missinformed advice from family and friend!!

OMG!!! Why is it that family and friends are full of advice about a diet they know nothing about!!!:mad:
It makes me mad:mad::mad::mad:!!
My mum thinks it's gonna make me ill, several of my friends (skinny ones) keep telling me i don't need to lose weight!!! and that this isn't the right diet for me..... what do they know????:sigh::sigh::sigh:
Does anyone else have this problem? I think i'm not going to tell anyone else that i'm on it, i'm so sick of the lectures and the negativity.
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VLCD scare people, as they are so 'alien' to what we know.......shakes and bars and thats it..........with your mum maybe try and explain that the shakes provide all the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs, and is probably healthier then what you were eating before.

and as for 'friends' well I am sorry to say that they sometimes get uncomfortable with the thought that you might be smaller then them....


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i was allways 8-9 stone for 43 years and the last 3 years put on 4 stone .....a mixture of thyroid and 2 bottles of wine a night .....lol anyway i got to fat for my hight and as you say friends say ..... its middle age spread, nothin you can do about it ..... accept it even .....i think they like the FAT mate/neighbour/family member, so lets say bolloks to them all and lets do this .... deal ?

Heres to a happy, skinny, summer girls

liz xxx


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I have always been the fat one in my family, my mum sisters and brother have always been like sticks:confused:

I haven;t told anyone other than my hubby, and some close friends who are trying to lose weight to so understand, one is also following cd:D mollymop (i think she is called on here lol)

My sister is coming over the babysit in feb for me and I know she will say something:rolleyes:, but I am going to go on eating out don;t want to spoil my meal (sneak a tetra!!) (I will be eating that night! cdc is so good for advice)

Come on here and vent it out, I am guessing most of us hav had negitive vibes from people who don;t understand!

My friend who is so tiny is on a diet, so I said with people like you on a diet it's a no wonder I need to be:8855:


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My dad told me I was gonna become disabled! Beat that for interferring family and friends!


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theres a name for these people ... FEEDERS ......they all want someone (US) to be bigger than them lol
makes them feel better ...... poor fat us ... lol come on yous lot LETS PROVE THEM ALL WRONG ? ye ?
but that last one did made me laugh ........... lol

:stickdance: yeehaaawww yes we can x


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Taking inspiration from Obama, Berryred?? lol x


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People are scared and maybe assume the diet is dangerous, because it is so low-cal. They are just worried for us, but their ways of worrying are not very constructive I guess! It makes sense to explain the diet properly to close friends and family whose support you will need... show them the leaflets, explain that the diet is nutritionally complete, describe the various steps and explain why you've chosen to take this step right now, why it is right for you.
For me, it meant opening up about my overeating/bingeing to my immediate family - they knew, but we'd never talked about it before. They were then very supportive, but my husband had a panic a few days in when the newspapers were full of a report of someone who'd died drinking way too much water in just two hours on another vlcd. He was convinced CD must be dangerous, but gradually his worries eased up as he saw how much better I was feeling and how much the diet was working for me. I noticed the Sat Mail in their piece about Jackie LLewelyn Bowen who lost 5 stone recently on LL, described the diet as 'a craze' and links it to memory loss, heart attack & death (link in the thread on this forum). Sensationalist reporting like this doesn't help!!!
I suppose this is our chance to explain to those who care about us why we are doing this and why we are choosing this route. As for the 'feeders'... hmmm. My mum is still buying me 'special cream cakes' to tempt me out of the diet, even after 8 weeks of SS. Some people we'll never get through to!
I'm glad that we are all strong enough not to let these people sway us from the diet.... i think some people like having fat friends cos it makes them look and feel good. thats why they tell us we are fine as we are.


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All we can do is stay strong and know that we know more about the diet than those that are slating it. It will be so worth it.


It is sad how people who have no information about something feel they are entitled to mouth off their opinion to you. If you don't know the facts, keep you mouth shut, as far as I'm concerned.

I explained the science to everyone who knows I'm doing it (fmaily, friends and now quite a lot of workmates as well), most of them are supportive and some don't care either way (mostly workmates there).

I think that once you arm people with the real important details about the program, they are in a much better position to be understanding about it, or at the very least, not worry quite so much.

But as others have said, when it comes to friends (and quite often siblings too, it seems) they often like that you are their fat friend as it makes them feel good about themselves; after all, what's gaining a few lbs over Xmas to someone who is 9stone when their best friend weighs 14stone?

Stick with it, prove them wrong, and when you are slimmer and healthier than them, they'll be well put out and you'll feel fantastic :)