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Extra Easy Missed my HEA and HEB today

Im on extra easy.
Today turned out to be a day where I had no time to plan my meals, I had to sort of think at short notice if you know what I mean...
I managed to stick to the plan all except my HEA and B.
I dont like milk to drink (can just about stick it in cereal) and really dont eat cheese.... so I was stuck today....
and so stuffed after all my meals too...
anyone miss their HE's ever.?
I dont plan for this to happen again, so was a one off....
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When I have a protein breakfast, I have to keep reminding myself to have my HEb later in the day as I usually have porridge as my HEb. Today I forgot and ended up having the porridge as a snack before a late dinner which I didn't enjoy because I was too full after my porridge! Another reason I like to have porridge as my HEb is so I can add my ground flaxseed to help keep any hot flushes at bay as I am perimenopausal and the flaxseed has eliminated them. I always manage to have my milk for my HEa but can't see why you can't just have vlf yoghurt instead. Don't fret about missing out things sometimes - I write myself reminders on the back of my hands! I also take calcium & magnesium tablets which I have been doing since I had my kids.

One option is to use a HEb cereal as a snack which you can carry around with you and eat without milk - Kelloggs Crunchy Oat bakes are good for this, 25 of them weigh 28g. 5 of them is 1 syn if you want to have them in addition to another HEb on Extra Easy. :)


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I'm following EE and have the same trouble! There is just SO much to eat! It's the heb I have bother with as I don't often have cereal, tho I take ryvita as lunch on WI day.I will often not bother eating it, and tho I take milk as a hea, I never drink the 350ml allowed. As above, if you're having the yoghurt I don't think it's too significant, tho dairy does help you burn fat. I did have some babybel cheeses last week (they were cheap in farmfoods) Not like real cheese but ok to nibble on at night. . Or I sometimes use my tblspn of EV olive oil (heb)
I know we should use them everyday, and it will speed the weightloss, but we're getting so much healthy food, I don't reckon missing one now and again will matter.
thanks guys....
I would usually have cereal (Bran Flakes) and milk in the morning, just simply because it gives me the fibre but because it gets both of my HE's out of the way in one go. lol
But sometimes cereal gets very boring, and I fancied something different.


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That's interestiing, thank's everyone....I am eating more than I did before and I feel so full that I hardly ever manage to get my HEXB's in, I manage one and then I am struggling, I have a milky bedtime drink to have my HEXA, I'm not much of a cereal eater but I do like porridge so I will try that and see how it goes, many thanks for the tips again, X


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I always have my healthy extras everyday and tbh I miss having 4 choices when I do extra easy but I figure its a small price to pay to be able to have red/green food together!

What about cereal bars for a HE B? 2 Alpen lights or 1 Sainsburys multigrain cereal bar or a HiFi bar. There are others too. I find these really handy as they are easy to carry around in my handbag and eat at any time. Great for a quick snack with a banana and a yogurt too.
Its not all about cheese and milk....you can have dried fruit as a HE B, or nuts and seeds or even a tblsp of olive to cook something with...the list goes on!

If you go to the official SW website homepage and click on food diary in the right hand corner and then click that you are having an EE day. Then the next page, click on A or B, it gives you all the options you can have.
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I do EE and always have my HEB but sometimes if I have the 2 Alpen Light bars if I'm in a rush for breakfast I don't manage to have my HEA in the 350ml Alpro Soya Light. Does this really matter then? If so I'll have to start drinking it with my breakfast! I thought it was an allowance and didn't really matter if you didn't have it. I never do Red or Green lately so probably good thing if I can't even manage one HEA.
i always do extra easy and most days dont have both h e and even on the first week i handed my diary in and the slimming world councelor didnt comment that it was wrong.


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You need to have your A's and B's. They are included because foods that are considered healthy extra's contain key neutrients we need to stay healthy - they are measured because too much of them whilst have good vitamins and minerals in, cause weight gain.

Hope that helps :)

Natt xxx
If you dont eat cheese or drink milk what do you usually use for your HEA??

my back up for HEB is 2 alpen lights, or a can of tinned fruit which counts as a HEB also, incase u get to 8pm and realise like i have done in the past!! lol



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I sometimes have this problem but I usually have Hi-Fi bars in and I will have one of them. I always manage to have my cheese allowance though...............I do like my cheese!! :) :)

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