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MissyMoo's CD Adventures (Diary)


Fed up of being fat
Ok so I should have started this last Wednesday while on my first CD day ... but I kind of didnt. :) Its a bit of a long babble as I have a bit of catching up to do, my other daily entries wont ... or well shouldnt be so long?

This diary is mainly for me and my sanity during my journey to slim-dom. If peeps read and post then "yay", if not its ok I wont take offence ... I'll just get a huge complex instead ... lol only joking! :p

So, Im currently on day 6 of the CD 790 plan, originally I started out with all good intentions to do SS ... however on day one by mid day I knew that I wasnt ready so moved to 790.

Day 1 - 5:
Each day went pretty well, I was surprised at how quickly I adapted to it, I thought I would turn into the "Moo from Hell" getting a strop on with having no food ... as I do like my food, but nope, all was fine. Day 3 I felt a little "spaced out" which could have been lack of water and rushing about after the kids? Im now starting to get used to the amount of times I have to go to the toilet ... just think of the amount of calories we must all burn going up and down to the loo all day ... lol!!

How have I got on so far with the packets and tetras? .... hmm ...well, I didnt have great success with the soup I tried *shudders* :eek: .... ooh the oriental one, not for me, never ever again. The shakes also didnt really go to plan, I messed up pretty every one I tried ... one was too watery, one stuck to the base of my blender and came out lumpy, one exploded ... I added hot water to the mix in a container, put the lid on, shook it and *POP* ... myself and most of the kitchen splattered in cappuchino!! lol .... I tried making a mousse .. it actually came out ok, but not really my thing / taste. So, its been an eventful time for me so far.

Im very happy with the choc tetras, so much so that I am now sticking to those. I have half a choc tetra in a mug and top up with hot water, lovely yummy hot choc drink. I have 6 of these a day, plus my meal and of course the water.

The low calorie meals I can make arent too bad, I love chicken, fish and veg so Im enjoying the choice at the moment. Although I do need to get reading on what I can make using what Im allowed so that I have a bit of variety.

Day 6:
Started off great as usual, feeling fab ... then by tea time, I bug*ered it all up. I attacked the food cupboard ... a mini choc swiss roll was the victim ... "argh" I dont even know why I ate the poxy thing, Id eaten my tea, cleared away, was fine, then while stood next to the cupboard completely weakened and let the voice in my head take over!!

Anyway, today is a blip in all my good work this week, I cant dwell over it too much, it happened, I ate it, its gone, Im not going to throw it up, so time to just get back to it and carry on.

Weigh in tomorrow, cant wait, really want to know if Ive lost anything?
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Fed up of being fat
:) Day 7 of 790 plan:

Had a great day again today, I absolutely love the choc tetras made into a hot choc drink ... I never, ever thought I would be saying that!! lol

I have made a better effort today to drink my water intake, as the past couple of days it had been slowing down?!

It was my first weigh in today (half hour ago) and I have lost ..... *drum roll* ..... 7.6lbs this week on the 790 plan ... I am well chuffed with that, to be honest I was kind of only expecting 3 or 4 lbs for some reason?

Tomorrow I am going to move onto SS after having a good week on 790. I feel ready to make the move to it after having this week getting used to minimal food. I am so impressed by people who just jump straight into ss and stick to it ... wow, good on you!!

7.6lbs loss and I cheated with a mini choc swiss roll (naughty), Im pleased with it!!!



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Well done.... you must be really pleased....See the blip didn't turn into a mountain.....

Good luck with next week.... I hope you do even better on SS. I'm sure you will.


Fed up of being fat
Thank you, I am very pleased with my loss and glad I didnt let the blip feel like the end of the world .. lol

Hoping I will stick to ss this week and looking forward to seeing what my loss will be next Tuesday?


Fed up of being fat
Day 8: SS day

Felt great lastnight after my weigh in, however today I feel a bit poop!! :( Ive woken up with a really sore throat, headache and generally feeling a bit under the weather? Im not sure if its anything to do with the diet or if I've just picked up a bug?

Its my first ss day today after doing 790 for the past week. Ive got to try and increase my water intake, Ive been slowing down a bit, with a sore throat I'll have to see how I get on ... the water is tasting a bit funny with a sore throat?

Anyway .... "Yay" for my first ss day ... I hope Im feeling this positive later and towards the end of the week? lol


Fed up of being fat
Day 9 & 10: SS'ing

Well day 9 didnt go too badly, had a couple of cravings but managed to get past those, struggled with my water intake slightly as I had a sore throat.

Day 10 (yesterday) is another story, not a good day at all. I thought I was getting better but woke up with flu (its July whats going on?) felt crappy all day, lightheaded, ached all over, headache .. you know how it is! I struggled with my water but by bed time had managed to get down 2ltrs.

I have not felt so rough for ages and to make it worse by 7pm I felt sorry for myself and extremely hungry. I'd felt hungry from about 3pm and had fought off the craving / hunger till 8pm when I buckled and ate chicken (only a bit) followed by a fruesli bar ... Noooooo!!!! Another blip! Im putting it down to feeling poorly, lacking energy and needing to have something comforting when Im ill. I had planned on having no blips this week while on ss ... but I have and now Im just hoping not to have an anymore!

Its now day 11 and Im still feeling poorly, so water again today will be a struggle. I hope Im feeling better soon, really want to feel good and positive and get on with my cd journey.

Im finding that late afternoons and early evenings are a really bad time for me? During those times I get the evil chatterboxes and cravings and am feeling so tired that I just want to go to bed by lunchtime ..... obviously not possible to do running around after my two lil cherubs.

Im going to see how I am by Tuesday, my next weigh in and then decide whether to stick with ss or go back to 790?!

Sorry Im moaning ... but better to do it here in my diary than aim it at my other half ... who I whinged to lastnight, bless him, he couldnt say or do anything right without me snapping!!


Fed up of being fat
Day: 11, 12 & 13:

Terrible days ... I had a really bad cold / flu and couldnt eat or drink anything. I struggled to manage my 3 shakes or water. My water intake went down to less than half a litre on days 12 & 13 and to make matters even worse yesterday I ate a mini roast dinner (the shame I know)! So all in all not good diet days, but I couldnt beat myself up about it too much, Ive been poorly, felt crap and buckled and ate comfort food.

Day 14: (today)

Feeling much better today, my dreaded cold has nearly gone and I feel much more positive and have the good feeling and thoughts of "Im going to do this"!!

It was my second weigh day today, not as good a loss I would have liked but with hardly any water over past three days I am assuming thats too blame? I have lost 2.5lbs this week ... I was originally feeling a bit down about it but, then this feeling inside of me just erupted which is "I can flaming well do this and do it better".

I now have some berry water flavouring which Ive tried and I like it, so thats a huge relief to know that Ive got somethijng to break up the bland flavour when I start to struggle. I also have 3 bars to try ...... I have cranberry, peanut and orange. Ive tried the cranberry and its not bad at all, it tastes very sweet, I suspect that might be due to the low levels of sweet things Ive had the past fornight?

My water has gone down well today, I feel much more positive and back on track, so next week when I update my diary I should be able to report a nice loss.

Note to self: Drink the water ... very important!

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