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Missy3's refeed diary! ahhhh!

So here I am... since i got my notice for redundancy i wanna be sure i have the money to carry on.. so i find out if i'm fired on friday.. so on to refeed this week so my shakes can stretch a bit further if needs be.


DINNER: Small green salad ( lettuce, cucumber) chicken breast. Some pepper and sprinkle of mixed herbs.
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Sorry to hear about your job x I started the refeed on saturday - good luck with yours
Good luck missy...

It's all gravy baby on refeed pmsl xx
Thanks, i'm freaking out about it really.. and keep thinking about just going back to tfr but i know money wise i cant right now..


Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper and sprinkle of mixed herbs) and chicken brest.

Dinner: Baked Cod, With 2 tbsps of Garden Peas.

Haven't got scales so had just been doing the guess work.. until i found a converter online.. so i've been having too less chicken both days.. and my fish was 3oz's rather than 4-6.
Day 3

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Salad (Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mixed herbs, garden peas) with small sliced Egg

Dinner: 1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 tuna in brine, salad (as before) and teeny tiny baby baked potato. about 2oz.

Was quite nice, but i'm worrying that i'm starting to notice i'm getting an appetite again, and i don't feel as in control as i usually do with tfr.
day 4

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: White Fish with 3 baby boiled potatoes

1 ww fat free yogurt

Dinner: Chicken Breast fillet with low fat ww sauce and a tbsp of long grain rice

1 wholegrain pitta

1 plum
Day 5

Breakfast: shake

Lunch: wholegrain pitta, tsp of ww fat free mayo, 3 slices cucumber, 1 baby tomato.

Dinner tbsp of pasta, ww low fat pasta sauce.

1 plum


maintaining since June'09

I came to have nosey at your diary as you requested on the Maintenance forum. It looks fine to me except for day 5 .. you don't appear to have had any protein at all ... ??

Do make sure you have EVERYTHING you're supposed to. It's scientifically formulated to reintroduce you to food again in the right order and the right proportions to ease you back towards normal, healthy eating and avoid excessive water retention (& consequent weight increase - even though it wouldn't be fat).

If you stick to the sheet TO THE LETTER you will be fine. Some people (though a very small minority) experience a bit of a gain on refeed, but should this happen to you remember that it cannot possibly be fat, it will be fluid retention only. This will also be the cause of your tummy seeming a little bloated. Not keeping up your water intake will also have the same effect, so make sure you're drinking as much as you were on TFR until you're eating properly again when you can reduce it a little as you'll be getting water in your food.

Give yourself and your body plenty of time to readjust - it's a real shock to the system an extreme diet like the one we chose to do and as our bodies aren't predictable machines we can't know exactly how they will react. All WILL settle down - whatever happens don't panic and keep following the plan to the letter, you'll be fine.

Good luck on the job front! xx
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Thanks so much jan for taking the time to have a look for me.. I will keep that on board.

Im following the refeed sticky that outlines the things we can have as i don't have a refeed sheet.

I got a new job, but won't get paid until next week, so I have enough shakes for another refeed week.

So hopefully I will improve next week.

Thanks again for ur help xx
Day 6

Was out all day at interview, so missed my breakfast shake. Then dinner was at a birthday party in a restaurant.

Chicken breast in Pitta with Salad
ww fat free yogurt

Dinner: scrabbled egg, using a dash of skimmed milk, and pepper (made it myself) and small salad, no dressing.

Day 7

Breakfast: Slept til 4 :( nothing

Lunch: Chicken breast, ww fat free sauce, tbsp of rice

Wholemeal Pitta with mixed salad leaves

Dinner: 2 egg omelette with pepper, cherry tomato and spring onion, lettuce.

ww fat free yogurt, plum, Grapefruit

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