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Missbrownie: Fat to Fit & Fab!

Hi :sign0144:

I started slimming world (online) this week, Tuesday 29/03/2011. Still getting my head around everything and am getting slightly paranoid that I'm doing it all wrong?!

Hopefully you lovely people will be able to let me know if I'm heading the right way, making mistakes or could do better with choices etc.

Thank you! :)

Tuesday 29/03/2011 - Extra Easy
B: 2 scrambled eggs on 2 slices Hovis wholemeal bread (400g small sliced loaf) (hexb) with 2 tsps clover (3 syns)
Fruit salad: banana, orange, pear, strawberries
Spaghetti bolognese as per sw recipe
Snacks: Fruit
water & 2 cups of tea with milk (hexa)
Other Syns:
Asda Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt (2.5 syns)
Cadbury Curly Wurly (6 syns)
E: Davina boxercise dvd: 15mins

Wednesday 30/03/2011 - Green
B: 2 Weetabix (hexb) made with hot water and splash of milk (hexa) with sliced banana
L: Omelette made with 2 eggs & water, chopped green pepper, mushrooms & tomato with baked beans
D: Slimming world chips, 2 poached eggs & baked beans
Snacks: banana & pear
Drinks: water & 1 cup of tea with milk (hexa)
Syns: Asda Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt (2.5 syns)
Asda Low Fat Raspberry Yogurt (2 syns)
Cadbury Curly Wurly (6 syns)
E: None (naughty)
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Welcome! Looks good so far, however, I started just over a week ago so am relatively new to this as well, sure someone will come along who is more knowledgable and give it the once over for you.

So far I have just stuck to the Extra Easy plan and am doing well so far, but still very early days. I will keep an eye out for you and see how you are doing. Good luck!
Hi Jessie, thanks for the welcome, I hope I can do as well as you have on the first week, 6.5lbs is fab!!

Thursday 31/03/2011 - Extra Easy - so far today:
B: 2 slices of bacon in 2 slices Hovis wholemeal bread (400g small sliced loaf) (hexb) with 1 tsp clover & 1 tsp tomato sauce (2.5 syns)
1 Poached egg & 1 slice of bacon with mushrooms on salad leaves, tomato, beetroot & baked beans
D: 2 slices of bacon, mushrooms, half tin of chopped toms, salad leaves, beetroot
Snacks: pear, apple, strawberries, 1 babybel cheese (part of hexa), banana
Syns: Peach low fat yogurt (2.5 syns)
Curly wurly (6 syns)
Drinks: water, cup of tea with milk (hexa)

Lot of bacon there I know, wasnt supposed to be like that .... it was a make do meal for dinner after my chicken smelt bad and decided best not to cook it ..... I want to lose weight but ideally not through food poisoning!!
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Thankyou! Just remember eat plenty, don't go hungry, snack on free foods and make sure you have 1/3 of your plate filled with superfree foods.
Hi Miss Brownie,

Welcome to SW....you're diary looks great...the only thing I can suggest is that you can get some very nice yoghurt that is syn free therefore you wouldn't have to waste your syns on yoghurt! Check out this thread http://www.minimins.com/syn-values/121314-syn-free-yoghurts.html

Also the bacon is fine as long as you remove the fat.

Good job, keep it up!!
Hi dawnwynne, thanks for the welcome and for pointing me in the right direction for the yogurts ..... cant believe it didnt cross my mind to check for a free version instead of buying my usual.

So glad minimin-ers are here to give help and support, that was my only worry about not going to a class and doing it online, was that I would miss out on handy tips and the do's and dont's. So much to take on board, Im getting there slowly thanks to lovely people here though.

Hi Jessie,

Ive had a busy day at my childrens school as Ive been helping out with an event there, my food planning and timing went out the window and I havent eaten hardly anything today, the only food there was cake! Didnt have any! Not long got back and will now be making sure the rest of my day goes to plan.

Hope you've had a good day??

Friday 01/04/2011 - Red So far today:
B: Raspberry yogurt (2 syns)
L: Nothing (oops & grrrr)
D: shepherds pie (yum)
Syns: 2 x Curly Wurly (12 syns)
Snacks: peach yogurt(2.5 syns)
Water, coca cola zero, tea with milk (hexa)
Exercise: Busy day on my feet all day lots of walking around (does that count?)
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Saturday 02/04/2011 - Extra easy
B: 2 egg omelette made with water, mushrooms, peppers, tomato
L: 2 boiled eggs sliced, beetroot, cucumber, tomato in hovis brown bread (hexb) sandwich with tiny bit of clover spread (1.5 syns)
D: chicken, rice noodles, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, onions, soy sauce
Snacks: 2 x banana, 1 x babybel light (hexa)
Syns: black cherry yogurt (3 syns)
strawberry yogurt (3 syns) (made a boo-boo!)
curly wurly (6 syns)
Drinks: water, coca cola zero, 1 cup of tea with milk (hexa)
Exercise: 15mins davina dvd (boxercise) & 20 min walk

I made a boo-boo when I went shopping today, I bought what I thought was syn free yogurts but once I got home and double checked realised Id bought the wrong ones!! I bought fat free and thought they were better than the low fat ones I had been having but, turns out they are higher syns. I live and learn.
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Happy mothers day!!

Have spent most of the day sorting and tidying the house, having a spring clean.

