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Mission - Get to the top of Snowdon - Food Diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by beccaroo, 21 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Day 1 (Yesterday)

    Went on a lovely tour of some Castles and Churches today with the OH and a friend. Took myself a packed lunch to munch on while they ate their calorie laden shop bought sandwiches.

    • 2 x Homemade Potato scones - Free
    • 3 x Homemade Mini Quiches - Free
    • 4 x Laughing Cow Light Triangles - HExB
    • 1 x Apple - Free
    • Can of San Pellegrino Limonata - 7.5 Syns
    • 8 x Mini Meringues - 6 Syns
    • Homemade BBQ Chicken with, Hasselback Potatoes and Corn on the cob - Free

    13.5 Syns

    Day 2

    Conscious effort to save some syns today ahead of a hen party on Saturday. I will try my best to remember to order diet coke!!

    • 2 x Weetabix with Banana - HExB
    • Apple and 4 x Laughing Cow Light Triangles - HExA
    • Mugshot - Free
    • Homemade Stuffed Peppers and Rice - Free

    0 Syns
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  3. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Day 3

    Scrap the 0 syns for yesterday ... dinner guest brought dessert ... a full 15 syns for yesterday instead ... no will power!

    * Leftover Stuffed Pepper and Rice - Free
    * 2 x mini meringues - 1.5
    * Banana - Free
    *Homemade Chicken Casserole - Free

    Tonight I will be celebrating a friend's birthday ... there will be alcohol involved. I will stick to low syn spirits and I will remember to order diet mixers!

    Total Syns - Too Many :mad:
  4. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Well ... Friday evening, the whole of Saturday and Sunday were an absolute write off. I set out really positive with the mindset that I would stick to low syn drinks ... then there were cocktails ... I'm not even going to disgrace myself further by listing the food that soaked up the alcohol. I couldn't even begin to calculate the syns consumed, therefore I am just going to ignore the fact that it ever happened and get back on the wagon today!

    Day 6

    Caffe Latte Sachet - 5 Syns (I need the caffeine)
    Chicken and Herb Low Fat Supernoodles (Not very nice are they?!) - Free
    Home Made Roast Chicken Dinner with lots of veg!!!

    Total Syns - 5

    Best add another 10 syns on to that ... damn malt loaf!!!!!

    Total Syns - 15
    Last edited: 25 August 2014
  5. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Day 7

    Hmmm ... not doing so well getting back on this wagon ...

    Left over roast dinner - free
    Lean cooked meat - free
    Dairy milk thin bar - 5.5
    Muller light - free
    Banana - free
    Stuffed chicken with boiled pots and salad - free and HExA
    Small glass white wine - 6
    Measure of rum - 4

    Total Syns15.5

    And I've promised to join some friends for food out and some drinks tomorrow. I need to become a hermit to stay away from temptation!!!!!!!

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  6. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Day 8

    Well, I started well ...

    Weetabix and Milk - HEx's
    Muller Light - Free
    Apple - Free
    Homemade Fishcake - Free

    Then I went out ... to a tapas bar ... sangria + tapas = syns ... lots of them! :(

    I am going to become a recluse!!!

    Total Syns - Lots
  7. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Day 9

    Well ... I was going to stay away from the scales until I had got my head back in the game properly, but I sneaked on them ... I don't know what I've done to deserve this as I have strayed from the plan more than once ... 3lbs off. Determined to make today a good day now!!

    Leftover homemade fishcakes - Free
    Banana - Free
    Apple with Laughing Cow Lights - Free and HExA

    Tonight I will be making Yuk Sung with rice. OH loves it, it is rather tasty and all free! :)
  8. beccaroo

    beccaroo Member

    Day 10

    Off out for dinner tonight with 'in laws' ... I will opt for the healthier options, but no doubt there will be more syns!

    I need the holidays to be over to get back into my routine!!!!

    * jacket pot with veg chilli - approx 3 syns
    * 4 mini meringues - 3 syns
    * ham sandwich - HExB, 1 syn (low fat spread)

    Total of 7 syns so far ... by the end of the day total syns will be immeasurable!

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