Total Solution Miss Mia's Ups & Downs


Hi All -
I am a returning Exante 'lover'....
About 2 years ago (19th Feb 2014 was my start date!) I managed to lose 3 stones in 2 months on the exante VLCD and then another 2.5 stones with exercise and a controlled diet in another 2 months... so 5.5 stones in 4 months...
I had no sagging skin etc and was very close to my ideal weight. I started at 17.5 stones and was about 12 when i kind of stopped 'dieting'. Even though i maintained my exercising, I gained a little back (about a stone), but size wise, I was about a size 12 until Aug 2015...
After I got married (Aug 15), having moved to a new city and not really knowing my way around etc, I procrastinated when it came to picking a gym to join and wasn't very good with my food choices...
Eventually i joined the gym and managed to go regularly, investing in the help of a personal trainer to kick my butt into gear...
Alas, 10 months on, with the wedding of a sibling on the horizon, i am back up to my original weight.
Shock! Horror!
Did not see that coming though I probably should have.. Though i'm sure it wasn't helped by the fact that I have (what I like to call) a strong carb intolerance along with PCOS.
My trainer sent me a vid of our session over the weekend and I just looked at myself and I am absolutely horrified. My once sexy curves are no longer sexy; all rolls..
And there is no way I am going to fit into anything I have already bought for the wedding.

I did a week back on the shakes a few weeks ago, dropped a few pounds, but i just could not stomach it to carry on..
You know like when you've had too much of something that it makes you queasy every time you even see it?
I'm going through that.
But I shall be powering through and starting on my journey to slimdom yet again today, and hopefully I will succeed and be back down to an 'average' size for the wedding. Already feeling a bit sick thinking about what the next 6 weeks are going to be like for me!

But my aim is to be able to get into a size 16... does that sound realistic or am i being a bit too ambitious?
Previously i went from a 24 to to 16 on the VLCD... this time I am back to my original weight but a size 20... thank the Lord for muscle!
So at the moment, I'm having my morning coffee with some sweetener and like the tiniest drop of milk ever.
OH doesn't like me on the VLCD's so I'm casually not going to tell him - apparently I get very weird mood swings, but he's just going to have to deal I guess!

Is there any particular food/shake/bars packs that you would recommend? I've noticed there's a much larger range of foods now than there was when i originally started!

If anyone has any words of encouragement, I would really appreciate it! :)
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Hello and welcome! 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks is tough, but, as you know, combining this diet with a lot of motivation can work wonders! Am sure you will smash your goals. Weight management does seem hard though.. as much as I want to be at my target weight, I'm dreading that phase, as it must be so hard to remain good when you reintroduce food.. even with all the exercise...

There really does seem to be so much to chose from on this diet. I tend to combine shakes, bars and meals (a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a meal in the evening), and there is very little that I have found totally gross (the desserts...). My favourites shakes are cherries & berries, blueberry, strawberry. My favourite bars are the jam/yoghurt and nut/raisin, and my favourite meals are the sausage mix (lovely with some courgette spaghetti) and noodles. I also really like the pancakes, and the breakfast eggs are good as an evening meal with a bit of salad (feels like a proper meal). But as you'll see on these forums, people all tend to like different things, so you might like sometime entirely different!

I know you don't want to tell your OH, but it would be quite hard to hide, no? And surely the extra support at home would help? I find knowing my partner will berate me if I come off plan is a HUGE motivator!

Good luck!


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Welcome back Mia and good luck. Any loss is a good loss. I've faffed about for at least 3 weeks of my 12 week challenge (see sig for details) and am still thrilled with where I am, so if you stick to plan you should lose 20lbs at least, and likely more. I MUST maintain, and then I have the same again to do after the summer - gulp! It's flown though. Hope your first few days aren't too awful.

I started with just shakes - mint choice a fave - and have ended up with mostly meals - I think the pot meals (dahl and black bean ones) are really filling and hard to beat, but the packet meals are good too - I like the curry and the ham and pasta soup (which I make in a mug). If you're a soup person the Thai is lovely but the others gross. Bars are mostly fine - my fave is the strawberry jam by a mile, and second is the lemon one. You'll definitely find lots you like. Good luck again!


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Hi and welcome, personally only stick with shakes and a couple of the bars but people rave about the meals on here!
We are all around with support for you, like Womble I wonder whether it will be hard to hide if you want to commit for the 6 weeks, my oh doesn't particularly like it but he is a bit more thoughtful with his food knowing that I can't eat it!

Let us know how you are getting on x


Hi ladies,
Thank you so much for the welcome and the support... I've managed to keep it to 2 shakes and a meal so far - not what i planned but i think it's helped somewhat!
I'm moving up to 3 shakes today - see how that makes me feel...! How are you all getting on?!


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Hope your day is going well :)


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I find 3 shakes or 3 and a bar is the way to go for me! I'm such an all or nothing human I need the restriction
I hope today is going well!


Hi guys!
I'm soooo gurgly today. #washingmachinesyndrome
Yesterday was the worst day for me, later than i thought it would be to be honest - had ended up having 2 shakes before i'd even left work at 4, and could feel the beginning of a headache...
PT session last night with positive feedback was quite good, except personally i felt like i had the ability to work harder than i actually was... but my trainer seemed to think it was my best session yet! You know when you know you can do so much better and your brain's adamant you can do better and you have done better in the past, but you're just so so tired that you physically can't? I was having one of those days yesterday!
Ended with a really bad migraine, which I'm assuming is either because I was hungry, or i was really dehydrated. Though I did have 3 litres of water, and 2 litres with 2 electrolyte tablets... though i'm not sure if that's allowed! Zero carbs, Zero sugar & zero calories...I'm assuming as long as there's no citric acid I'm fine?!

I'm so deperate to weigh myself this week and see how I'm getting on, but I did say to myself originally that I don't want to go down the weighing route - I tend to get obsessed with it lol
I did weigh myself at the start, maybe I'll weigh myself once a month to make sure I'm on track and not just killing myself with these shakes!
Managed to make use of the 50% sale they had the other day!
If anyone particularly likes the Blueberry smoothie, Orange & pineapple shake, cherry & berries, please message me and i will happily send them to you - they're not particularly to my tastes, and i won't even try the cherry flavoured one as i hate (fake) cherry flavour...

OH has been very supportive this week, I think he's liking the lack of rolls, my back's slimmed down, my stomach is definitely smaller, and my my double chin is practically almost gone!
Though even he got a bit wobbly last night - i made a lasagne and some spaghetti bolognese with veg; since my head was pounding he assumed it was because i was too hungry and got upset about the whole thing and told me to have half a bowl of pasta and that it wouldn't trouble me. He then proceeded to ask me if it would 'kick me out of ketosis' whilst putting pasta into a bowl for me (with me stomping my foot saying i refuse to eat it). when i said yes, he just tipped the pasta back into the pan and told me to go have a shake instead. I am so pleased he's come round.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week with no temptations! <3


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Sounds like your oh is really supportive which is great, wish mine was!
Well done for resisting the pasta!

I will happily swap you some shake flavours if you want.
Hope you are getting on well still x