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Miss eatalots diary!


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:D:D:DWell this is my diary! I have decided to start afresh as I am starting SW with a new frame of mind (hopefully).

Last year I managed to loose 2 stone with SW however, at Christmas I let go of the reins and I have put on a stone:cry:. I have tried somewhat unsuccessfully to try and get back on the wagon however until now my head has not been in the right place and I have not managed to get that stone back off again.

I live a bit of a busy life, I work part time (which is not the busy bit) but I do have 2 children and a partner of 8 years (thats the busy bit). I find that I will sometimes use the excuse that I am too busy to do exercise along side SW but I have gave myself a good talking too and I have started to exercise again as of this week. I have also ordered a exercise bike which will hopefully be delivered today so this should help motivate me into slimness.

I am 5'2" and currently I weigh in at 10st dead. I weigh in on a Friday morning so watch this space for Friday morning goodness (hopefully)!!!! I don't go to class and wi at home however I have decided that if I cannot managed to loose weight on my own as I have previously I will attend a class as one is opening on the 17th June near me so there will be no excuse.

Anyway enough of the introduction to myself (if you are still with me at this point!)

I have planned to have a red day today and the menu looks a little like this so far
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs,
Snack: Banana, FF yogart
Lunch: Salad with Grapes and apple
Snack: Toast with ham and cheese hea, heb
Dinner: 1 Chicken fajita with side salad heb for tortilla :)confused:??? not overly sure if I can take it as a HEB some advise would be great as this is something I would not eat very often!!)
Syns: Ben and Jerries Ice cream - all syns used!!

Exercise: 30mins of Davina super body plus super 6 pack extra on dvd - Ended up doing 30 stomach crunches and 20 mins on my new exercise bike instead of my davina dvd.
Hopefully putting up my new exercise bike!!:D
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Well its a whole new day and the weather here is lovely. It really puts a spring in your step!

For today I am planning a green day.

Breakfast: 2 bananas (not a lot in as need to get shopping!)
Lunch: L/F supernoodles,
Dinner: Spagetti Bolognaise with lean mince, Cellery, onions, peppers, sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes. heb for mince, hea for cheese.

Syns - Cupcake with icing - not sure of exact syns but I would say all of them!!

Exercise: 20 minutes on exercise bike.
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Sounds like you're eager, am your height and my first target is 10 stone. Inspiring to see you can pick yourself up from falling off the wagon.

Enjoy your day and get out in the lovely sunshine!


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That Friday Feeling!!!

Thank you Kiki, I hope to stay on the wagon this time!! You have done really well lossing 27lb. That is a mega achievement. How long has it taken you to get to this point and have you a date when you want to get to target??

Well it was another lovely day weather wise here today, I wi this morning and I had a sts which I was kinda expecting but still slightly annoyed at! If I don't loose anything next week I will be seriously annoyed, I am hoping that my body is taking a while to adjust to the exercise!!!!:confused:

I have been doing a lot of driving today so my diet has been a little off kinder. I had to attend a meeting over lunch in our head office which meant that I had to drive an hour each way for an hour long meeting - it was stupid! They also didn't provide any lunch so I was left wandering Tesco's hungry - never a good thing!!! I was pleased that I managed to resist temptation and only ate a packet of chicken pieces (whilst driving so I couldn't get anything more substancial!)

So today is a red day and so far I have had:
Breakfast: handful of cashew nuts heb, 2 bananas
Lunch: 240g chicken pieces, apple, banana
Snack: 114ml 2% fat strawberry frozen yogart - this was 114 cal so I am assumping that it is 6 syns but I will check on here if anyone has ever heard of it. (it was lovely I may be stocking up on these!)
Dinner: Scrambled egg with toast heb

I have so far spent 20 minutes on my exercise bike and I mean to do another 10 -20 minutes later. I am also going to do my 10 minutes super ab section of the davina dvd.

For tomorrow I am hoping to get a bit more exercise squeezed in and get my dvd done. This however is dependant on whether Jon will look after the kids and keep them occupied whilst mummy flounces around the living room like a drowning elephant!!

