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Miss Jelly's 2011 WI Diary!

I'm re-starting weightwatchers! Yay!

So, I started on Wednesday 19th (sort of) but my first actually WW meeting is Wednesday 26th so this is sort of a 'give up takeaways and pop' week so Week 1 doesn't hit so hard!

Week 0 - 19th Jan - 226lbs
Week 1 - 26th Jan - 223lbs (-3lbs)
Week 2 - 2nd Feb - 221lbs (-2lbs)
Week 3 - 9th Feb - 223lbs (+2lbs)
Week 4 - 16th Feb - 219lbs (-4lbs)
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Haha ooh sounds good to me ^_^ any motivation is good motivation huh?

This has GOT to be my last 'diet'... this WILL be my last diet! I'm fed up of 'losing weight' I want goal and maintenance please! Lol, soon enough :D

Ooh, snap on the goals too!

You're only 2lbs from the 15st bracket :D
My next goal is 199lbs (finally out of the TWOs)
And then, trying to get myself to do 30 day shred - have you started it already?
This WILL be my last diet too! Going from a size 6-8 to a size 18-20 is seriously getting me down to much! And to this I was 14.2 just after I had my little girl in April 09! When I first started I was the same weight I was when I was 42 weeks pregnant! :| not good!

I know I can't bealive I'm going in the 15s hopefully by next week!! So I'm mega pleased! :)

Not started yet, my boyfriends decided to put the DVD player right at the back under the bed, so I'm just gonna buy a smaller one tomo that will fit ontop of the virgin box !
Feel free to message me your fb and could exchange numbers, you can text or call me when ever you wanna eat something uber fatty! LOL
Haha I started the dvd... lasted about, 4 days? And something distracted me lol

A size 6-8? Omg... I don't think I was even born that small :(

My first WI is Wednesday so I think I'mma try and start 30day dvd then.. I really wanna be 200lbs by April o_O so maybe that'll make it possible? I dunno lol

Will go PM you :)
I hope I can do it for the full 30 days! 20lbs in a month would be fabb! We would be in the 14s!!! Ahhh :)

Yepp :( it's even more depressing all my friends ( well not my mummy friends) are all 6-8 :( and I've gotta go to a fancy dress party with them! I'll just be the fat one lol
Ooh I hadn't thought of that! I don't remember ever being in the 14s.. yay soon though :D

Haha aw, no you won't! I always hated fancy dress because the "sexy, fun stuff" never fitted, now it's not so bad I like showing off lol
I know! It's so exciting! I'm trying to do 10,000 steps a day, only done 4,822! So I think im going to fail today lol

I'm going as a sexy Esmerelda as it's a Disney theme! :) or a sexy Wendy lol but the biggest they do is a 16! Fingers crossed it fits lol
Eurgh, I'm useless at the steps. D'ya have a counter thingy? And, where do you go? I've been trying to do a 2mile walk each day but by the time I get home it's too dark so I'm moving it to the mornings instead :) Works out at about 4000 steps I think.

Ooh Esmerelda.. sounds good lol
Yeh I got it from Argos for like £3 lol and today I've taken my daughter to the park so not much lol but I'm gonna take her and my nephew tomo, so twice as much kiddies to run after lol
Good luck missjelly!!!

I have faith in you. We are all here for the same reason - so if you ever need a chat, come and finddd mee :) xx
Ooh, Cardiff eh? Someone from my (almost) neck of the woods for a change lol!

Hannah, hehe ooh good luck with that! I've just found out, there's a massive hilly/fieldy area thing behind my house :) If I walk from my gate to the furthest point and back in a sort of loop, it works out at 3 miles!! It feels nowhere near that long which I think is a good thing lol

Need more non-gym exercise to do :)
Aww no! I got the minis app so I could go on it out and about... but it's nowt compared to laptop lol
Im from cardiff bay! Where bouts u miss?
I have just got this app on my galaxy and its well weird!! But quite quite good!! Xx
Merthyr Tydfil I am :D

I think Cardiff is nicer though lol

The app is pretty good tbh, I like the WWs one too.. but shame it doesn't sync with the online planner..
Oh wow so we are not far from each other then!! Thats cool! Im in uni here :)
Well... Im currently laying in bed working this app out. Got to get up massively early coz of an exam. . But on this instead. Dont u hate it when u drop ur phone on ur face coz ur typing laying down lol. Ouch!

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