Sunday 03/04/2011 - red
B: 2 x Scrambled egg, mushrooms, tinned toms, 2 x slices bacon
L: tuna sandwich using brown hovis bread (hexb) with salad leaves, cucumber, tomato
D: oven baked chicken breast, carrots, caulifower brocolli, swede, boiled potato, gravy (3 syns)
Snacks: banana, pear, babybel light (hexa), 2 weetabix made with water & milk (hexb & hexa)
Drinks: water, cup of tea with milk (hexa)
Syns: curly wurly (6 syns)
strawberry yogurt (3 syns grrrr!) (will be using these till I shop & buy syn free)
tsp clover butter (1.5 syns)
Exercise: none but did lots of housework, had a big spring clean so was active all day!
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Im on my 7th day of sw today and am loving my new eating habits .... weigh day tomorrow ... oooeeerrrrr!!!

Monday 04/04/2011 - green day

B: 2 weetabix made with hot water & milk (hexa & hexb)
L: ooops bad me missed lunch!
D: sw chips, 2 fried eggs using fry light, baked beans
Snacks: babybel light (hexa), pear, banana
Drinks: water,
Other Syns: strawberry yogurt (3 syns)
curly wurly (6 syns)
Exercise: 15 mins davina exercise dvd
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Weigh in day today for me and Im showing a drop of 4.1/2lbs ... Yay! But I woke up feeling very bloated, not sure why but hope it subsides soon?!

Tuesday 05/04/2011 - Extra Easy
B: 2 scrambled eggs on hovis brown bread 400g (hexb) with a tiny bit of clover butter (1.5 syns)
L: nothing (naughty)
D: spaghetti bolognese made with mince, tin toms, mushrooms, peppers, carrots, bovril, pasta
Snacks: banana, 2 boiled eggs
Drinks: cup of tea, water, coke zero
Syns: strawberry yogurt x 2 (6 syns)
curly wurly (6 syns)
babybel light (2 syns)
Exercise: none

Hmmmm, have been thinking about my bloated-ness today. Im thinking that the problem could lie in the lack of liquid I had yesterday and today (oops) I normally drink quite well but for some reason Ive had hardly anything?? I am going to have to make sure I drink enough!!!

Feeling a bit hungry this evening, serves me right for missing lunch again, going to have to get better organised! Also need to look into low syn snacks, I like the fruit but I want something else and the curly wurlys are ok but need something different?!
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Wednesday 06/04/2011 - green day

B: 2 weetabix (hexb) made with hot water and splash of milk (hexa) with chopped banana
L: nothing again (arrrgh, silly me!)
D: 2 scrambled eggs, baked beans and mushrooms on hovis brown toast (hexb)
Snacks: babybel light (hexa),shape zero peach & apricot yogurt
curly wurly (6syns) (my daily fix)
strawberry yogurt (3 syns)
Drinks: coke zero, water,
Exercise: None

Did a search for zero syn yogurts on the slimming world site and Shape Zero % ones came up, went to Asda and they had them on offer 2 packs of 4 for £2 ... yay!!Very happy with this as my other yogs were actually 3 syns each (shocking!!).
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Thursday 07/04/2011 - Green day

B: shape zero yogurt
L: banana, curly wurly (6 syns)
D: 2 scrambled eggs on 1 slice hovis brown toast & baked beans
Snacks: babybel light (hex1)
Other Syns:
Drinks: water, coke zero, diet coke
Exercise: none

Not having a great food day today, been rushing about and just not hungry at all, maybe its the warm weather today thats putting me off my stride?!
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Friday 08/04/2011 Extra Easy

B: Shape zero peach & passion fruit yogurt & a banana
L: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms, tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber & 2 slices of turkey
D: Planning: sw chips, eggs & beans or peas?
Syns: curly wurly (6 syns)
Drinks: water,

Well its my birthday today, (getting old) was given a birthday cake from the kids but havent been tempted to have any ... Yay!! They will happily eat it over the next couple of days and I will tell a little white lie that I had a small piece while they were at school.

Planning on drinking more today as Ive been slipping in this area?!
Saturday 09/04/2011 Extra Easy

B: Shape Zero yogurt & fruit
L: Tuna sandwich with 2 slices hovis brown bread, (hexb) with beetroot & cucumber
D: Spaghetti bolognese with mushrooms, carrots, peppers, tomatoes
Snacks: fruit & yogurt, babybel light (split hexa)
Drink: water, coke zero, tea (split hexa)
Syns: curly wurly x 2 (12 syns)
options hot choc (bleugh!) (2 syns)
Exercise: very busy day sorting the garden

Sunday 10/04/2011 red

B: shape zero yogurt
L: Tuna sandwhich 2 slices hovis brown bread (hexb), lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot & ryvita with laughing cow triangle cheese spread on it
D: Chicken, roast potatoes, brocolli, cauli, carrots
Snacks: yogurt, fruit, boiled eggs x 2
Drink: coke zero, water, coffee
Syns: curly wurly (6 syns)
Exercise: more gardening & painting
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Monday 11/04/2011 extra easy

B: Shape zero yogurt & banana
Bacon, mushrooms on bed of salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber & beetroot with a laughing cow light cheese triangle
D: SW chips, chicken & baked beans
2x boiled egg, Shape zero yogurt, banana, 2 x turkey slices
water, coke zero, tea with milk (hexa)
curly wurly x 1.5 (4.5 syns)
decorating - not a workout but kept me on the move for a couple of hours rather than sat on bum
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Weighed this morning and have dropped another 2lbs - Yay!

Tuesday 12/04/2011 red

B: 2 x weetabix (hexb) made with hot water, milk (hexa) & chopped banana
L: 2 x scrambled eggs with chicken breast leftover from lastnight with cucumber, tomato, beetroot & 2 dairylea light cheese triangle (hexa)
D: 2 x scrambled eggs & baked beans (3.5 syns) on 1 slice of brown (hexb) toast no butter
Snacks: 2 x shape zero yogurt, banana
Syns: curlywurly (6 syns)
Drinks: water, coke zero
Exercise: so far more decorating - better than sat on bum!
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