding of how it works. My consutant told us, but didn't really stress how it was the key to the ee plan working.


Runs with scissors
S: 14st4.5lb C: 12st11lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 1st7.5lb(10.72%)
Yeah well my consultant is appalling. I could go on for ages about how bad she is.
When these other 2 members were talking to me, I noticed they were doing it wrong to and had to tell them. She never would have realised.
Plus I ticked I was breastfeeding on my enrolment form and she never told me I could have extra healthy extras. I have only been having 1 of each everyday and only found out through this site I should have more than that.
I don't think she even looked at my form :(


Runs with scissors
S: 14st4.5lb C: 12st11lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 1st7.5lb(10.72%)
something superfree in the background of photos
Yes! In the picture of the spag bol is a very blurry almost out of the picture side salad!
In the book, it is written on one of the title pages, and I seemed to have skimmed over the title page to get to the actual information.


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I agree with you Lauralou. I actually just posted elsewhere about this because someone was feeling disheartened because they had gained after switching to EE.

I am on EE and have only been having small losses. Our consultant told us that we should 'try' to have the 1/3 superfree. It was never at any time impressed upon us that it is key to the EE plan working well.

She told us about a guy there who is the star slimmer and has been to the SW head office for some sort of award etc who did EE but didn't like fruit and veg and didn't really bother with them.

It was only through this forum that I found out just how important the 1/3 superfree actually is.
I do slimming world online and although there are many areas the site can be improved on. I do think the information given re: Extra Easy is very clear and easy to follow.

The 1/3 superfree part is mentioned several times too.

I haven't got the books so can't comment on those, but I would expect the currents books to hold the same information as what is online???
The books say 'remember to fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree' on both the superfree and the free food pages, but that's pretty much it!
Welshtigger said:
Surely that IS telling you then!!
I said above that they do tell you in the book. But it could be better explained as to how much of an important part of the plan it is. One sentence doesn't explain how it's the key to the ee plan working.
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I agree with the OP , I'm doing online and I find their web site a bit cumbersome at not very user friendly
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If its not clear to people then they should make it clearer. It is a very important part of the plan so needs prominance.

My friend just started a group and she was very clear about the 1/3 superfree in her first night talk. The Area Manager was there too and also emphasised it. It seems to be something that Cs are told to make clear so not sure why its not absolutely clear from the books. Maybe drop an email to SW as others have probably found the same thing.
I think the 1/3 superfree thing is quite new: at least, when I was an SW member two years ago and EE had just been launched there was no mention of 1/3 superfree (and superfree then included Quorn, eggs and yogurt too). I only heard about it on rejoining this time.

It's not compulsory either, just encouraged. This is from the SW website FAQs:

Q: Is a third of a plate of Superfree Food mandatory on the Extra Easy plan?
A: No, we'd never insist you eat in a way that might not suit you. However, we encourage you to include a third of a plate of Superfree Food to keep Extra Easy extra low energy density (low calorie), extra satisfying and extra healthy to optimise weight loss.
So I'm surprised to hear it has affected losses. I would expect them to slow down if people weren't getting their 1/3 superfree, but not for them to actually gain weight.
Yes! In the picture of the spag bol is a very blurry almost out of the picture side salad!
What's in the spag bol? Is it made with tinned tomatoes? Onion? Peppers? Carrot maybe?

Same goes for a curry recipe.

Ingredients are all part of the third superfree rule. It doesn't have to be on the side of the plate.

The third superfree is not the key to making EE work, it just helps for better losses as it can limit the amount of free foods. However, if having something like fish, chips and peas, if you then have carrots or broccoli with it, it's just adding extras for the sake of it. I won't do that!


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Loralou, out of interest which group do you go to, I originally started slimming world last spring and had to give up as was feeding my little man and it didn't agree with him at all, but when I rejoined at another group in November and then came to this website I realised how extra easy actually worked, as previous consultant had not explained at all! Just wondered as we are both from Norwich! x


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I agree with the books not be very user friendly. And I had the added confusion of when I joined - the consultant was doing the weighing because the person who normally did the weighing wasn't there... So, you can imagine how big the class was (as it's January!), she had to do body magic thingy (which i cannot stand!) and then, after all that, she talked to the new members - and she spent most of that time apologising for leaving us hanging on (got there for 7.30 - got out about 9.20). Unfortunately, she whizzed through the plan, as I think she was conscious of how long we'd been there.

Therefore, on my 1st wi - I had a mini-rant about how confused I was with the plans!! I think the books are really badly layed out - what's all this with little hearts - the information in the little hearts is very important!! I think the book/plans are confusing (and I'm no thicko!! - well, you know, i have my moments...!). I think i've got my head around it now - I'll see when I weigh in on Wednesday.

Is it just me - or is this body magic (or whatever it's called) the most tedious thing in the world? I hate it and if there's one thing that makes me not want to stay to class, it's that.

My god, i've just had another mini-rant... oops!!

Image Therapy is fab!
There's been lots of posts about how people hate it recently, give it chance is all I say. It's very useful, very helpful and your chance to ask for advice, support and learn from other people's good and bad weeks.
It's Image Therapy (body magic is the option exercise part of the plan).

The image therapy part all depends on the consultant. They have things they are supposed to go through, but some consultants are excellent and others let the side down a bit.


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S: 13st8lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.68%)
Thank you - yep, Image Therapy... how could I forget what it was called!!

Also, what doesn't help is that the acoustics in the hall we use is really bad - you can hardly hear what people are saying (sometimes that's a really good thing tho!!). What really gets me is that you get members who talk about how many vodkas they drank on the weekend and wonder why they've stayed the same... omygod... it does my head in!!

I always stay to Body Therapy... i'm not just paying a fiver to weigh - i could give that to my partner and he could weigh me in the bathroom at home!! I'm going to get something for my money...

I also really like that you go around the group with losses etc, but i think the Consultant really does need to take control and dictate the way the meeting is heading - otherwise it can descend into chaos (and yawn... boredom).

Sorry guys, you've caught me in a horrible Monday morning mood... it'll pass soon... probably Thursday afternoon. hahahahaha

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