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  1. missM

    missM Member

    Hi all

    After getting to goal with weight watchers, life happened and I put the majority of the weight I lost back on. Since then i have tried every "quick fix" diet around and failed. Finally I settled on slimming world and I have lost half a stone but its coming off so slowly and I am now losing interest. I did try simple start but it is rather similar jn terms of what you can eat to sw and I need more variety. So back again we come to ww. Havent joined a meeting yet but I am definitley going to and get monthly pass as I like the online tools. Ive planned my day tomorrow and feel really determined to get back to goal with propoints. I know it works ive done it before.

    Look forward to chatting with you all x
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  3. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    Hey. I'm also a SW converted. I don't have much bad to say about it but at the mo for me lifestyle wise it's just not right. I just don't have the time for the cooking! I'm rejoining class tomorrow and think monthly pass is also gunna be the way I go, somehow makes me wanna keep on track better. Good luck x
  4. missM

    missM Member


    Yes im with you on the cooking! I like to try and cook from scratch but working full time and funny hours (im a nurse) there are times when i need to just reach for something quick and convenient.

    Ive signed up for monthly pass online so tomorrow i will go to my first ww meeting. Nervous but i need to do it.

    Good luck to you too x
  5. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    Yeah I try as much as possible but when u don't have time or the inclination it's nice with WW not to have to. I've found since Xmas it's got more difficult actually, conincidentaly I started my nurse training in Jan :)

    Thanku. U will be great I'm sure, think will sign up to MP when go tomorrow. When first meeting? X
  6. missM

    missM Member

    My meeting is at 6:15 tomorrow evening once i get there i will be fine. Looking forward to going back, getting the books and the little "your week" mag each week. Plus ww have a good range of products at their shop x
  7. jo-85

    jo-85 Gold Member

    They do, I always have to have a new journal lol.

    Well good luck x
  8. missM

    missM Member

    Well im annoyed. I was all set to go to a meeting todag but for some reason i couldnt access monthly pass online (converted from ww online only last night). So i called them, they said this has never happened and they would call me back. No one rang and ive missed my meeting so ive cancelled the online request and ill find another meeting to go to and buy my monthly pass there. Then come home and re- register.

    What a palava!
  9. missM

    missM Member

    Ok so i went to a meeting, signed up to monthly pass. My sister came with me and we have got a free spa day to come which is a bonus!

    So tomorrow i start on simple start. Going to get a nice bath now and then plan my food day for tomorrow. Excited to be getting myself back on track finally!
  10. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Hey subscribing if you don't mind. I'm new this site but not to ww. Would love to follow you and your food diary for inspiration and motivation....to help if I can to lol.

    Laura Ann
  11. missM

    missM Member

    Hi Laura Ann!

    Yesterday was fantastic and today has also been good. On simple start so here are my diaries:

    Weds 12th march:

    B: crumpets and 10g butter light
    L: homemade crustless quiche and salad no dressing
    D: bacon, beans, tomatoes, egg, 2slices toast (ww bread)
    S: ww apple sweets

    Thurs 13th March

    B: strawberries, banana, grapes, topped with lemon quark
    L: homemade cajun chicken, mixed salad
    D: wholewheat pasta with sauce made from chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, garlic, onion, tuna.
    S: ww salt and vinegar hoops, ww apple sweets.

    So doing well - day 3 tomorrow hope it continues!
  12. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    2 great days well done!! Good luck for today xx
  13. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

  14. missM

    missM Member

    Well after 2 great days came 2 poor ones! I struggled because friday night we went to an 18th birthday party. And yesterday i went to a baby shower for my cousin which was lovely but not a single item of food on the table was on my ss list. Not kidding and i was starving.

    But thats done now, ive hopped on my scales this morning showing a 1lb loss so far which is ok considering, and i have 2 days to go before wi on tuesday. My plan for today is:

    B: porridge oats made with light soya milk topped with 1tbsp golden syrup (treat 1)
    L: home made tomato and red pepper soup
    D: roast pork, potatoes, sugar snap peas, oxo cube (made for gravy) strawberries and quark for pudding.
    S: ww wrap with 50g philly light (treat 2) ham and cherry tomatoes. Apple, banana, grapes and tangerine.
  15. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Sounds like a good plan for today and well done for getting back on track. 1lb is a brilliant loss even for someone who is 100% never mind after 2 parties!!
  16. missM

    missM Member

    Yes laura i know - its good and im absolutely chuffed! Got my veggies going now for my soup and munching on a wrap made with ham and half of my allowance of philly.

    All i need to figure out is how to tackle social events then im sorted ha!
  17. missM

    missM Member

    Well ive eaten loads today just had a really "hungry" day - but all i have eaten has been off the SS foods list so im thrilled.

    Tonight im going to relax at home, watch "the voice" and make sure all kids are set for school tomorrow.

    Enjoy your sunday evening everyone x
  18. CPL

    CPL Gold Member

    You did really well still losing and you back on track!!

    Social stuff is the problem but you have to go and do these things you can't stay in all the time

    Good luck Hun let's hope for more losses this week! Cx
  19. missM

    missM Member

    Yes back on track now! Official weigh in is tuesday but had a sneaky peek at home just to see if any damage was done. Think ive been lucky.

    Ive planned my day for tomorrow so that should be another good day! Off to bed now though early start in the morning. Hate mondays haha.

    Night night x
  20. Claree__x

    Claree__x Silver Member

    Subscribing :)

    Started around the same time but as sw wasn't working for me I didn't fancy the simple start so went straight to points but interested to see how it works for you x
  21. missM

    missM Member

    Hi i wanted to go straight to points but the leader said no lol. So im hoping tomorrow i will finally get my folder and be on my way!

    Today has been a good day.

    B: crumpets with 50g light philly (treat 1)
    L: wholewheat pasta with quorn bolognese, apple, banana
    D: bacon medallions, egg, beans, 2 slices ww bread, tomatoes, mushrooms.
    S: ww crisps (treat 2), porridge before bed.

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