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Missy Fatpants journey to a new me!

Afternoon :)

Well today i had my lightbulb moment...well not so much a lightbulb, more a bolt of lightning! lol

I was getting dressed and my 4 year old walked in and said....mum why does your belly hang over like that :( then to top it off my favorite jeans were so tight it was too uncomfortable to wear them....ive had them about 4 years and only a few months ago they were getting too big and i had to wear a belt!

Whats happend in this last few months that ive shot up to 14st 6lb ???

Ive tried SW before but in all honesty i didnt have the determination to stick to it and my cupboards soon filled back up with chocolate and crap! to be honest i couldnt afford it either, i had to pay a sitter for the kids to go to group so it was costing me an extra £20/£25 a week. so now with the help of this site and a few pages ive found on fb that are fab....im gonna do it!!

Im not one for bothering with what scales say in all fairness (altho when they start going down i can see that changing lol) but i do want to get down to a size 14/16 in clothes....im currently a 20/22 (i weight 14st 6lb and am 5ft 3ins)

My food diary for today is as follows...

B - bananas, strawberries, raspberries and plums with a banana muller light poured over

L - Savory rice with mackrel and peas and sweetcorn

D - Sausage Casserole with mash and carrots, sweede and broccoli

Still need to try and fit my hex's and some syns in but ill figure it lol.....i will use some syns for the sausage casserole anyhow so will update later :)

Good luck on your journey everyone!
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Better to Drink your Syns
Hiya x

There is nothing like a child to bring you down to earth with their simple outlook on life!

Good luck with your journey :)
Tell me about it, she doesnt hold back bless her lol...

Thank you so much :)


One day at a time, one step at a time
Goodluck with your weightloss. We are all here to support you :)

Yep kids sure as hell do not mince their words do they? One of the reasons I started back on SW was when one of Charlie's friends asked when my baby was due :( I was mortified.. at 44 definately don't want another baby and made me realise how big i'd got....

look forward to reading your progress :)
haha oh yes you have to love kids!

Well i am shattered this morning, i forgot i agreed for a friend of mne to come round last night to finish off a tattoo i had done, we didnt get finished till about midnight....then i had to go off and play tooth fairy lol. Its going to be a long day today i think!

Today see's me a trip to asda to stoc up on fruit n veg, why is it i buy it every week and the kids dont tend to bother too much, yet when i want to start eating it more, the kids pig out on it! Ahh well i shouldnt complain, at least its not sweets there eating lol..

Today's plan is as follows....altho i have a friend coming round this morning so im betting lunch gets missed!

B - banana and yoghurt with a glass of milk (hex a)
L - beans n poached egg on toast (hex b)
D - small piece of steak with jacket potato and green beans and corn on the cob (with butter 2syns)

Im also going to look round a new gym thats opened in town today, im want to see if they can do me a plan though as i find exercising hard as ive got artheritis in my hips n knees and it can be so painfull, but hopefully we can sort something out.

Best get ready to walk up this hill and take kids to school....its a killer but i guess its good for me lol

Have a great day everyone
What a day!....

long story short i have a friend who is 'pregnant' she only has 6 weeks left but there have been so many things happen no one believes she actually is pregnant. She is big anyhow so its hard to tell that way, she missed ehr first scan due to a cold....went alone to her 2nd scan then has refused to show anyone the pic. She wont tell her parents or any of her family she is pg, she hasnt bought a single thing, and on sat she stayed at mine and bled on my pj bottoms....she wasnt worried about the beeding at all, more worried about my reaction to blood on my bottoms, she refused to ring midwifes etc then told me later she rang them that afternoon and they said not to worry about it. there have been loads of other things too. Well today another friend of ours rang the midwifes pretending to be her and they have never heard of her and dont have her registered......so it all kicked off! She is pleading ignorance tho and still insists she is pg so i guess we will see in 6 weeks.....i asked her outright tho and its cost our friendship as she wont talk to me now!

Then i dropped a tray of eggs....then my fridge is packing up! So im now sat feeling sorry for myself and ive eaten 3 oreos...the choc cream ones! while watching the biggest loser USA lol. God id love a gym at home!!

On a more positive note i have booked my gym induction today, the new gym/pool etc is lovely, but it was so so busy!! and they cant fit the induction in for 2 weeks :( but the monthy fee does also include all fitness classes and the pool and also a fitness plan done every 6 weeks!! Which is def what i need. So i have booked myself into Zumba in the pool (aquafit) and then i will be doing the gym 3/4 times a week too. Thankfully they have a creche which is going to be so helpful!!

Im all excited and feeling positive now :) Ive put the biscuits away and am munching on some grapes, strawberries, raspberries and melon :)
Morning world...

Well certainly didnt want to get up this morning lol, im really going to have to stick to an early night tonight!

