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*Missfrump too MrsSexy


its a long road
Well I thought it might be time to do a proper diary and really use it along with the awesome support always recieved from you beautiful lot to really maximise my weight loss

so to start off here is my weight loss history going to be honest with it all so ....it might not be the nicest fairytale read.....sorry

size 14/16 - 2007- Age 16 :) 13 stone....ish?
Awesome just started college was a singer in a band ultra confident felt amazingly sexy

2008- Met my lovely husband to be ..... and as money was tight did the 2nd cheapest thing to do as a couple ;).......EAT! put on 4stone......:s

2009- My daddy was diagnoised with cancer ...comft ate from here onwards :(

2009. My dad sat me down and told me I was getting "Huge" and he was worried I would be following him too soon if i didnt sort it out.

2009- 2010- Joined Slimming world weighing in at 17:12 :( managed to loose 3 stone :) AMAZING

2010- My daddy became an angel ...my world completely changed. My fiancees family took me in and i tried to do calourie counting and managed to loose 10lb of my grief weight.

2010-2011: Started uni- felt alone and miserable with out my dad and managed to put on 3 stone taking me to my latest starting weight of 19:1 :(:(

2011: At a doctors appointment Blood pressure reading 150 over 100 so its just got serious Been put on the magic X pills

On the 28th of July 2012 Im getting married and I so desperatly want to look amazing walking through that church. I have hardly any confidence and know that Im an emotional eater

But Im trying so hard and Im hoping that by writing on here It might save me from putting silly things in my mouth.

The nurse has told me to eat between 1500 and 1800 calouries a day and so far it has been working well 8lbs in just over 2 weeks seems so amazing to me? :D

so lets start working on my happy ending
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Violet is shrinking
Hey hun, welcome to Xenical, if you stick with us, keep posting you'll do ok..apart from sticking to the calories are you following the 2 Xenical rules?

Have you thought of signing up to my fitness pal? it helps :)


its a long road
im a bit confused is it ment to be less than 15 per 100g even if the serving size is a lot smaller? why is this?
I kinda dont get it

but im trying to stick to no more than 15gs of fat per meal never seem to go above 10 tho which is good :)


Violet is shrinking
Hey hun.. the rules are no more than 5grams of fat per 100grams and no more than 15grams of fat per meal.

The 5g rule is really important as this is what will stop the bad side effects, eating over 5grams per 100gs will give you a reaction.. I've typed up some extra info in the main Xenical section "Extra Help For New Starters"

Have a look at that, there's some example charts to help you know what to look for too. If you need further help, then please ask, always here to help if we can :)
I recommend using the fitness pal as it works everything out for you, from the amount of kcals, carbs fat and so on. saves me working it out as im not too good at that...

Oh and great day to get married on its my birthday haha x


its a long road
Ahhh ive done calourie counting for a while i write everything down and its coming off but if that changes Ill have a go i just like pen and paper as i can note it down and add it up any where....but each to there own.

haha well its a special day all round then :D x


Violet is shrinking
My fitness pal is great for looking up food that doesn't come with labels are you want to plan ahead..they have a food date base and it lists all brands as well as supermarket own brands, pretty useful tool :)
Definitely a vote for MFP, I honestly don't think I'd have stuck so religiously to the food diary if it hadn't been so easy to record stuff - although you do have to check that the item you pick is accurate occasionally as the reason the database is so good is that members can add to it but it has the disadvantage that some people have filled in all the boxes.

Amy keep writing your food down if that's what works for you but perhaps write the fat content as well as the calories as it's the fat which matters for Xen.


its a long road
I really dont get on with it tho :( I have a book that tells me all my calourie and fat things and its obviously working because week three and ive lost another 7lbs!!!!! which is absoloutly wow lol



Violet is shrinking
As long as you keep a note of the fat you're having and checking the labels, you'll be fine.

Well done!

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