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Miss Independant's Food Diary

G: 10st10lb
:D Do you have fruit during the day to snack on? Menu looks ok but make sure you have the whole 1200 calories each day. Are you following the RC plan or just doing your own 1200 calories?
Day 5

Hiya, thanks for your replies. For the first few days I was eating my 2 PS of fruit, but I am not a huge fruit fan and would rather not eat than eat the fruit, not good I know but not sure what to do about it. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved :)

I am following RC and starting to feel nervous about my first WI due to not eating my powersnacks...

Here is what I had today:

2 x weetabix - 127 cals
teaspoon sugar - 16 cals

Tesco HL chicken sandwich - 265

Salmon - 270 cals
New Potatoes - 140 cals
Veg and sweet chilli sauce - 50 cals

Milk allowance - 200

Thanks for your help, this is all very new to me :)
G: 10st10lb
Fabulous days food :D.

Do you like salad foods? you could use them for your snacks, or what about dried fruit, or a ryvita with some low fat soft cheese on. Its best to try and have the mid morning/afternoon snacks to help keep your matabolism working at its optimum output.
Thanks for your help, will try having more of that.

Today didn't go quite as planned as I woke late and didn't have time to have breakfast before I went to work. I work on my own in a social from 10-6 so can't leave to get anything and only have the usual crisps and nuts so here is my menu for today:

Breakfast - Nothing

3 x WW bread - 198
2 x Ham sliceds - 62
Pickle - 20
1/2 bag twiglets - 100

Pink & White - 50

Salmon Steak - 270
Noodles - 217
Soy sauce and vegetables

Milk allowance - 200
G: 10st10lb
Dinner was great, well done, lunch was almost there apart from the twiglets lol, and as you say breakfast went out the window, but never mind you are on the learning curve and most of it is on the right track. :D
You seem to be falling a bit short of your 1200 calories a day, not by much but, you need to be very carefull that your body doesn't go into starvation mode due to lack of calories. If this happens you just will not loose weight, and its unhealthy.
If I were you, I would sit down and do a list of the things that you do like to eat in the fruit and veg department, and see what you can come up with instead of a pink and white. There must be something, raw veg sticks, home made soup, fruit juice would be better than nothing. How about ryvita, cheese, a slice of ham, tomatoes, all these would be much better for you as your power snack. If you want to post some of the fruit and veg you do like, I'm sure between us all we could come up with some suggestions for you hun.:D
When is your weigh-in, I know you said you are a bit nervous, but I bet your just a little bit excited too? I'm sure your hard work will pay off and you will have a great result.
Hi, thanks so much for your reply you have been so helpful I am still trying to get my head round it all and really appreciate your help :)

I like pretty much all veg except sprouts, I love the ryvita idea so I will definitely do that in future. I do like to try and fit in my 5 a day but after much trying I need to face the fact I just don't like fruit...

I always seem to slip when I am not organised enough and I really resented eating the twiglets because they were over the 5% but it was the best choice of a bad bunch ;)

Can I ask how long you have been doing RC and how you have found it as you go on - does it get easier????

I see what you mean about not eating enough, something I have been worrying about, I will make sure I am all powersnacked up for next week... My WI is tomorrow night, I am excited and nervous at the same time I am sure I have last because I have stuck to it and I feel like I have it will just be nice to see it in black and white.
G: 10st10lb
Hi hun, I am so pleased you like veg lol :D. If you don't like fruit, you can make your power snack up from veg (are tomatoes included in veg with you?) cos you can have cherry toms as a power snack.

Being organised is so important cos unfortunately life happens, and we get caught out. Something I do is keep a meal in the freezer already done just for times when you are really stuck. Might sound a bit daft, but believe me, when you are up to your neck in it, cooking is the last thing on your mind, so you will be glad its there one day lol.

Don't worry about the twiglets, it happens and we just move on, and yes all this does get much easier as time goes on and you get to know what your doing. We all eat pretty much the same foods week in week out, maybe disguised in different fashions but you get to know the calories of the foods without looking at tins and packets, so shopping doesn't take as long lol. You will find this plan is pretty much fresh foods with the odd convenience food thrown in, which is really how we should be eating, for instance, the recipes I have posted take no longer than 35 mins to cook in most cases, and are all quick to prepare. Some ready meals take nearly as long to cook and don't taste nearly as good. Whats ½ hour a day to show you love yourself by being healthy and sticking to your diet.

I've been around RC for about 8 years and lost 12 stone(ish) on it in just over 12 months, so I know it works. :DUnfortunately I put a lot of this back on,:mad: because I thought that's it, got to goal, job done. I had this mentality of I didn't need to diet anymore or watch what I ate. Oh how stupid can a grown woman be :mad: I was also doing exercise during the weight loss period, but then I started work again and didn't seem to or want to find the time to keep it up. Again a wrong move.
So, I suppose you could say I am well versed in RC even if I haven't always practiced what I've preach:eek: There's not much I don't know about calories and fat thats for sure.:D:D:D:D

Not this time though, if nothing else I always learn from my mistakes, and once this weight has gone, it will never return again.:D:D

Sorry for the long post, got a bit carried away lol, but hope it helps.:D
Thank you that has definitely helped, 12 stone in 12 months is amazing congratulations!!! At least like you said you said you will learn from your mistakes, I wish I had, it took 10 years for me to realise WW wasn't working for me as I would go for a few weeks lose a little weight then put more on. So far I completely think this is the right change for me, I think all the info you get from RC on her TV channel really helps understand why we are doing what we are.

Definitely like tomatoes, I will put a little plan together of veg power snacks - thanks for the advice. Also the freezing recipes, definitely something I need to do with my hectic lifestyle and laziness ;)

Thanks again for all your help, it really is appreciated. :)

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