Well last night i was looking through all the prgrams for the gym ive just joined and the classes they have on look great! I also spoke to my mum and she wants to do the aqua fit with me....she has never done any form of exercise in her life lol and she isnt dieting as such, she loves her toffee too much for that, but she wants to lose a little before next years holiday, so looking forward to that now :)

My daughter goes up to reception in sept....shes growing up to fast :( so i have a meeting with her new teacher today, iv heard a few horror stories about her tho so im a bit aprehensive as my lg is so shy and quite...hope she will be ok!

My food for today is planned as follows...

B - banana strawberries and raspberries with a banana muller light and a glass of orange juice (2.5 syns)

L - smoked cod with mushy peas and a few sw chips

D - Steak with batcholers rice (beef) and carrot, swede and broccoli

The thing im struggling with most is eating my syns and eating at lunch time, ive only ever had breakfast and dinner, never bothered with lunch but i know for this to work i need to start eating more! I think it will be easier after the kids break up as at the min my lg is only afternoons, so i have to take ehr at 12.30, which makes it difficult for cooking. I will get there tho!

Now to try and think of soemthing i can have tonight to make my syns up lol....or prehaps a sauce for my steak, or have mushrooms with it cooked in butter maybe mmmmm lol i will see how i feel later and update :)
oooh ive just seen that colemans pepper sauce is 5.5syns, so im going to call at shop and get some for my steak :)
Thank you Daisy :) and oh yes, very strange lol

Well ive had a really nice day today, i had a lazy morning with my girls (oldest was at school) then after taking middle one to school i went shopping for the afternoon with my mum and my youngest. Ive also bought loads of meats and filled my freezer.

My son brought his school report home today too and it was great, so really proud, and ive also booked a camping trip for his birthday :)

Feel like ive walked for eangland today lol which isnt a bad thing i guess, but im now feeling really peckish, but came on here while my dinner cooks instead! ive already done the kids as they fancied burgers! So today my plan was as follows....

B - 2xweetabix (hex a and b) followed by a banana

L - Jacket potato from the van while out shopping with beans and butter (it was a low fat spread as i asked him lol....3syns) followed by a milky way (6 syns)

D - Mushrooms stuffed with rice, peppers, onions and a small amount of pancetta and quark......not sure if the pancetta is syned tho??

and for later on i have a huge bowl of fruit salad with my name on it :)
What a weekend already!! its been manic.....and i must admit ive been naughty too, my ex (the kids dad) got rushed into hospital and is realy quite poorly so yesterday it was hospital food and a big fat choc cake :( today ive been back up at hospital again and had crisps and a choc bar! But i cant go back up now till middle of next week as he is in isolation so touch wood i can get back on track!

My head has been pounding last couple of days, since i stopped drinking coke, im feeling crap! My iron has dropped really low again too so im having a proper feeling sorry for myself night lol
Well yesterday was a great day! I went for an hours swim, and hours walk and also a sauna n jacuzzi :) was nice to have a bit of me time to be honest. I've also booked into a step class, yoga and aquafit for next week....and i have my gym induction! this holiday dress will fit me lol

Yesterday was also my first weigh in and ....... -2lbs!!

To be honest i was hoping for a little bit more, but after 3 very bad days where sw went out of the window, im quite happy with that....I am back on the straight and narrow now tho so here to the start of more losses :):)

Today i have my 2 girls at home so we are going to plan my daughters birthday and start making some fancy dress costumes

Todays menu is as follows...

B - 2xWeetabix with milk and banana followed by some grapefruit and orange segments (hexa and b)

L - SW chips and egg with mushy peas

D - Tuna and pasta bake
The weather is so misable today, i still managed a 45 min walk in it tho lol felt great for it too. Ive also stocked up on my fruit, now comes the battle of saving it from the kids lol...

I found some real nice recipes to try today, so my meal plan was based round them for this week today was as follows...

B - 2 x Weetabix with milk n banana (hex a and b)
L - Poached egg n beans
D - Lemon chilli chicken with rice and stir fried veg

Im also just about to sit down to a bowl of fruit salad with a bit of ice cream to make my syns up :)

My middle daughter also finished nursery today :( shes growing up too quick!! so will be nice to do some girls things with the 2 girls for the next 2 days untill my lad breaks up....i do love summer holidays!
Thank you so much :) same goes to you, good luck on your journey x
Its the good ones i struggle with lol, even my good days are a little bit naughty lol

Well its another miserable day here so im stuck at home with a 4 and 1 year old wondering what to do! I really want to take them swimming but im not allowed to take them both on my own! I thought about taking them to the play centre, but then my lad will complain when he comes out of school that he missed it lol so at the min we are stuck watching peppa pig!

My plan for today is..

B - 2 x weetabix and banana (hex a and b)
L - Veg soup
D - Diet coke chicken with cous cous n veg
S - sf jelly n fruit


One day at a time, one step at a time
Is it raining or just miserable? If its raining I'd go puddle splashing!! :8855: actually seriously I used to do it with mine, raincoats and wellies or old shoes and 'let' them splash in every puddle. People used to think I was mad but the kids had a ball, even if only walked round the block. Put a smile on their face every time :D xxxxx

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