For tomorrow I have planned a red day:
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs
Lunch: either salad with grapes and apple
Dinner: we had a bbq in the end
Bread and cheese hea, heb
Homemade sw potato wedges heb
Chicken pieces and salad ,

Snack: diary milk mini 5 syns, frozen yogart 6 syns, boiled eggs!

I will edit any changes to saturday if it doesn't go to plan and I have edited yesterday exercise as I was so busy I wasn't home until 10pm and only got a bit done on the exercise bike!!:cool:
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Well you seem to be doing well enough :D

In reply I started at the beginning of March and my target date is March 2011 really :D
Hi Shirley, thought I would pop in and have a read of your diary. You are doing really well managing to do it on your own. I pay to go to group, although I am never able to stay (husband never gets home in time, so usually end up taking the children with me). I feel the shame of some complete stranger telling me I have put on weight is enough to deter me from the biscuit tin!

I like the sound of that yoghurt! I have been looking for some frozen yogurt, but only found the skinny cow ice creams.

I am finding joining in with challenges keep me motivated. Why not start your own cycling challenge for June? Good luck..keep posting!


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ASAP lol!!!! I would love to have it all off by July but I think I may be setting myself up for failure with that one!! we are heading over to Yorkshire to see the inlaws then so I would like to have lost a bit but I won't worry too much if I haven't as long as I have toned up and look a bit better!!! I don't have anything to aim for this year (last year my brother got married so I had something to aim for).
I might do that motherof2?? I could try and cycle 100km in June - that should be dooable as I did 6 in just 20 mins, actually 300 km might be a bit more of a challenge. I will have to have a think about that!!!
I might do that motherof2?? I could try and cycle 100km in June - that should be dooable as I did 6 in just 20 mins, actually 300 km might be a bit more of a challenge. I will have to have a think about that!!!
great idea! You may even inspire others to dust off their old bikes too!
Well the weekends over and hopefully I haven't done too much damage! I didn't get much exercise done which I am really annoyed at but there is nothing I can do about it now! I have a dental appointment this afternoon (which I am dreading as I need 2 fillings) the dentist has said that mymass consumption of fruit is rotting my teeth and therefore I need to eat less fruit or just larger amounts 2 times a day. I am totallyconfused now as to when I can eat or not. Jeez just when i was getting my head in the right place!

Anyway yesterday I had the following:
Scrambled egg and toast heb
Tacos with salad, cheese hea, Heb for taco shell (not sure if I am really supossed to do that but hey!)
Blueberry Muffin - All syns

Only 10 mins on my exercise bike

For today I am having a green day:
Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, grapes
Lunch: apple, banana, supernoodles
Dinner: chicken stirfry no sauce - heb
Syns: chocolate 17 syns not good

I hope to get 20 mins on my bike plus 10 mins ab workout if I am lucky and OH doesn't want to talk about our relationship when he gets home from work. If he does scrap the exercise and replace the syns for a glass of wine and some choc!!!
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For today I am having a red day with 20 mins on my exercise bike and 10 mins of ab fit.

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, banana
Lunch: Salad with grapes and apple, yogart
Snack: cashew nuts heb
Dinner: chilli made with lean mince
Syns: chocolate 17 syns
Drink: milk hea, green tea
Snack later: toast with ham and cheese hea
Your doing really well keep it up :) I have my first weigh-in tomorrow although I havent done any exercise at all this week! But Im going to get my exercise bike out and try and do half an hour a day to start with xx
Well Wi this morning and I have lost 3lb!!! I am so pleased with myself I just need to keep up the good work! I have no idea what my food plan is for this afternoon after lunch but I will list what I can!

Breakfast: Apple, yogart
Lunch: Salad with apple, yogar
Snack: toast with cheese hea, heb
Dinner: ??????

Exercise: 20 mins exercise bike.

good luck Stacey with your first WI I am sure you will do just great. Defo get the exercise bike out and give it a dust down!!
Well done with your weight loss this week! How did the talk go with OH? I am such an emotional eater..!!!

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